Additional positive drill results from Novo Resources

November 29, 2016

Below is a link to the news release released today out of Novo Resources. The news release outlines 6 more drill holes from the Blue Spec gold project in Western Australia. The drilling is further defining the dip in the Gold-Spec gold shoot which is part of the overall Blue Spec property. By understanding the holes 12 and 27 were testing the east and west sides of the shoot I think the Company can better understand just how wide this resource is.

The hole of real interest to me was hole 34. This hole intersected mineralization deeper than the other holes and shows that this resource is currently open at depth. With around 5,000 meters of drilling still to be assayed we will continue to learn more about Blue Spec over the next couple months.

Click here to read the full news release.

Also stay tuned for an interview with Quinton further explaining the drill results tomorrow.

    Nov 29, 2016 29:27 PM

    Hooray! Go Quinton!

    Nov 29, 2016 29:47 PM

    Does anyone have an opinion of Sliver Standard (SSRI) ??

      Nov 29, 2016 29:18 PM

      Disappointing,wasteful management.

      Nov 29, 2016 29:08 PM

      I own SSRI@6. They bought Marigold gold mine in Nevada from ABX at a bargain price and then bought Claude Resources. They have enormous silver reserves too.

    Nov 29, 2016 29:16 PM

    The swamp drains Trump!

    He is not picking conservatives, just establishment….
    He is a banker and a Democrat.

    Why would Trump choose him?

    Answer: Because Trump is a Democrat in sheep’s clothing. You thought it would be different this time, Suckers.

    Nov 29, 2016 29:52 PM

    Hey…don’t push Trump off on another party. He is what he is and right wingers elected him. Accept your choice.

      Nov 30, 2016 30:59 AM

      You have seen the memos which show that the Clinton campaign did all they could, including collude with media, to bring Trump to the fore as the candidate she could most likely beat?

      Ds, Rs, who cares. Both parties suck. But no candidate was worse than Hillary Clinton, a truly vile person.

      Given that the oligarchs operate through deception upon deception, I can’t help but wonder if they used Horrendous Hillary to chase Americans into Trump’s arms.

      Regardless of who won, the country is heading into class 5 economic rapids. The oligarchs know this, and surely have a plan.

      I’m still playing wait and see with Trump, but my fear is that he will be just another CIA, Zionist stooge.