Auryn Resources – Comprehensive Update For Committee Bay, Peru, and Homestake

June 21, 2018

Ivan Bebek, Executive Chairman of Auryn Resources joined me today to answer a number of questions that have been sent to me. We cover all the projects that the Company has been drilling over the past year and get a clear understanding of the focus for the coming 12 months. We start with Committee Bay and the new isolated targets that will be focused on. From there we discuss the plans for Homestake and move to Peru with the focus being on the Sombrero Project.

Please keep the questions coming. Ivan is on the road for the next almost 2 weeks but if you email me with your questions I can save them for the next interview. I can be reached at

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    Jun 21, 2018 21:19 PM

    Great update. Thanks Cory.

    Jun 21, 2018 21:53 PM

    Excellent interview, both questions AND responses!

    Many Thanks