Weekend Show Hour 2 – Politics

October 22, 2016

Hour 2 – Politics

In the second hour we feature the new division of our show of our show spearheaded by Al named KER Politics. Moving forward we will be posting editorials and a separate weekend show focused exclusively on US politics. We kick off this week with Dr. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams – Executive Director of the Ron Paul Peace and Prosperity Institute and former foreign affairs , civil liberties, and defense policy advisor to Dr. Paul from 2001 through 2012.

  • Segment 5 & 6: Daniel McAdams kicks off the political hour with a discussion on how the US government has been conning the US citizens.
  • Segment 7 & 8: We chat with Dr. Ron Paul about some of the challenges facing our Country.

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    Oct 22, 2016 22:51 AM

    I am no fan of the Donald Trump (I actually can’t stand the man) but this is actually the most honest podcast about Dump and Hilarity I have ever heard. It is long but worthwhile. Thank you Stefan, you make me proud to be Canadian.

      Oct 23, 2016 23:33 AM

      Stefan Molyneux is a superbly articulate speaker/philosopher. Of course Mr Trump is flawed but it takes a ‘white’ psychopath and by implication a narcissist to show the absolute naked truth for what it is. ‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man’ is who Mr T is. Anyone can say they don’t like him. But nobody can fault the man’s sheer courage for telling things as they are. Hillary for prison will, God willing come to pass. I’d recommend that if people really wants the inside take on Mrs C then they read Hillary (the other woman) by Dolly Kyle: As a Kindle download, itt’s a sensational read.

        Oct 23, 2016 23:53 AM

        ‘If Trump is the Molotov cocktail then I’m throwing it,’ says Catherine Austin Fitts on USA

          Oct 23, 2016 23:21 AM

          Rev… the reason Trump changed her mind to support him was classic.

          After the Interview:

          Fitts also says, “A serious debt crisis can happen at any time before or after the election. We just don’t know when it will happen, but it will happen. The current group of people grew up on financial fraud. You have to change the leadership for real change.”

          Trump is Molotov Cocktail You Can Throw on Crooked System-Catherine Austin Fitts

            Oct 23, 2016 23:16 PM

            I did watch that interview Markedtofuture I happen to like Catherine and she has been on the Show before. My friend, as I mentioned to Jerry above, I am getting very tired of all the anger out there. I read an interesting article in Rolling Stone while Kathy was in surgery last week. The article dealt with the “fear mongering” industry. You should read it if you can find it on google Actually I will post the link on our site.

            Oct 23, 2016 23:05 PM

            Al, wonder if Tom Hanks knows the country is bankrupt. I think he has been in make believe Hollywood to long…He might want to go and check out the Flying J truck stop restrooms, transgender/men area.,

    Oct 22, 2016 22:59 AM

    The hour audio doesn’t match the 4 sub-audios.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:08 AM

      Thanks Jim, I will take a listen. Have a great weekend.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:10 AM

      Sorry Jim I have removed it. Please just listen to the individual segments.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:34 AM

    This is realistic commentary on the state of US foreign policy.
    Nuclear war being mentioned as probable should suggest how uncontrollable and unaccountable America has become.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:12 AM

      I don’t think that it is just the U.S. Matt, but I do agree with your basic concept.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:26 AM

    Good luck with launch of the new KER Politics show Big Al & Cory.

    It was great having Dr Ron Paul on the show, and always a pleasure to hear his thoughts.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:13 AM

      I am really looking forward to putting it together each week. I really enjoy talking with all of these folks.

        Oct 22, 2016 22:19 PM

        That works out well as we enjoy listening. As they say, “Follow your bliss”.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:39 AM

    Dear Mainstream Media

    Facts are now overwhelming the whitewash being done… spirited language.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:14 AM

      Yes, they certainly seem to be overwhelming, Markedtofuture.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:52 AM

    Jim has already noted this but FYI the hour 2 audio doesn’t match the four sub-audios. You guys do a great job and I think the idea of devoting a separate hour to politics each week is an excellent idea. I’ve listened to the interviews with Daniel McAdams and Dr. Paul and those are great interviews and great guests. People need to have access to this information. Keep up the good work. Don from California

      Oct 22, 2016 22:15 AM

      Thanks Don, unfortunately I am not the technical guy.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:02 AM

    ‘Rigged’ Debates? Questions Arise Again Over Lighted Screen At Hillary’s Podium

    After the first debate, numerous videos surfaced alleging that Hillary was using some sort of teleprompter built into her podium to assist with answering questions or to offset whatever medical condition she’s dealing with. The videos were largely dismissed as “cooky alt-right conspiracy theories” and didn’t get much attention outside of those spheres.

    But, when similar abnormalities surfaced on Hillary’s podium in the third debate, combined with the fact that she spent an awkward amount of time during her answers peering down rather than at the camera, we grew a bit more curious.

    With that said, here is a video analyzing the abnormalities from debate 1. Notice that around 18 seconds into this video one can very clearly see a light shut off on Hillary’s podium even though there is no such light at Trump’s podium.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:42 PM

      Morning Markedtofuture,

      I find this somewhat difficult to believe give Trump’s stance on questioning everything. If this were true it would certainly come out.

        Oct 22, 2016 22:35 PM

        Big Al, that video comes with one big question mark? Did you watch it around the 2:27 mark? There were some unusual things being removed. Why ? Why not leave it alone until everyone had exited the building. Why all the visits to that one podium to remove items? Why not remove them all at once? One guy stands in front to block the view at the 3:13 mark.

        Published on Sep 29, 2016
        Hillary Clinton’s podium appears to have been outfitted with a special light that Donald Trump’s didn’t have. The light could have been functioning as a teleprompter to feed Hillary answers. There were multiple people paying attention to her podium after the debate and they were clearly tampering with something.

        Especially a man I call the cleaner man who approached her podium on 4 occasions and was either picking up items or putting something in probably doing a swap from a tampered device to the original legit device. A proper name for this event would be #PodiumGate.

          Oct 22, 2016 22:52 PM

          I just watched it Markedtofuture. I would think that a planted teleprompter of sorts would be very difficult to pull off My opinion only!

          Oct 23, 2016 23:42 AM

          Podiumgate……good one……can anyone explain the light and that HILLY was looking down a lot.
          FINALLY ,….JFK..was deemed a Conspiracy by Congress ….So anything is possible.

            Oct 23, 2016 23:09 PM

            Jerry, my friend, too damn many conspiracy theories out there for my taste. If you did not already see the first TWO segments of Saturday Night Live last night please go the website and watch what Tom Hanks has to say about the election and about our country. He gets into that in the second segment. It is very good.

            If you have a chance to watch it, please let me know what you think. (

            Oct 23, 2016 23:39 PM

            I guess Tom can laugh with $230mill in the bank, every thing going to be ok….. 😉

            Oct 23, 2016 23:42 PM

            Anyway, …no problem here..

    Oct 22, 2016 22:28 AM

    Once you obtain knowledge,it is your own personal decision what to do with it.
    One must always weigh the risk rewards involved with those decisions.
    Until you can become comfortable calling a spade a spade,everything up to that point is useless babble.
    Do you really think Edward Snowden is in Russia because he has an acquired taste for coulibiac?

      Oct 22, 2016 22:43 PM

      Of course I do not think anything of the kind JohnK

    Oct 22, 2016 22:52 AM

    Outside of Ron Paul – US politics has become a grotesque “THEATER OF THE ABSURD”….period.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:53 PM

      Calling it “the Theater of the Absurd” is not nearly a strong enough statement, SDMar!

    Oct 22, 2016 22:27 AM

    Libya, formerly a prosperous and successful society, has been in chaos, which is where the Obama regime wanted it.

    All sorts of lies were told about Gaddafi and Libya, just as lies were told about Saddam Hussein and are told today about Syria and Russia. A British Parliamentary Report concluded unambiguously that the Western peoples were fed lies by their governments in order to gain acceptance for the destruction of Libya, and that Libya was destroyed because Gaddafi was regarded as an obstacle to Western hegemony.

    Note that none of the presstitutes have asked the killer bitch about her guilt under the Nuremburg laws for this war crime prepared on her watch. Note that the oligarchs who own the killer bitch and their press prostitutes intend to make this war criminal the next president of the United States

    Paul Craig

      Oct 22, 2016 22:45 PM

      I will definitely read this on the Paul Craig Roberts site. Thanks for defining where it came from.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:11 AM


    You are making me make some hard choices, such as do I listen to the political first hour or economic/investing hour first!

    I wound up choosing the former after reading this quote from the great Jim Bovard

    Modern democracy is based on faith that the people can control what they do not understand. Election results are often only a one-day snapshot of transient mass delusions. Most voters make little or no effort to understand the policies that increasingly dominate their lives. Even policies which decimate the savings of scores of millions of Americans, such as the Federal Reserve’s zero interest policy, rarely if ever show up on the radar screen. When candidates do discuss federal policies, they are confident most listeners do not know enough to recognize malarkey when they hear it.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:47 PM


      Jim Bovard is certainly an interesting individual. He was on our Show a number of month ago and we I enjoy talking with him. Time for another invitation to him.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:15 AM

    More Bovard:

    Trumpeting the importance of voting deludes people into thinking that they have a leash on the government.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:49 PM

      Theoretically they do. Realistically I don’t think that they have as much as they might think.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:18 AM

    More Bovard

    With attention deficit democracy, I am trying to wake up people to how the combination of mass ignorance, fear mongering by the government, and lying politicians is putting our entire system of government to a death spiral.

    It is one of the great tragedies of the US, that most learn most of what they know about the government from the government.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:58 PM

      The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World. I saw it in person when they were just getting started and Stephanie saw them when they played a concert in Missoula Montana. Know what she said? “Dad, they are really old!

        Oct 22, 2016 22:23 PM

        I listen to this instrumental of Give Me Shelter as I fight property tax increases (bond measures) in my area. (Mostly typing up emails today.)

          Oct 22, 2016 22:31 PM

          Eddie, you crack me up sometimes. They are going to tax you out of your home?

    Oct 22, 2016 22:25 AM

    I agree Ebolan, the thing is that whats happening now has been going on for a long time.
    Sure individual/specific things are different, but Mark Twain mentioned if voteing had any influence people wouldnt be allowed to vote, so its nothing new.

    I really dont know if it will make much if any difference which one gets elected.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:53 AM

      Shillary is a puppet of the neocons, the MIC and the banksters in addition to the public employee unions among other villians. If she is elected we will have more war, vastly more debt and gooberment spending and an acceleration of the elimination of our feedoms. She is a known.

      Trump is an unkown. He has said some awful things and some good things. He sure is not my choice but I would take him over Shillary. If Shillary is elected Obammycare is forever (it will morph into single payer communism) and that alone for me is enough to seriously considering voting for Trump.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:52 PM

      I believe that it will make absolutely no difference.

      Actually, as I have been told by many, Clinton is probably a better Republican than Trump.

        Oct 22, 2016 22:30 PM

        So if Trump is elected he will NOT prosecute Hillary for her crimes as he promised?

    Oct 22, 2016 22:06 PM

    Why is Hillary even allowed to run for president? The US media and political system has become a laughing stock around the world. It is just one step more step before we get to Orwellian Newspeak. Thank god there is the internet and we have freedom fighters like Snowden and Wikileaks or we would have no clue what is really going on.

    The polls are a dead heat right now despite the rhetoric. The media around the world is demonizing Trump. Although I don’t think he is nearly as bad as everyone says, I think he will get the world in to a trade war. I think he could be big trouble for world trade and the economy. Hillary will get us in to a shooting war. Is there any way can get them both thrown out and start again?

    The polls are even. I think

    Oct 22, 2016 22:09 PM

    Sorry for my bad editing, I missed a link. If Trump was so bad in the debate, why has he gained so much in the polls?

      Oct 22, 2016 22:56 PM

      I don’t think you had bad editing or missed a link.

      This blog software will not let you put more than one link in a post.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:18 PM

    What a surprise…Lord Blankfein of Goldman Sucks supports Klinton…Well, he did tell us he is doing God’s work, right?

    Oct 22, 2016 22:49 PM

    Greg Hunter – MSM Lies for Hillary, Russia US Closer to War, Economic Update

    The mainstream media (MSM) is totally lying to the public about everything from voter fraud to Wiki Leaks. There are many current examples of possible voter fraud such as the recent revelation by the Pew Center that 24 million U.S. voter registrations are “significantly inaccurate.” Pew Center also says there are 1.8 million dead people still on the voter rolls.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:01 PM

      Paul W I agree with you completely. Look for a very timely editorial on this subject this coming week. with Lt Col James McKenney.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:57 PM

    We have to vote to return the government to the people and away from the elites, that is why a vote for Donald Trump will bring change and without change you can’t return the legitimacy of the government back to the people where it belongs. DT

      Oct 22, 2016 22:28 PM

      But you are Canadian so you have no say in this. 🙂 (Not that one vote makes any difference, anyway.)

      You better watch out or Shillary will have you Assanged for interfering in the US elections! 🙂

      Mr. Tracy, do you still walk 18 miles a day? How many pairs of shoes do you go through a year?

        Oct 22, 2016 22:35 PM

        Eddie, I just got back from a long walk, I buy these new walking shoes with thick soles, so I only need 5 pairs a year. As far as being Canadian our country would be nowhere without America on our doorstep, so as Canadians we follow everything you do because Canada is a branch plant of The US.

          Oct 22, 2016 22:45 PM

          …so as Canadians we follow everything you do…

          That is terrifying.

          Oct 22, 2016 22:47 PM

          What a coincidence…I just got back from my regular bike ride…nothing like you…only 5 miles but I make sure I work up a sweat.

          Oct 22, 2016 22:04 PM

          You guys are much more important than a branch plant!

        Oct 22, 2016 22:03 PM

        18 miles per day, Mr. Tracy?

      Oct 22, 2016 22:02 PM

      Now that is very possibly true.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:10 PM

    When you are voting for President you don’t vote for someone people like, personality is not in this contest, personality means nothing, but being informed and able to articulate the problems and how to solve them without a cadre of advisors is so important. The President must know how to think for himself. DT

    Oct 22, 2016 22:44 PM

    Listen to this purdy chickey…or is she a he???? Social justice warriors to the rescue?

    Oct 22, 2016 22:03 PM

    I think Americans are dissatisfied with the highbrows which run their governments, they want to return the rule of America to the businessman who made their country the success it was during The Teddy Roosevelt era, but with equality for all. You see I believe in America. DT

      Oct 22, 2016 22:07 PM

      In fact, I believe I am more American than most of the people who live there. DT

        Oct 22, 2016 22:30 PM

        DT for the purposes of this blog we’ll consider you a dual citizen.

        Robin Williams once joked that “Canada is like a loft apartment over a really great party.”

        Come on down to the party, but just know it’s like the Hotel California. (Ha!) 😉

          Oct 22, 2016 22:55 PM

          You know Ex, I was born four miles from The American border and many of my relatives lived on The US side, we always made a point of bringing our families together especially in the summer. I miss those days as the people have moved on, but the times are not forgotten. DT

            Oct 23, 2016 23:00 AM

            A great reminder that we’re all part of the same world, and that Family crosses all borders.

      Oct 22, 2016 22:07 PM

      Thanks Mr. Tracy, I believe in America also.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:41 PM

    I find it very sad that any voter can’t understand that the two candidates are not alike. Take just one point immigration, if you don’t believe that having open borders will destroy what is left of your country and your values you should be ashamed to call yourself American. DT

      Oct 22, 2016 22:09 PM

      I agree that they have quite different policies but both of them are alike in that they will be a disaster for the US and the rest of the world.

      You have a choice between a sociopathic, liar, warmongering megalomaniac who lines her pockets and a self interested ego-maniac who shoots from the hip without any sign of previous thought or knowledge of history.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:48 PM

    Here’s The 30 Seconds After The Last Debate That CNN Would Rather You Didn’t See

    And continued and constant propaganda-peddling that the race is over because Trump’s sexual assauly allegations are “sucking all the air out of the room” compared to Hillary’s stream of WikiLeaks facts.

    CNN made the mistaike of asking its focus group of real Americans who won the final debate… and instantly regretted it…

    Oct 22, 2016 22:06 PM

    The return to sound money principals is the only thing that can save us from a devastating crash. Will the Federal Reserve take the lead?

    Oct 22, 2016 22:22 PM

    I always like it when Glen Downs gives a glimmer of the tip of the iceberg. The mention of the battle between pipelines and rebels/ISIS is actually funny. All one has to do is look at a map of the ME, and understand big business.

    All “new” oil and gas pipelines lead to Syria. The central bank of Syria will clear the transactions. Many countries like Iraq, Afganistan and others will not have to use the Suez canal to ship oil.

    All channels lead to the Beruit port, and through Syria!

    The Islamic state and the religious fight is just a joke, as it’s all about the money,, and power!

    ( and of course, there are diobolical people involved!) You know who!

    Oct 22, 2016 22:27 PM

    Bill Kristol! I have hated that guy for about 10 years.

    Oct 22, 2016 22:43 PM

    Fabulous podcast!

    Oct 22, 2016 22:42 PM

    Al, Thanks for having Ron Paul on. He, Rand, and Walter Jones are great examples of integrity. Sadly this is unusual for politicians. I think you like Ron Paul, Al because you too are a man of integrity.

    Oct 23, 2016 23:22 AM

    Cath. Austin-Fits:

      Oct 23, 2016 23:08 AM

      Listening to Catherine,notice what she has to say about R. Giuliani.Now go back to Thursday,October 20th and look at my comments.Coincidence? I think not.

        Oct 23, 2016 23:54 AM

        Are you the famous John Kaiser?

          Oct 23, 2016 23:46 PM

          No I’m not John Kaiser Eddy. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

    Oct 23, 2016 23:15 PM

    New Podesta Email Exposes Dem Playbook For Rigging Polls Through “Oversamples”

    New Podesta email reveals how democrats rig polls with “over samples in key districts/regions” and “ethnic over samples as needed.”

    Oct 23, 2016 23:48 PM

    Dems Squirm On Sunday Morning Talk Shows As WikiLeaks And O’Keefe Promise More Surprises

    Clinton strategist Joel Benenson was squirming in his seat for just about every second of the following interview with George Stephanopoulos this morning on ABC. We suspect Benenson didn’t expect to be pushed quite so hard by a long-time Clinton loyalist like Stephanopoulos. Of course, the interview came just a ABC released a poll this morning showing a 12-point national advantage for Hillary which is perhaps why Stephanopoulos feels a little more comfortable actually doing his job in an impartial way.

    The interview starts out with a review of O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video exposing efforts of the DNC to incite violence at Trump rallies which prompts the following question from Stephanopoulos…

    Stephanopoulos: “This is pretty shocking stuff. Now I know there have been questions about these O’Keefe videos in the past. Yet, both of those operatives who were in those videos have now resigned and they did receive money from the DNC, they were subcontractors. Isn’t this exactly the kind of behavior you all have been talking about?”
    …and then the squirming begins.

    Oct 23, 2016 23:07 PM

    No one has mentioned this in this forum.

    Zerohedge reports that the Big Zero also had a private non “.gov” email address that was hacked.

    I ask; “why was that not also considered an act of treachery?’
    It clearly circumvents the record keeping rules of the US Government.
    It clearly prevents any possible use of FOIA, and is thus in violation of the FOIA Act itself.
    Why is no one talking about impeaching the bastard?
    Just asking!

      Oct 24, 2016 24:28 PM

      Why isnt it an act of treachery?
      My guess would be because we have very little if any rule of law.
      Just a guess tho.

      On the other hand, maybe we do have a rule of law, peasents must follow and elites dont?
      That might be a rule.

        Oct 24, 2016 24:40 PM

        When the law applies to the peasants and not to those in power, that, by definition, means there is no rule of law.

    Oct 24, 2016 24:28 AM

    The difference between socialism and capitalism (Ben Shapiro nails it):

    Oct 24, 2016 24:13 PM

    Peter Schiff was right about Obamacare and everything else discussed here:

    I don’t know why he bothers with such imbeciles at all.

    Oct 24, 2016 24:25 PM

    Remember when Obama was asked if he knew HRC was using a private email server?
    Obama said he did not know she used one.
    The latest Wikileaks release of emails has emails from the Secret of State private survey to the president’s private server.
    So we have a LIAR for president and had a LIAR for Secretary of State.

    Oct 26, 2016 26:11 AM

    gold and silver are not as good as stock in Hecla or other mines. lets face it D Trump is a total con man and now today instead of compangeing he is promoting his hotel in wash dc. gary johnson for sanity love to all of you S