Palamina Corp – Updating The Investor Interest In Peru and Current Work Plans

March 27, 2019

Palamina Corp holds land in the Puno Gold Belt in Peru that is garnering a lot of attention in the marker right now. With Miramont and Auryn currently exploring in this area as well I wanted to get an update from Palamina on its work plans for this year.

Andrew Thomson, President and CEO of Palamina joined me to share his thoughts on this renewed investor interest in the Country. We discuss the process of getting permits to drill and what the Company is planning in terms of exploration.

Click here to visit the Palamina website and read over the full Company Presentation.

Be email me with any follow up questions or comments on Palamina – I am happy to answer any of your questions or pass them on to Andrew. In full discloser I am a shareholder of Palamina.