Hour 1 – New Rules For Treasuries, Metals Stuck, and An Update From Revival Gold

July 28, 2018

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It was a busy week of earnings and a GDP number out of the US. Although there were some misses (Facebook and Twitter) overall earnings and revenue growth has been strong. As for Q2 GDP, that came in at 4.1%. What all this meant for the metals was another boring week. A bounce is due for the metals but the recent selloff has been tough.

On this week’s show we we touch on the US markets, bond market, and metals. Please keep in touch on companies and guests you would like to see on the show –

  • Segment 1: Avi Gilburt kicks off the show with his technical updates on the S&P, USD, and gold market.
  • Segment 2: There are some new rules regarding how major players can record bond transactions. Trader Vic shares why these rules are important for investors to understand.
  • Segment 3: We get an update on Revival Gold. Recent land acquisitions within and around the Beartrack and Arnett Properties as well as drill results coming in August.
  • Segment 4: Brent Cook wraps up the first hour with comments on the prospect generator model and a couple companies he likes.

Segment 1

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Segment 2

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Segment 3

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Segment 4

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    Jul 28, 2018 28:42 AM

    Thanks for show.
    Hi, Skeeta

    Jul 28, 2018 28:26 AM

    Ira’s end of day/week TA

    Jul 28, 2018 28:30 AM
    Jul 28, 2018 28:47 AM

    Since the SDR is pegged to $900/oz gold price, I wonder if that is where the gold price is headed to before the collapse.

    “It’s what you don’t know you don’t know that always gets you in the end”

    China-Russia gold collusion?

    Jul 28, 2018 28:41 AM

    The Establishment Will Not Give Up, They Want Full Control:Lisa Haven

    Jul 28, 2018 28:58 AM
    Jul 28, 2018 28:19 PM

    Yep, thanks for yet another weekend show guys.
    Much appreciated as always.

    Jul 28, 2018 28:27 PM

    AVI, it could go up……..or it could go down…….but send me money please cause I’m a broke ass lawyer who can’t make it in scamming law practice!!!

    Jul 29, 2018 29:17 AM

    Why Sentiment Isn’t Enough By Itself

    by @Goldfinger on July 28, 2018

    Jul 29, 2018 29:27 AM

    Alan Greenspan Is Right, Stagflation Is Coming, And This Time It Could Win

    Jun. 15, 2018

    Jul 29, 2018 29:58 AM


    “When the debate is lost Slander becomes the tool of the Loser.” ~ Socrates

    When I read comments like yours above it really reminds me that there are still immature people on this site.

    For your information, my qualifications as a professional stand on their own. I have a BA in Accounting and Economics, have passed the CPA exam, graduated cum laude and within the top 6% of my law school class, then onto an LLM (masters of law) in taxation at NYU, and was a partner and National Director at a major national firm.

    As for why I left and am doing what I am now . . . well, I had to retire when my late wife found out she had cancer 11 days after our youngest of 4 was 11 days old. I had to take care of my wife and 4 children so I had to retire from work for 3 years until she passed.

    But, when I was trading out of her hospital room on Harry Boxer’s site, he pushed me to open a site to teach my analysis method, because he viewed it as being so accurate.

    So, for your information, that is why I am doing what I am now. So, keep your ridiculous and childish comments about others that you know nothing about to yourself.

      Jul 29, 2018 29:18 PM

      Great response Avi.

      Just so you know, most of us here at the KER appreciate your work. Don’t let the haters get to you man.


      Jul 29, 2018 29:52 PM

      Agree with Ex. It’s a real privledge to hear Avi’s thoughts for free! I appreciate everyone who is willing to share for the benefit of the common man. Most posters are very grateful

    Jul 29, 2018 29:46 PM

    Gold Futures Close at the Lowest Price Since July 2017

    July 27, 2018 – Gary Wagner #TechnicalAnalysis #VIDEO

    Jul 29, 2018 29:53 PM

    Rick Rule on M&A activity in the Next Two Years

    by @MiningStockEdu on July 27, 2018

    Rick: “Well, I think one that I’ve used many times, “In this business, if you aren’t a contrarian, you’re going to be a victim.” This business is extraordinarily cyclical. We learned, as an example, in 2015 when everybody was in despair, that the cure for low prices was truly low prices and we had a spectacular run in 2016. Out of the ashes. Nobody saw it coming, myself included. In 2016, when it got good, it became very good and people, of course, carried their enthusiasm to an illogical conclusion. And the consequence of that is that, of course, 2017 was bad. What’s the lesson? Low prices are the cure for low prices. High prices are the cure for high prices. And if you’re not a contrarian, you’re gonna be a victim.”

    Jul 29, 2018 29:09 PM

    Canada, please welcome the McDonald’s® MacCoin

    @newswire on July 29, 2018

    “To mark the 50th anniversary of the iconic Big Mac sandwich, McDonald’s Canada is joining in a global celebration to launch the first fully food-backed global currency*: the MacCoin”

    “The MacCoin is drawing inspiration from The Economist’s Big Mac Index – a measure of global purchasing power. Even the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association is joining the celebration calling the MacCoin a “collectible keepsake”

    “As one of the most well-known and iconic McDonald’s menu items – and business driver – around the globe and in Canada, the Big Mac deserves the celebration that the coin evokes,” says Jeff McLean, Chief Financial Officer, McDonald’s Canada. “The fact that in 50 years, the Big Mac has become so universally recognized it’s used to measure the purchasing power of international currencies is pretty remarkable.”

      Jul 29, 2018 29:11 PM

      McDonald’s Unveils Limited Edition MacCoin to Celebrate 50 Years of the Big Mac

      @nasdaq on July 29, 2018

      “More than 6.2 million MacCoins will be distributed globally in more than 50 countries while supplies last. These commemorative coins feature five unique designs, each representing a decade of the Big Mac. Each MacCoin design pulls in elements from that time in history, nodding to art, music and pop culture, while the front-side of the MacCoin celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac. The MacCoin highlights:”

      The ‘70s, showcasing the decade’s flower power
      The ‘80s alluding to pop art
      The ‘90s defined with bold, abstract shapes
      The early ‘00s specifically focusing on the technology that was at the forefront of the turn of the century
      The ‘10s MacCoin calling attention to the evolution of communication

    Jul 30, 2018 30:33 AM

    (SGI) Superior Gold Inc. Continues to Intersect High Grade Gold Mineralization Underground
    @newswire on July 30, 2018


    Jul 30, 2018 30:16 AM

    (RZZ) Abitibi Royalties: Update on Canadian Malartic Mine Royalties

    @nasdaq on July 30, 2018 (Also good news for GZZ)

    Jul 30, 2018 30:25 PM

    Nice! Thanks for the past Ex. Have to get some of this one.

      Jul 30, 2018 30:43 PM

      I have GZZ Golden Valley Mines which owns 1/2 of RZZ, plus has all their other JVs, strategic investments, and NSRs. Most don’t realize RZZ was spun out of GZZ, so GZZ is a great way to get exposure for their Marlartic royalty, and it trades at a discount to RZZ which is insane, as it should be the other way around. Cheers!

    Jul 31, 2018 31:02 AM

    Great to know Ex. Thanks for the info!