CVR Medial – A New Device To Measure Stenosed Arteries

November 21, 2017

CVR Medical (TSX.V:CVM and OTCQB CRRVF) has a device currently in clinical trials that can potentially measure how stenosed arteries are much cheaper and faster than current methods/tests. Peter Bakema, President and CEO of CVR joins me today to outline the device that is currently in clinical trails and outlines the path to market that he is hoping will be early next year.

CVR also issued news today regarding the implementation of the wireless system. Click here to view the full news releases.

Click here to visit the CVR website for more information on the Company and the device.

Click download link to listen on this device: Download Show


    Nov 21, 2017 21:24 PM

    The older I get the more cynical I become.

    Why are medical companies focussing on measurement of disease and not cures?

    Don’t bother to respond to me because I know the answer. Money, Money, Money.

    Why bother with developing plague removal techniques when you can just cause measurement after measurement for years; generating dollars every time ….

    I’m sure this new device may be a step forward. It is just the direction in which the system is going that makes me mad.
    Just call me CFS, crankyForSure.

    Nov 21, 2017 21:46 PM

    How does your device compare to Duplex Doppler, CTA, MRA in terms of accuracy of stenosis in the ICA.
    Can it replace MRA or CTA prior to surgery?