Anaconda Mining Answer Questions From A Maritime Shareholder

May 22, 2018

Throughout the last couple months when I have been chatting with Dustin Angelo, Anaconda Mining President and CEO we have talked a lot about the takeover bid for Maritime Resources. It is up to the shareholders of Maritime to tender their shares to make the bid go through. I always ask for questions and after the last call a Maritime shareholder emailed me directly with a couple of his questions. I passed along the questions and contact info to Dustin and a back and forth happened that was very interesting.

I am bringing Dustin on today to recap the main questions asked and his answers. If any other shareholders of Anaconda or Maritime have questions please email me directly at and I can get them in front of Dustin.

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    May 22, 2018 22:52 AM

    Cory, thanks for bringing some fresh insight from the Maritime shareholders. IMHO this merger is a no brainer. KD