A Look Into The Cannabis Sector And Developing Trends

April 26, 2019

Sean Brodrick just got back from a cannabis conference in Toronto and shares his recap of the attitude and developing trends he saw. While the enthusiasm is not what it was before Canada legalized cannabis there are some key trends and developments that investors need to be aware of. Also Sean is about to release a new newsletter called the Marijuana Millionaire Portfolio. If you want more information please email me at

    Apr 28, 2019 28:37 PM

    Have had great success with Origin House (formerly Cannaroyalty). OH on the Calgary Exchange. Will become Cresco, shortly. OH is Ottawa-based, Cresco is Chicago-based. Their focus is on all aspects of the US cannabis market. Much more than a grower…they have a myriad of brands. OH has locked up much of the California market, and other states. Cresco has done much the same throughout much of the US. Together, they will be a US powerhouse…and highly profitable.

      Apr 29, 2019 29:37 AM While Canadian cannabis companies lag the market and are yet to show any profit, Origin House is raking in the cash. Their acquisition by Cresco Labs will deliver a combined entity that will continue expanding across the US. If the US federally legalizes cannabis across the US in the period leading up to the 2020 election, I expect this company to be a huge winner. Origin House is OH on the Calgary Exchange.