There are some amazing extremes in the US bond market right now

August 29, 2019

Mike Larson, Editor of The Safe Money Report joins me to outline some historical extremes that we are seeing in the US bond market. As much as people want to dismiss the importance of the yield curve inversion the wide range of lower yields are telling a very important story about how worried investors are right now.

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    Aug 29, 2019 29:23 AM

    Englishman Paul Joseph Watson in Hong Kong reporting:

    Aug 29, 2019 29:35 PM

    GREAT BEAR – Trading halted on SCHWAB

      Aug 29, 2019 29:42 PM

      Yep, (MUX) McEwen Mining was selling shares of (GBR) Great Bear today, to raise money for their warchest, and because they’ve had excellent returns on their investment.

      It created quite a flurry of comments over in the GBR room at from nervous nellies, and then they started trash-talking Rob McEwen, who is only one of the best CEOs in the space and a mining legend. It was all pretty silly since it wasn’t Rob selling his personal shares, but rather MUX selling their investment to raise funds and because GBR has already had quite a hockey-stick rise.

        Aug 29, 2019 29:47 PM

        There is also a shareholder webinar they are doing next Wednesday to update the market on their Dixie Drill program.

    Aug 29, 2019 29:25 PM

    John Newell – The Gold Stocks are Only Just Getting Started

    by @PalisadeRadio on 29 Aug 2019

    Aug 29, 2019 29:52 PM
    Aug 29, 2019 29:35 PM

    Central banks’ love affair with gold continues as currency wars threaten outlook — ANZ

    Anna Golubova – Thursday August 29, 2019

    Heightened global tensions, currency wars, and a move to de-dollarize are driving emerging market central banks to boost their gold purchases.

    Central banks’ acquisitions of the yellow metal are likely to remain above 650 tons per year, ANZ senior commodity strategist Daniel Hynes and commodity strategist Soni Kumari said in a note on Tuesday.

    “In the current environment, where uncertainty in emerging-market currencies is high, we see a good reason for countries like Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and China to continue to diversify their portfolios,” Hynes and Kumari wrote.

      Aug 29, 2019 29:42 PM

      Continuing on from the piece above: ^^

      “The price of gold has been on the rise this summer, surging above $1,500 an ounce in August and hitting fresh 6.5-year highs.”

      ANZ sees the gold rally lasting despite some short-term downside risks. “Despite a recent rally, we believe gold still has upside potential. Gold is a strategic asset, from a risk-adjusted returns perspective, so amid heightened economic and geopolitical risk, we see it benefitting from its safe-haven status. The macro backdrop is turning in its favor with easing monetary conditions and heightened risks,” the bank said.

        Aug 29, 2019 29:13 PM

        Gold at $1537 and Silver at $18.42 in overseas trading. Providing the metals don’t fall out of bed today, this should be a very constructive Monthly close in the Precious Metals.

        Not that long ago when Gold was in the $1200’s and Silver was in the $14-$15 range, investors would have been thrilled to see these kinds of price levels.

        Producers pulling the metals out of the ground have much better margins (Q3 numbers should reflect this), and Developers will have radical re-ratings in their economics.

        How easy it is for this sector to become complacent.

          Aug 30, 2019 30:15 AM

          Precious Metals Video Update: Gold, Silver, Gold Stocks at Resistance

          Palisade Radio – Aug 29, 2019 #TechnicalAnalysis #Chart #VIDEO

          Aug 30, 2019 30:42 AM

          I for one will be happy if the metals dont fall out of bed tonight. Im certainly not forgetting where gold and silver sat less than a year ago.

    Aug 29, 2019 29:05 PM

    Louise Yamada: Massive Six Year Base Will Lead to Higher Move in Gold

      Aug 29, 2019 29:44 PM

      Louise is always a class act and a sharp lady. Thanks for posting this interview.

        Aug 30, 2019 30:30 AM

        Yes, and she knows her stuff.