Allegiant Introduction – Now Trading and Drilling Up To 10 Targets This Year

February 13, 2018

Allegiant (TSX.V:AUAU) is a spin-out from Columbus Gold which holds 14 drill ready projects in the US and has plans to drill up to 10 of the projects this year. The Company has cash in the bank and a strong management team. Now that the Company is listed and trading I figured it was a good time to introduce the Company before drill results hit the market.

Robert Giustra, Chairman of Allegiant joins me to outline the overall Company goals and plans for what looks to be a busy year. We focus on the flagship Eastside Project that has a current resource and is currently being drilled to the south and west (see the map below). There are also 9 other targets that will have pure exploration drilling completed on throughout the year.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the Company and email me ( with any questions. Through all my background research I like the strategy for this year and will be following along when we start to see some drill results.

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Click here to visit the Allegiant website for more information.

Here is the map that we refer to regarding the drilling underway at the Eastside Project.

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    Feb 13, 2018 13:50 AM

    2018-02-13 09:20 ET – News Release

    Mr. Michael Williams reports


    Vendetta Mining Corp. has released results from the Bridge zone and other drilling from the completed 2017 program at the Pegmont lead-zinc project in Queensland, Australia.

    Bridge zone sulphide highlights:

    PVRD132: six metres of 14.41 per cent Pb-Zn (11.24 per cent Pb, 3.17 per cent Zn);
    PVRD135: 6.16 metres of 13.39 per cent Pb-Zn (10.29 per cent Pb, 3.10 per cent Zn);
    PMRD016: 4.39 metres of 13.05 per cent Pb-Zn (10.77 per cent Pb, 2.28 per cent Zn);
    PVRD146: 9.22 metres of 12.17 per cent Pb-Zn (9.77 per cent Pb, 2.40 per cent Zn);
    PVRD147: 9.98 metres of 10.31 per cent Pb-Zn (7.81 per cent Pb, 2.50 per cent Zn).
    A full summary of the sulphide lead-zinc results including estimated true widths is provided in the attached tables.

    Michael Williams, Vendetta’s president and chief executive officer, commented: “These additional results from the Bridge zone discovery continue to support the high-grade continuity of this zone. Potential development of the Bridge zone is enhanced by its proximity to the main optimized pit shell at Pegmont, the closest drill intersection to date lying only 120 metres to the east and 50 m below the pit shell. We look forward to adding the Bridge zone to the mineral resource estimate which the company is working to have completed by the end of March. There remains significant potential to develop the Bridge zone further, this will form part of the 2018 drilling program.”