Weak Earnings, DOJ Going After Big Tech, But All The Markets Care About Is The Fed

July 24, 2019

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins me to recap some of the weak earnings reports we saw today as well as the Department of Justice focusing on the big tech companies. Both of these events you would think should have market down significantly however the Fed put remains the largest influence on investors minds.

Click here to follow along with what Ed is writing over at ONADA.

    Jul 24, 2019 24:57 PM

    for some reason this link does not work!
    Just because the fake news media, “MSM” does not cover it does not mean it is not trade-able info.

    Jul 26, 2019 26:26 PM

    Google stock went up 120 points today to 1250 dollars per share that is 10%.
    What is the news that drove Google stock to all-time record highs?
    Google whistle blower “google is stealing the 2020 election”
    google bands the word Christian
    Google guilty of treason
    Google is pro child abuse and pro pedophilia
    google to block all anti-cancer an anti-vaccine and anti GMO. web sites
    justice department anti-trust investigation of google begins.
    This is a clear message from the deep state – that the deep state is in control of the markets, the justice system and the government and that no-one is going to jail. The 2020 elections are fixed and Democrats are assuming power, the US has been completely taken over and the anti- Christ is in control. Please do not accept the mark of the beast. Guard you soul!!