Anaconda Mining – Diving Into The Q2 Financials and Recapping A Busy July

August 21, 2019

Anaconda Mining (TSX:ANX & OTCQX: ANXGF) recently released its Q2 financials on the back of which I received a few emails asking for some clarification on the required maintenance. Dustin Angelo, President of Anaconda Mining joined me to address the planned and unplanned maintenance and look ahead to the production estimates for the rest of the year.

We also recap the news events of last month involving Goldboro. The Company acquired new land close to Goldboro, signed a deal with the Native group in the area, and raised money to help continue exploring.

If you have any follow up questions for Dustin or I please email me at

Click here to visit the Anaconda website and read over the news releases we dicsuss.

    Aug 21, 2019 21:37 PM

    Thanks guys. Good interview and recap of Anaconda Mining’s strategy for the balance of the year regarding the maintenance needed, the production outlook, and nice to the asset at and around Goldboro continuing to grow.

      Aug 21, 2019 21:25 PM

      Nova Scotia is getting more active again with all the success that Atlantic Gold experienced before being taken out by St Barbara Ltd recently.

      One company I’ve recently taken a speculative punt on is (OS) (OSSPF) Osprey Gold. With a tiny market cap of 2.4 Million and only 47 Million shares out, Osprey could really move on any exploration success this season. They just did a financing and are out exploring for the 2019 season. [fingers crossed]

      Here is the OS Osprey Gold Corporate Presentation from June:

    Aug 21, 2019 21:39 PM

    Jaime Carrasco – Nobody is in the Precious Metals Sector Yet

    by @PalisadeRadio on 21 Aug 2019

    Dow-Gold ratio, the banking sector, and the potential for Gold and Silver over the next few years.

    Aug 21, 2019 21:26 PM

    Investing in Junior Miners as Sector Faces Financing Challenges

    Joe Mazumdar, co-editor of Exploration Insights discusses the challenges of mining exploration companies getting funding through the TSX Venture Exchange, and how investors can better assess these stocks.

      Aug 21, 2019 21:45 PM

      Wow! I did not realize until watching the video above with Joe Mazumdar on BNN just how much (CD) Cantex Mine Development was up 2,000%+ this year. Wild!


      To put things in perspective (CD) Cantex is a Silver/Zinc/Lead #explorer that has a Market Cap of over $305 million !!

      (USAS) Americas Silver is a Silver/Zinc/Lead #producer with 2 large mines already in production, and newly acquired Gold asset, from the takeover of Pershing, going into construction with a short ramp to Production as mine #3. It only has a Market Cap of $254 Million

      (TV) Trevali Mining Corp is a Zinc/Lead/Silver #producer with 4 operating mines with a Market Cap only half of Cantex at $155 Million.

      Gotta love a speculative fervor!

        Aug 21, 2019 21:54 PM

        It seems like (CD) Cantex Mine Development is waaaay ahead of itself with a valuation like that in comparison to actual producing Zinc/Silver companies, but definitely one to keep an eye on as the top performing stock on the venture exchange year to date.

        Will it keep climbing or will gravity set in?

          Aug 21, 2019 21:59 PM

          out of some of the Zinc/Lead/Silver explorers there seems to be a large gulf in the valuations:

          – (CD) Cantex Mine Development – Market Cap $305 Million

          – (FWZ) Fireweed Zinc – Market Cap $20 Million
          – (VTT) Vendetta Mining – Market Cap $11 Million
          – (TK) Tinka Resources – Market Cap $49 Million
          – (ZNX) Zinc X Resources – Market Cap $22 Million
          – (CNX) Callinex Mines – Market Cap $3 Million

            Aug 22, 2019 22:35 AM

            Thanks………for the review……..again……lot of good stuff there……..appreciate…

            Aug 22, 2019 22:20 AM

            Glad to share some comparable metrics on the Zinc/Lead/Silver companies.

            Thanks OOTB

            Aug 22, 2019 22:27 PM

            Cantex is way ahead in a large part due to Fipkin, he has almost a cult like following among quite a few investors that have reaped profit on his previous work, like Ekati. DT

            Aug 23, 2019 23:08 AM

            Yes, Fipkin is a mining legend (mostly from diamonds I believe), but that still doesn’t account for why a Zinc/Silver explorer has a valuation larger than half the Zinc/Silver producers, and about 10 to 20 times larger than most other Zinc/Silver explorer peers.

            They’ve had some good exploration success, and have some hedgefunds into their stock juicing the numbers, but the valuation just seems to have run a bit ahead of itself. They’d still need to raise a crapload of money to get into construction/production and this would dilute the sharecount down considerably from here.

            However, it is a shinning success story in the base metals space in 2019 and again, hats off to investors that positioned on the ride up in Cantex last year into this year. Very nice to see a run like that on solid work fueled by a speculative frenzy.

        Aug 22, 2019 22:32 AM

        2000 percent………..makes you want to look into the stock, but, man that is a lot of incline……..

          Aug 22, 2019 22:48 AM

          Yeah, they have a drill program under way, so it could still go higher, but the point I was making above is bloated their valuation is (as an exploration stock with many unknowns), compared to other Zinc/Sliver/Lead explorers (about 10-20 times more in valuation), and even when compared against actual producers with 3-4 mines that have lover valuations.

          It looks to have run in valuation way ahead of itself, so after the incline….. there may be some decline…. Then again it may become a tier 1 asset. It was just shocking as I hadn’t heard much chatter about it in most of the mining blogs, or coverage by many newsletter writers etc…

            Aug 22, 2019 22:45 AM

            they call that a “sleeper”………. 🙂
            or everyone is asleep as usual….. 🙂

            Aug 22, 2019 22:20 AM

            If it pulls back due to being overvalue it could become a weeper …. 😉

          Aug 22, 2019 22:54 AM

          Ex, is Brixton Metal’s Thorn property near Goliath’s LuckyStrike. Do you have a map of which mining companies are in The Golden Triangle near Thorn. DT

    Aug 22, 2019 22:20 AM

    Hello……….and Hell on Earth in Brazil………this is not looking good…..
    Sadly, these fires are not going to end any time soon. It is being reported that more than 9,000 fires are raging at the moment, and it is being estimated that 640 million acres have been affected by those fires.

      Aug 22, 2019 22:22 AM

      I know that this number is hard to believe, but there have been more than 72,000 wildfires in Brazil so far in 2019, and most of those fires are happening in the Amazon rainforest.

    Aug 22, 2019 22:38 AM
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      Aug 22, 2019 22:42 AM

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    Aug 22, 2019 22:54 AM

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    Aug 22, 2019 22:59 AM

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      Aug 22, 2019 22:11 AM

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    Aug 22, 2019 22:35 AM

    MORE GOLD PLEASE……….CHINA LIFTS …partial ban……..
    Good for gold……….

      Aug 22, 2019 22:37 AM

      As we reported previously, Chinese customs figures showed the country imported 228 tonnes less gold in May and June – the last month for which data is available – than in the same two months of 2018. By mid-August, up to 500 tonnes less gold had entered China since May than over the same period last year, people in the bullion industry said.
      IMPORTED LESS < Because it is harder to get……..jmo

    Aug 22, 2019 22:35 AM

    Frank Giustra: Billionaire Investor says Biggest Gold Bull Market of All Time Starting Now
    (I agree with Frank.)

      Aug 22, 2019 22:42 AM

      Good old Frank,……….juicing the pipeline……..Haiti….trip must have paid off…. 🙂
      But, I have to agree,……. but, we have already knew that……what would anyone expect with QE to the moon…

        Aug 22, 2019 22:43 AM

        delete the have……we already knew that….

        Aug 22, 2019 22:44 AM

        Thanks to your spot on call on the double bottom in Dec….few years back….

            Aug 22, 2019 22:01 AM

            The juniors are even cheaper than the producers. This is because, as the price of gold moves higher, value of the gold (or silver) in the ground for juniors with a resource becomes worth even more to potential acquirers, especially juniors who have projects in close proximity to mining companies with operating mines and infrastructure. At some point, larger mining companies will either have to start buying juniors or face being acquired by even bigger mining companies. Assuming the price of gold/silver continues to move higher from here, I believe we’ll start to see a lot more acquisition activity before the end of the year.

            Aug 22, 2019 22:02 AM

            From the article………

            Aug 22, 2019 22:50 AM

            Like Sprott, and probably Guistra, I see no reason to buy the seniors.

      Aug 22, 2019 22:42 AM

      Thanks, Matthew. I agree with Frank too. Now I’m thinking I should sell my SU and COP and buy more silver stocks. Do you own any oils?

        Aug 22, 2019 22:48 AM

        I own no oils or even base metal stocks at the moment.

          Aug 22, 2019 22:27 AM

          Thanks, Matthew. Frank’s SSPXF is intriguing but is up big today. Do you own any of it?

            Aug 22, 2019 22:44 AM

            I do not own it. It’s probably up due to the interview. People seem to like buying juniors that billionaires own. That was the case with Brixton Metals and Kootenay Silver recently!

            Aug 22, 2019 22:59 AM

            Yes, I’m sure the interview is boosting SSPXF today, but it is a way to buy gold in the ground very cheaply if you think Guyana is safe.

            Aug 22, 2019 22:12 PM

            I agree and sure did not mean to imply anything negative about the company.