Cypress Development Corp – More Information On The Processing Milestones and Upcoming PFS

September 5, 2019

Just last week Cypress Development Corp. (TSX.V:CYP & OTCQB:CYDVF) released news regarding a processing milestone for the Clayton Valley Lithium Project in Nevada. Bill Willoughby, CEO of Cypress Development Corp. joined me to discuss the significance of the processing developments as the Company moves forward with the PFS that is expected late next month. We also address how the processing development impacts the processing flow-sheet and could help lower production costs.

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Click here to visit the Cypress Development website and read over the recent news releases.

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    Sep 07, 2019 07:55 PM

    Great interview, I like what this company is doing. Was wondering with their refinements in processing thus steamlining CYP’s OPEX costs, what timeframe will it take to go from ground to commercial grade product? IS this some thing in a matter of hours? Days? It seems like this Management team are taking their time and doing things right to really make an impact in the industry. I wish the team the best of luck moving forward.