Revival Gold – Updates On The Metallurgical Test Results From Beartrack

October 16, 2018

Revival Gold (TSXV: RVG, OTCQB: RVLGF) released the initial metallurgical testing on the Beartrack project yesterday. I chat with the President and CEO Hugh Agro to get some more details on how the met testing is going to be used to drive the project forward. We also discuss the drilling that is ongoing at both Beartrack and the connected Arnett Project.

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Click here to visit the Revival website and read over the full met testing news.

    Oct 16, 2018 16:20 AM

    Hi Cory / Hugh

    It sounds like Revival is burning through lot and lots of money. I wish you would give details of grades and where or not heavy weights such as Sprott are helping with the financing. Is there going to be a massive share dilution?

    Oct 20, 2018 20:41 AM

    Hi Hugh

    Your metallurgical testing does not interest me so much as the state of your finances. Will you have to dilute your shares to pay for all of the drilling? Do you have partners with deep pockets?