The Politics Around Currencies

October 2, 2017

Marc Chandler, Head of Global Currency Strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman joins me to discuss the trend changes that are in place for the currency markets. The Euro is pulling back for a number of political and technical reasons. This year investors have loaded up on the bullish side of the Euro trade but now politics are making them reconsider. This is providing a bump to the USD that could be sustained for a number of weeks to months.

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    Oct 02, 2017 02:36 PM

    I always thought the dollar index was a lagging indicator, just like inflation.

    Oct 02, 2017 02:12 PM

    I hate to bring up the Las Vegas shooting, because I will probably be attacked by BM; maybe others.

    Fact: Stephen Paddock booked his corner suite at Mandalay Bay several months ago.
    (Evidence of pre-planning?)

    Fact: ISIS claims responsibility for the massacre.

    Fact: Stephen Paddock’s “partner/live-in girlfriend was an Islamic Indonesian travelling on an Australian Passport, not an American citizen, although she had lived in the US a considerable number of years. (Immigrant status not known)
    She was stilled believed to be married to Geary Danley, although living with Stephen Paddock.
    Fact: Stephen Paddock’s father was a serial bank robber, who was on the FBI’s Most wanted list for 8 years. (The father was also described as psychopathic by the FBI.)
    Fact: Two windows of the corner suite were broken to provide two different ranges of fire.

    Oct 02, 2017 02:29 PM

    CBS Fires Exec Who Slammed Vegas Dead As “Country Music Fans Who’re Often Gun-Toting Republicans”

    Oct 02, 2017 02:56 PM

    Gov. Rick Scott Declares State Of Emergency As 100,000s Of Puerto Ricans Flee To Florida

    …Scott announced that disaster relief centers will be set up at Orlando International Airport and in Miami to help those seeking refuge in Florida….

    Oct 03, 2017 03:12 AM

    Disaster Expert: FEMA’s Response in Puerto Rico Even Better Than in Texas and Florida

    Former Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services Tevi Troy told Breitbart News: Sunday Edition that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had actually done an even better job managing Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico than it had in dealing with Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida recently.