USD and Treasuries – A Sell-Off In Store For Both?

August 28, 2018

Doc joins me today to look at the charts for the USD and Treasuries. Both have been in slight downtrends and Doc thinks it could continue. Listen to to find out the levels he is watching for both.

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      Aug 28, 2018 28:51 PM

      And that incentivizes the social welfare system and its allied activists to worsen the problem so as to squeeze more money out of taxpayers. Every budget increase means more homeless on the street, more street crime, drug use, and random abuse. Funding the system isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.

      The homeless crisis is a billion dollar scam. It isn’t being solved. It’s only getting worse.

        Aug 28, 2018 28:52 PM

        New York City will be spending $2.06 billion on its Department of Homeless Services. There are 61,421 homeless people in the city which is spending $33,539 per homeless person.

        That’s only a little short of the starting salary of an FDNY firefighter at $39,000.

    Aug 28, 2018 28:20 PM

    USA= United Scaming Activists.

    Aug 28, 2018 28:22 PM

    USA = United Scaming Activists.

    Aug 28, 2018 28:40 PM

    Off Topic, I have always thought Aircraft Carriers were obsolete, Bob M confirmed my fears when he mentioned how John Mcain did a hot start on the deck of one and ignited a rocket, it almost sunk the carrier. Can you imagine how useless carriers would be in a real war with a few missiles raining down. R.I.P, the grim reaper would have a field day. DT

      Aug 28, 2018 28:07 PM

      yup, for warfare, they are pretty much obsolete.

        Aug 28, 2018 28:57 PM

        Our carriers would be destroyed quickly by Russian underwater drones armed with nukes.
        They could put large nukes on these drones and start tsunamies that could wipe out our coastal cities. We had better get along with Putin.

      Aug 29, 2018 29:45 AM


      In 1966 I had to make a dozen landings total on a carrier. Six in the T-2 and six in the AF-9. In 2000 hours of military flying, it was the scariest. Thankfully Marines didn’t fly fixed wing aircraft off carriers during Vietnam so I was spared the joys of landing an F-4B at 150 knots at night on a heaving deck.

      So while I have landed on carriers, I don’t have the experience of the guys who have hundreds of traps. That said, I keep up with what is going on in the military. If we ever put a carrier within a couple of hundred miles of a real enemy, it will be floating keel up five minutes after the first shot of any war.

      Carriers are useless in a shooting war when they face an enemy and when they don’t they are still useless. Add in the F-35 and you have the shortest range aircraft that carries the least ordinance and can’t dogfight operating off a death trap.

      It’s end of empire when none of your weapons work.

        Aug 29, 2018 29:34 AM

        Maybe our submarines will save us…

    Aug 28, 2018 28:24 PM

    (AG) (FR) First Majestic upgraded to Outperform from Market Perform at BMO Capital BMO Capital analyst Ryan Thompson upgraded First Majestic Silver to Outperform and raised his price target for the shares to C$9.50f from C$8.75.

      Aug 28, 2018 28:26 PM

      Exc, ABSOLUTELY. I bought some, then sold at a small profit. Will be back into it when it hits bottom. Will easily be a three or four bagger when it takes off.

        Aug 28, 2018 28:05 PM

        Yes, agreed johnnygeneric. I’ve been trading in and out of First Majestic for years, but currently have a nice position in place (but it is slightly underwater at present). I’m considering adding to it to average down at current levels, as a 3-4 bagger seems quite reasonable when the Silver miners take off, as this company has a fair bit of torque for a larger company.

        I’m particularly interested to see how their acquisition of San Dimas and that huge La Encantada Roaster adds to the production mix over the next year or two.

          Aug 28, 2018 28:24 PM

          Speaking of First Majestic they are joint venture partners with Evrim that just released a great financing deal today with newmount

            Aug 28, 2018 28:55 PM

            Yes, Evrim has had quite a year and after surging in the spring on the exploration news, now the Newmont financing news spiked their shares by over 17% today.

            It’s nice to see a few bright spots in the miners and investor support in discoveries that garner the interest of the majors.

            Ever Upward!

          Aug 28, 2018 28:34 PM

          If I had Ex’s money I would burn mine. He has more silver than Irish, when he dies he will be the richest man in the graveyard. LOL! DT

            Aug 28, 2018 28:51 PM

            Funny DT. Who said anything about dying though? All of our discussions on robotics have lead to me build a Silver Robot to download my consciousness into and keep on keepin’ on…. 😉

            Aug 29, 2018 29:25 AM

            Ex, A.I. is already smarter than humans and the gap is widening by the day, they will let you build your silver robot but they will put your mind into a blender before you enter, and all that will remain is mush; like the muzak you hear in an elevator. LOL! DT

            Aug 29, 2018 29:46 AM

            Oh crap. My mind may have already been blended then, because I hear mush muzak in my head all the time. Cheers!