Silver is finally playing catch up to gold

July 16, 2019

David Erfle, Founder of The Junior Miner Junky joined me to take a look at the run silver started yesterday. With gold flat to slightly down and the USD up, silver is moving higher – confirming the gold bull market. David also shares some of the silver stocks that he likes best.

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    Jul 16, 2019 16:34 PM

    Good listen. Thanks. From Michael Oliver: “If silver trades to $15.90, it will hit oscillator highs of the prior few years. If it trades to 16.05–get in or get out of the way! If silver can close July at $15.70 on a monthly close, Watch out.”
    I believe his #s are slightly lower triggers than David mentioned.

    Jul 16, 2019 16:55 PM

    David Hunter: $1500 gold and $26 silver, possibly by Labor Day. On Palisade Radio:

      Jul 16, 2019 16:38 PM

      Even if Silver only gets to $18-$20 the Silver miners will make quite a move, as most will swing from struggling to profitable.

      If silver gets above $20, then the miners will really go parabolic.

      Looking forward to seeing the Silver miners start to stretch their legs and remind investors the sheer torque they can have to the upside (not just the downside).

      Ever Upward!

      Jul 17, 2019 17:16 AM

      $26 silver, possibly by Labor Day? How about $100 silver by Labor Day? I don’t know how any of these people have any credibility when they’ve gotten it wrong for so long. I’d take that bet in a minute and give odds. It’s a good thing he added the word “possibly”.

        Jul 17, 2019 17:01 AM

        Really a lofty goal for $26 silver by Labor Day..2019……..Gold on the other hand, could very easily be at $1500 by Labor Day….World events would make that happen…jmo

          Jul 17, 2019 17:05 AM

          The GSR…….would be 57 to 1……..not likely … such a short period….

        Jul 17, 2019 17:12 AM

        That’s 66% in 6-7 weeks. The largest move of 2011 during 6-7 weeks came at the end of the big run and was only 48%. However, a repeat of 1979/1980 would make it happen very easily. From early August, 1979 to mid September (6 weeks), silver rose 108%. Then, at the end of that run, between the end of November and the end of December, silver rose 146% (201% if we include the next 2 weeks for a total of 7 weeks).

        Still, the chances are close to zero when we factor in the differences between the present and 40+ years ago.

          Jul 17, 2019 17:30 AM

          Good Point……

            Jul 17, 2019 17:35 AM

            History..(from memory)…..79/80…..interest rates way higher than today.,,,…Political events,… Iran still one of those thorns in the side….just thinking out loud.

            Jul 17, 2019 17:38 AM

            1979 History Snapshot
            The Quote: “This is the product that will satisfy those young people who want to listen to music all day.” – Akio Morita, Sony Chairman, about the Sony Walkman.
            On January 9, Vietnamese troops took the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, and toppled the brutal regime of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge.
            The Top Song was My Sharona by The Knack
            The Big Movies included Kramer vs. Kramer, Superman and The Amityville Horror
            TRS-80 Computer, 4k, Model 1: $499.00
            Price of a gallon of gas in 1979: 88 cents
            The World Population was ~ 4,312,000,000
            The First Strawberry Shortcake doll went on sale.
            The Cray supercomputer was invented by Seymour Cray.
            And… The China Syndrome, a movie about a nuclear meltdown caused by a faulty sensor reading and a stuck-open pressure release valve, aired only 12 days before the 3 Mile Island Meltdown, caused by a faulty sensor reading and a stuck open pressure release valve.

            Jul 17, 2019 17:45 AM

            Interest rate……..1979….Way over 11.5%…

          Jul 17, 2019 17:50 AM

          If only the kids of Nelson and Bunker Hunt would start hoarding silver, we could get back to $50 in a jiffy. Maybe Gates, Buffett, and Bezos will hoard silver like Bonzo and Big Al.

            Jul 17, 2019 17:02 AM

            Long term, silver is going way beyond $50, no Hunt Bros necessary.

            Jul 17, 2019 17:05 AM

            Ditto……Way beyond……..

            Jul 17, 2019 17:07 AM

            Those commies…..GATES< BUFFETT AND BEZO……..would be put out of business in a heartbeat…..ALL GOVT employees…..

    Jul 16, 2019 16:24 PM

    SLV:GLD made it precisely to fork resistance before pulling back today:

    Jul 16, 2019 16:22 PM

    Nice to see the #Silver miners get some wind in their sails today

    Stock Symbol – #Silver #Producers – Chg %

    $EXN Excellon Resources Inc. +17.82%
    $FSM Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. +14.39%
    $ASM Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. +9.89%
    $EXK Endeavour Silver Corp. +9.73%
    $AG First Majestic Silver Corp. +8.34%
    $IPT.V IMPACT Silver Corp. +7.25%
    $PAAS Pan American Silver Corp. +6.22%
    $GPL Great Panther Mining Limited +6.06%
    $SCZ Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. +5.8824%
    $USAS Americas Silver Corporation +2.88%
    $FRES.L Fresnillo Plc +2.65%
    $SVM Silvercorp Metals Inc. +2.65%
    $MYA Maya Gold and Silver Inc. +1.78%
    $HL Hecla Mining Company +1.73%
    $HOC.L Hochschild Mining plc +1.40%
    $GGD GoGold Resources Inc. +1.22%
    $SMT Sierra Metals Inc. +0.96%
    $SSRM SSR Mining Inc. +0.57%
    $CDE Coeur Mining, Inc. +0.44%

      Jul 16, 2019 16:23 PM

      Even most of the Silver Jr development stage and exploration stocks had a nice move today

      Stock Symbol – #Silver #Developers & #Explorers – Chg %
      $ASL Argentum Silver Corp. +66.67%
      $ABRA AbraPlata Resource Corp. +25.00%
      $PLA Plata Latina Minerals Corporation +20.00%
      $SIVE Silver Verde May Mining Co., Inc. +19.50%
      $SSE Silver Spruce Resources Inc. +14.2857%
      $GNG Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. +14.2857%
      $SVE Silver One Resources Inc. +13.8889%
      $SVG Silver Grail Resources Ltd. +12.50%
      $BTT Bitterroot Resources Ltd. +11.1111%
      $AUN Aurcana Corporation +10.7143%
      $BCM Bear Creek Mining Corporation +10.2273%
      $AXU Alexco Resource Corp. +9.32%
      $SVB Silver Bull Resources, Inc. +9.0909%
      $PSL Prospero Silver Corp. +8.3333%
      $MSV Minco Silver Corporation +8.3333%
      $SBR Silver Bear Resources Plc +7.4074%
      $AUMN Golden Minerals Company +7.14%
      $SVL.AX Silver Mines Limited +6.383%
      $VML Viscount Mining Corp. +5.4054%
      $MAG MAG Silver Corp. +4.72%
      $MMG Metallic Minerals Corp. +3.5714%
      $SSV Southern Silver Exploration Corp. +2.9412%
      $SIL SilverCrest Metals Inc. +2.59%
      $NUAG New Pacific Metals Corp. +2.521%
      $DSV Discovery Metals Corp. +2.1739%
      $G1A.AX Galena Mining Limited +1.4493%

    Jul 17, 2019 17:54 AM

    Nice recovery……….

    Jul 17, 2019 17:17 AM

    SLV is up 5.5% vs GLD since I pointed out the SLV:GLD bullish hammers…

    Jul 17, 2019 17:09 AM

    IPT is above its weekly Ichimoku cloud for the first time since 2016. The last time it popped above it, it gained several hundred percent very quickly:

    Jul 17, 2019 17:20 AM

    I believe silver just hit 15.909!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to be a significant move especially if we can add a couple cents over $15.90. As Mr. Oliver states: “Momentum speaks first. Price usually follows.” All aboard.

    Jul 17, 2019 17:25 AM

    Notice the massive flag breakout on GPL. Are we on the way to $1.00?

      Jul 17, 2019 17:36 AM

      Nice notification…….

    Jul 17, 2019 17:40 AM

    Looks like a good day……. 🙂

    Jul 17, 2019 17:06 AM

    the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a historic milestone, closing above 27,000 for the first time. But the rising tide didn’t lift all boats: eight of the Dow’s 30 stock components closed in the red. Those stocks were Chevron, Verizon, McDonald’s, Apple, Travelers, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and Merck.

    There was something else that raises suspicious red flags to veteran chart watchers. A big spurt in some of the Dow stock components magically occurred in the final 15 minutes of trading, like some mystical, invisible hand had decided to levitate these share prices before the closing bell.

    To the thinking of Wall Street veterans who are still capable of human intelligence, as opposed to relying solely on algorithms and artificial intelligence software, when there is an unnatural spike in prices toward the end of the day and it occurs on abnormal trading volume, it’s not likely an intervention by the Gods of the market but far more likely that someone (or a cartel that we see so frequently these days) is painting the tape.

    Here’s how Investopedia defines “Painting the Tape”:

    Jul 17, 2019 17:46 AM
      Jul 17, 2019 17:13 AM

      There is a lot of info coming out……on Shurmer, Epstein, Fylnn…..

        Jul 17, 2019 17:14 AM

        Flynn…….Govt is going to hell in a handbasket……

          Jul 17, 2019 17:15 AM

          Better secure the GOLD while you can……sheeple better wake up…….

    Jul 17, 2019 17:52 AM

    Silver is just getting started and the upside will be massive for the silver stocks (and those stocks told us that silver was about to get moving so one did not necessarily have to be good with charts get their timing right).

    Jul 17, 2019 17:42 PM

    Silver looking good today………$16 on the way….