The Long Term Charts Tell A Very Different Story For The USD and Bonds

September 14, 2018

Doc joins me today to share his longer term outlook for the USD and bond market. Looking at the monthly charts Doc does not see the USD moving much higher and for the bond market there is a good chance of a breakdown in the near term.

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    Sep 14, 2018 14:40 PM

    EBO………this is for you, as a follow up…….
    America’s problem isn’t a lack of deficit spending/consumption: America’s problem isn’t a lack of free to me money. America’s problems are profoundly structural: a sclerotic, toxic political system of self-serving oligarchic elites propped up by a class of self-serving professional technocrats, and an insiders-take-most economy in which virtually all the income gains (and 85% of the wealth gains) flow to the very top and the 5% technocrat class that owns enough of the assets that have been inflated to bubble heights to enjoy the illusion of security and wealth.

      Sep 14, 2018 14:42 PM

      The government doesn’t “print” currency in our system, it borrows it into existence. The central state issues bonds and the central bank buys the bonds with newly created currency. Or pension funds, insurers, etc. buy the bonds, so “we owe it to ourselves.” Regardless, debt accrues interest and eventually this generates consequences.

        Sep 14, 2018 14:45 PM

        Somebody benefits from all the deficit spending on cartels and all the financing of the debt: the top .1%. And why are you surprised? This is the only possible output of a state-cartel kleptocracy/oligarchy.

          Sep 14, 2018 14:47 PM

          We The People(Little People) …….are screwed……..

        Sep 14, 2018 14:22 PM

        Bang on Jerry!

      Sep 14, 2018 14:00 PM

      Thanks, Jerry.

      I’ve been harping on the feral gooberment debt for decades but few seem to care. Remember when the Concord Coalition was formed? It had absolutely no effect.

      Gooberment spending and debt is completely out of control yet few average Amerocons realize it and fewer care.

    Sep 14, 2018 14:52 PM

    Let’s Have a Guy Old time…………..
    San Fran…..needs some more needles……..

      Sep 14, 2018 14:57 PM

      I am sure they will do a good job………….the Fed is so confused, it does not know if it is on first, second or third………Heck, ……There should not be CENTRAL BANK to begin with…….

    Sep 14, 2018 14:02 PM

    Doc, what do you think about Skeena resources at this level $.42

      Sep 15, 2018 15:49 AM

      Pardu, not investment advice but I purchased some Skeena awhile back and am waiting to add in the future. I hope for a little more fallback before I purchase.

        Sep 15, 2018 15:21 AM

        Doc, I agree with your assessment on the US Dollar. Good thoughts today.

    Sep 14, 2018 14:24 PM

    Not sure if the metals have finished their downside movement yet. Consequently, the dollar could have abit more upside potential in the immediate future.