The Divergence Between US and Asian Markets

September 12, 2018

One aspect about the continued run in US markets is the disconnect that has developed over the past 4 months to Asian markets. These markets have generally moved together in the recent past. Chris Temple joins me to discuss what he thinks a reversion to the mean could look like and if this buy the dip mentality will continue for US markets.

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    Sep 13, 2018 13:34 AM

    Who is the Fool? Trump or Woodward?
    Posted Sep 13, 2018 by Martin Armstrong

    According to CNBC, Bob Woodward reported that Trump told Gary Cohn, the former Goldman Sachs/director of the National Economic Council to just print more money to reduce the national debt. Woodward reports this discussion:

    Trump: “Just run the presses—print money.”
    Cohn: “You don’t get to do it that way. We have huge deficits and they matter. The government doesn’t keep a balance sheet like that.”