Northern Empire – Big Exploration Plans In Nevada That’s Cashed Up

March 20, 2018

Northern Empire Resources (TSX.V:NM & OTCTC:PSPGF) is a story that just got going last year. I was recently introduced to the Company about 3 weeks ago and spent some time looking into the land package as well as management team. After acquiring the Sterling Gold Project and further consolidating the land around the deposit the Company has about C$17million in the bank and plans to drill 15,000 meters at a number of targets.

Northern Empire President and CEO Mike Allen joins me for an overview discussion on the Company. We discuss how the acquisition came together last year and how quickly Coeur Mining invested money into Northern Empire. This is a story that I will continue to follow as we should see a pretty steady flow of drill results throughout this year in a mining friendly jurisdiction. Please email me if you have any follow up questions for Mike and his team –

A big thank you goes out to the Junior Mining Network for producing the great video below. Click here to visit their site for a full recap of junior company news.

Click here to visit the Norther Empire website for more information on the Company.

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Here is slide 8 with a look at the targets and overall land package.

Here is the video!


    Mar 20, 2018 20:57 AM

    The junior resource market is in the dumps, neglected and unloved by investors, nobody cares!

      Mar 20, 2018 20:50 AM

      Save for about 7 months in 2016, it’s been that way for 7 years. The worst is the relative underperformance of the miners vs metals during that period. I’ll bet the miners are simply discounted no nationalization. The higher the metals price goes, the greater the risk of nationalization—it’s been the perfect pair trade for 20 years now.

    Mar 20, 2018 20:29 AM

    So much for the CoTs putting a floor under silver. It could leak significantly lower for weeks yet. The $gold:$silver ratio has been coiling up and is getting ready to bust through 80, looks like.

    If we are incredibly lucky, the metals bottom tomorrow. But when has luck ever been on the metals side investors are lookin for relief? Never. My pessimistic guess is we won’t see a bounce of more than 1-2 days until the April employment report, which means we have about 2.5 weeks of fun times ahead of us, in which time they can take the metals and miners anywhere they want, as they have time and time again.

    Mar 20, 2018 20:29 AM

    (R) (RDEMF) Red Eagle Mining Intersects 4.75 Metres at 20.3 Grams Gold per Tonne Below the Current Resource Extending Vertical Extent

    by @nasdaq on March 19, 2018

    Mar 20, 2018 20:30 AM

    This Company is Well on its Way To Having Nevada’s Next Multi-Million Ounce Gold Project

    by @Goldfinger on March 19, 2018

    Mar 20, 2018 20:34 AM

    2017 saw one of if not the biggest declines in the USD ever. The miners were flat to down that entire period. Now, when the US dollar has a pathetic counter trend rally, the miners promptly drop 20% with much more to come in all likelihood. Looks like a bull market to me.

      Mar 20, 2018 20:15 AM

      I haven’t checked to see the % decline by year, but in 1985 and 2001 similar declines began, and lasted for years. The cycles are highly suggestive we’re in a similar phase now, as does the need of the US to pay off its debt in devalued dollars. I don’t expect to see any real US dollar strength for a long time.

    Mar 20, 2018 20:22 AM

    Swiss seize bank accounts amid probe linked to Rio Tinto Mongolia mine
    Reuters | about 20 hours ago

      Mar 20, 2018 20:52 AM

      In search of cash…’t RUNNING short

      Mar 20, 2018 20:57 AM

      Just one big game

    Mar 20, 2018 20:31 AM

    One final cautionary note: the gdx:gld ratio has made a low below the December 2016 low, even though gdx in absolute terms is still above its December 2016 low. One has to ask, why this is and what is it telling us.

    Hugh Hendry used to say the miners were a terrible investment because the higher the metal price went, the higher the risk for mine nationalization. Given the absolutely piss poor relative performance of the miners over the last 20 years compared to the metals, one has to seriously wonder if Hugh wasn’t right. The key to all of this will be the 2016 peak in the ratio. That is the line in the sand for Hendry’s thesis. Until that level is taken out though, he will we be (and has been) right.

    Mar 20, 2018 20:41 AM

    Call me crazy, but I like the looks of GDXJ right now.

    I imagine Doc is probably right on the timing. But I like trying to ride the waves, and have a half position for the bounce. I still believe that one of these days a bounce will turn into a higher order wave.

    Bull market? Defined how? Sure, if one wants to speak only of the market being in bull or bear mode, I would call it a bull. But one can also talk in terms of stage analysis, in which case it is clearly in a stage 1 basing phase. Or you could just call it range bound.

    Why the sarcasm? Looking to blame others because they can’t predict the exact what and when of the market? Because the market isn’t doing what you want it to?

      Mar 20, 2018 20:45 AM

      rhetorical questions, by the way

      Mar 20, 2018 20:53 AM

      Not sure if you are directing the “sarcasm” remark to me. But, I said for at least a year ago now that the miners would be hitting their lower monthly bollinger band before ever making a run towards the upper bollinger band. I don’t have access to monthly charts anymore on stockcharts, but I would wager we will hit that lower band before this correction is over.

      Also, this price action has absolutely no analogy whatsoever to action from 1999-2012. This “consolidation” looks far worse than anything during that run when looking at the weekly and monthly charts, again something I have been saying for at least a year+. In fact, in the past when you get the 20 month MA average trending down it has marked significant bear markets in the past. If this is a bull market, it is going to be an absolute slog for many years IMO before it hits blue sky. That means the 2016 high won’t be taken out for good until 2020 or later IMO.

        Mar 20, 2018 20:09 AM

        It’s flat. It’s a range trade. I don’ find it interesting to argue about it on a daily basis.

        I put my energy into trying to be on the right side of the market, and save my negativity for politics.

        When I’m feeling negative about the market, invariably it is because I am doing something wrong.

        Happy trading.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:24 AM

          Well the HUI is about 9 points from breaking below its December 2016 low. At that point the range expands all the way down to the Jan. 2016 low.

          What’s more, the gdx:gld ratio is already below its December 2016 low. It’s been making lower lows and lower highs for coming up on 2 years soon. That isn’t a range trade, it is a bear market by anyone’s definition.

          Also, if miners were truly in a new bull market, why would they be making lower lows and lower highs against the metals going on two years? It doesn’t make any sense. One can’t just keep saying the market is getting it wrong.

            Mar 20, 2018 20:54 AM

            Just might get there 160 hui

            Mar 20, 2018 20:07 AM

            Looks like 15 months in a range trade to me.


            If it breaks down out of that range, I’ll be watching, it won’t be a surprise, and I’ll deal with it.

            r.e. bull market, I refer you to my previous comment. Not much more to say.

            Eventually it will break out of this range trade. Maybe it will give a head fake first. Only when it’s a confirmed trend will we know if your bearishness has been correct, or if those of us who are bullish are correct. If it does turn into a universally recognized bull market, it will be said to have started Dec. 2015 / Jan 2016.

            Meanwhile, rather than arguing “Bull!/Bear!” with implosions, explosions, waterfalls, and moonshots, one can make good $ riding the smaller waves, and be in position for a bigger wave when it comes, whichever direction it goes (yes, I think a moonshot is coming, likely starting this year, but I don’t spend my days belaboring it, and I’ve been wrong enough times to know that I have to follow the charts, not my conviction about what the market will do).

            R.e. your last paragraph, price action is fractal. The lower lows that ratio has been making are of a different order than the 2015/16 low.

            “One can’t just keep saying the market is getting it wrong.” Who’s saying that? You’re creating a straw man, and putting words in others’ mouths.

            Mar 20, 2018 20:43 AM

            Good chart GH. Yes it has been a very boring range, unless traders jumped on the shorter-duration pips and blips. The energy is building for a large move, and based on what is happening in the dollar, with the first signs of inflation rearing it’s head, and with commodities coming off a multi-decade low, then odds favor a break to the upside.

    Mar 20, 2018 20:42 AM

    correction: ” imagine Doc is probably right on the timing of the next major move.”

    Mar 20, 2018 20:14 AM

    Don’t be lulled into a multi year drought right here. The low should be around early to mid June this year. In my opinion it will be a classic double bottom, then a V shape recovery.

    This time is ..way different than any other time because of the monetary changes the whole world is about to experience. All hard assets are going on the block chain. All derivatives are going to vapor land. This coming low Will Be the Time to Buy.

      Mar 20, 2018 20:24 AM

      Interesting thesis, Chartster. I agree, this time is different.

      Mar 20, 2018 20:27 AM

      We’ve known this since 2008. Hell, you could argue gold bugs saw this coming in 1971.

      It doesn’t matter. Guns and nukes > “market” forces at least over the span of a couple of lifetimes. What’s more, with the CBs all colluding, they can keep this game going for a very very long time yet, as they have already done.

    Mar 20, 2018 20:22 AM

    Come June, metals and miners will blast off and never look back. ( at least for several years )

      Mar 20, 2018 20:31 AM

      I disagree. The damage that could be inflicted on silver in the near term is going to cap it for years. It will be too far below it’s 100 WMA to start trending again. At best, those MAs will need to be reset, like from 2000 to 2002. It took silver 6 more years to take out its 1998 peak.

      Mar 20, 2018 20:39 AM

      Agreed Chartster. Coming out of the summer doldrums this year should see a move in Gold where it takes out the 2016 high of $1377.50 and then the institutional money will come in from the sidelines, and it will drag Silver and the miners higher. Then Silver will play catchup and start to outperform on a percentage basis and the next impulse leg higher in the bull will really get moving.

        Mar 20, 2018 20:50 AM

        Hey Excelsior, I hope all is well with you!
        Thanks for taking me to school on last nights thread! It was good meaningful stuff.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:56 AM

          Yes, everything is good overall, and I’m positioning for a similar pattern to play out as you outlined above.

          Wishing you good trading. Cheers mate.

    Mar 20, 2018 20:37 AM

    Spanky, you also think the stock market is going to new highs.. And that ain’t gonna happen! In fact, that gap on the INDU daily chart in late January won’t get filled for years..

      Mar 20, 2018 20:40 AM

      Well regardless, between now and June the miners and silver are in for an absolute a$$ reaming.

    Mar 20, 2018 20:43 AM

    I agree, it’s going to be a washout. No doubt)

      Mar 20, 2018 20:05 AM

      The H&S on the HUI projects to 120. The neckline has been broken already.

        Mar 20, 2018 20:24 AM

        Jeff Kern seems to think that target is possible. I’m skeptical, but if it starts to look likely hopefully I will be agile enough to catch the move. That would be awesome!

        If that happens, and you hold all the way down after having talked it down so much, I have to say, that would be hilarious and some poetic justice.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:34 AM

          spanky – If you are so busy on a daily basis talking down the metals and are so convinced that Silver is going down and will base for 10 years….. then sell your Silver stocks. If you hang on to them into the depths you so often pontificate about without taking corrective action, hang onto them for the whole ride down that it means you don’t really believe what you write about each day, and would be a sort of poetic justice.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:35 AM

          wow – what a positive contributor calling people names and lashing out like a juvenile.

          This isn’t stockhouse spanky, but I’m sure comments like those would fit right in over there.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:46 AM

          Go to hell Ex. You are a hypocrite of the highest order. Laughing at someone’s losses–frankly that is the lowest one can go. I’ve tried to do the right thing, and it looks like I have failed miserably. Hahahahah. so f’ing funny!

          Mar 20, 2018 20:50 AM

          (???) Who’s laughing?

          I find it completely insane for someone to come on here day after day about they are convinced Silver is going down into a huge washout, and will base for years and years, but then continue to hold their Silver stocks.

          Either you don’t believe a word you are posting about (quite possible) or your actions are not anywhere close to congruent with your words. It simply makes no sense.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:53 AM

          If you had any conviction on what you are forecasting you’d be shorting Silver all the way down.

          Instead you claim to hold EXK AG and just bought some AXU in Dec and don’t want to sell for “capital gains” reasons, meaning you made money on them and are sitting on profits, but then wail about holding them for a huge losss for the last 18 months. Something doesn’t add up with any of that man.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:01 AM

          Let’s just say I need this market to go up. I have a ton riding on it. And yes, it is crazy. When I finally capitulate, whether it’s at HUI 120 or HUI 50 or HUI 10, you know it will be time to go long. And oh my that will be so hilarious.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:06 AM

          Paid troll or troll by nature, saying one thing and doing another qualifies.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:14 AM

          Whatever. It makes no sense to have a ton riding on a market you are convinced it going down for a long time. You’ve had a bearish disposition for over a year now, if you didn’t sell then it makes NO sense at all. If someone believes a sector is going down for the next decade, then why in the world would they have a ton riding on it, and if that is the case, it takes 10 seconds to hit the sell button and avoid years of lower prices. It’s complete BS and isn’t funny, just madness.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:16 AM

          Spanky, I don’t wish you ill.

          But your behavior is obnoxious. If you’re going say one thing but do the opposite; beating it like a dead horse; speaking in histrionic terms with exaggerated certainty, but without the confidence to act on it; and get snippy and accusatory toward those who have a more bullish bias, backed up with solid arguments; and it doesn’t work out well, whose fault is it?

          You ‘need’? I’m confused since you have long-term gains, but maybe there are other factors. In any case, I urge you to consider that this might be a very bad mindset to have in the market.

          This goes back to my statement above: When I’m feeling negative about the market, invariably it is because I am doing something wrong.

          Why don’t you focus on figuring out an approach to the markets that gives you peace of mind, and stop taking our your angst on us?

          The fact that, once upon a time, we were all constructive in our comments to you, but no longer, ought to tell you something.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:20 AM

          > On February 27, 2018 at 9:17 am,
          spanky says:

          “Silver is about to break down on the weekly and months charts. It will definitely be taking out the 2016 low by late March. The bloodbath begins today.”

          “Silver miners are headed back to new multi year lows too, though I am not sure they will take out the 2016 low.”

          • On February 27, 2018 at 9:26 am,
          Matthew says:

          “Silver will take out 13.73 by late March?”

          • On February 27, 2018 at 9:27 am,
          spanky says:


          > On February 27, 2018 at 9:33 am,
          spanky says:

          “If the stock market crashes, so will gold and silver, but more so. Especially silver. The trade of the year is long stock market and short silver.”

          > On February 27, 2018 at 9:48 am,
          spanky says:

          “Silver is done. The monthly charts are wrecked. It will be basing out for another 10 years.”

          Mar 20, 2018 20:27 AM

          March is mostly over and Silver is nowhere close to breaking down through $13.73, so that was either a sensationalized call just to be bearish and get a reaction, or you need a little work on your charting.

          spanky when you say you have a lot riding on the Silver miners, and write things like this regularly, can you not see how insane all of this?

          “Silver is done. The monthly charts are wrecked. It will be basing out for another 10 years.”

          “The trade of the year is long stock market and short silver.”

          (the freakin’ sell your Silver stocks and short Silver if it is the trade of the year)

          If not you’re a total contradiction and the comments serve no purpose.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:28 AM

          And you’re welcome for the good advice, even if you don’t want it.

          LOL 🙂

          Mar 20, 2018 20:31 AM

          If I were bearish, but had duped you into being bullish, that would make me a POS.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:36 AM

          For myself, I can’t think of a more important principle for navigating the markets than to accept full responsibility for my own errors, and successes.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:42 AM

          Great points GH. I’m done with this guy today, but posted those prior posts to show just how muddled the thinking is, and how devoid of all logic it is to “need” higher silver prices, but claim to have capital gains, while simultaneously claiming Silver is going down for 10 years and that shorting Silver is the trade of the year.

          It is just trolling and negative comments to get a reaction, or some psychotic wish for someone to make a counter argument in response to placate his fears. Either way it’s mental.

          Mar 20, 2018 20:57 AM

          I am holding the miners because I vowed I would not be shaken out no matter what. While I fully expected 1-1.5 year consolidations along the way, I never expected to be making lower lows and lower highs over 2 years from the bottom. This is a sharp distinction from the 1999-2012 bull move.

          I’ve known for some time now that this action could likely lead to something akin to a double bottom (I made a comparison to $sugar in the mid 90s, which I still think a very valid analog) with huge up an down moves in a triangle for many years. I was hoping that I was wrong and that Matthew, Ex and GH were right. And you still could be right, but right now, it looks pretty grim for the near term. Yes, if the 2016 low holds, it’s still technically a bull I suppose, but practically speaking I think the 2016 peak won’t be taken out for years yet if Chartster’s call plays out.

    Mar 20, 2018 20:18 AM

    $hui:$indu is right back where it was in 2015. Wow.

    A real safehaven from the stock market turmoil. So glad I’m in miners.

    Mar 20, 2018 20:50 AM

    “It’s The Same This Time…” ‘FANG’ Valuations Reach Dot-Com Peak

    Tue, 03/20/2018

    “It’s not different this time”… in fact it’s exactly the same! The same level of exuberant retail ‘buying the top’, the same level of ‘nothing can stop us now’, the same level of ‘what recession?’, and most importantly the same level of insane valuations for the mega-tech leaders…”

    “Mom-and-pop are all-in…”