Updates on Brexit, US Bank Earnings, and Looking Ahead to The Fed

October 21, 2019

Chris Temple kicks off today by discussing where we stand with Brexit and just how far it could continue to get pushed back. We also look at the earnings picture in the US especially when it comes to the banking sector. Finally a couple comments on the ECB and Fed to wrap up the big picture.

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    Oct 21, 2019 21:15 AM

    There were 3 letters from BoJo to the EU.
    One was unsigned asking for an extension, as required by UK law, unsigned because BoJo did not agree to it, being forced to send it.

    Oct 21, 2019 21:38 AM

    214 comments on the weekend political section of this program. Although most of them are provided by a half dozen who provide multiple posts.
    I wanted to say I appreciated what Doc posted. He bared all as he revealed his dislike of where this country has gone in the last couple decades and who is responsible for it. Those dislikes cause him to support trump because apparently he’s disrupting those who Doc sees as the responsibles in this cultural battle. I actually agree with much of what disturbs Doc, although I don’t support trump because I think he’s so close to being commitable that he could have us in a war (a real big one) before we know it. He has no serious people around him anymore and listens to no other opinions other than his own anyway.
    I came across this article today and appreciate the depth of understanding human wisdom she brings to the subject of trump. She is a Republican. Talking about Peggy Noonan. Don’t think she’s ever been posted here before. Yea, I know, She’s not conspiratorial enough and many would call her part of the elite!
    Nevertheless: here’s a good read, followed by a second one:

      Oct 21, 2019 21:33 PM

      Al is a big fan of Noonan’s and she’s definitely part of the elite machine.

      Oct 21, 2019 21:45 PM

      Quote from the article……
      More compelling is what Jennifer Griffin, the respected national-security correspondent for Fox News, reported Wednesday night. She spoke to a “distraught” U.S. Special Forces soldier on the ground alongside the Kurdish forces that were about to be abandoned. “It was one of the hardest phone calls I have ever taken,” she tweeted. The soldier told her “I am ashamed for the first time in my career.”
      WHICH SOUNDS LIKE Michael Obama………………lol

    Oct 21, 2019 21:41 AM

    In mt opinion BoJo is attempting to renegotiate a new treaty with the EU.
    This is NOT what the general public of the UK voted for 3 years ago.
    As such BoJo is being duplicitous; primarily because if a new treaty is negotiated the UK will never be given the option of leaving the EU. The EU will be tempted to continue negotiations to develop a new treaty just for the UK, because the EU is desperate to hold the EU together. (Any such new treaty will still be tilted in favor of the un-democratic EU bureaucracy, which is what the UK is rebelling against.)

      Oct 21, 2019 21:15 PM

      Come on CFS, you know Bojo hasn’t got a majority and can’t force through a ‘hard’ Brexit, so IMHO he’s doing the best he can. I’m not super keen on the Bojo deal but if it’s his deal or no Brexit i’ll take it

        Oct 21, 2019 21:50 PM

        Nigel, I agree with you, except for the unprinted “fine print’ on the BoJo deal.

        I hope he is playing a “stall” game, such that the unrepealed law of hard Brexit to take place on Oct 31 if no deal in place, actually takes place. As per QEII opening of Parliament speech. If he can “stall” a delay agreement from the EU, that is the Law.
        All that has to happen is a lack of confirmation of delay from the EU to occur before Oct 31.

    Oct 21, 2019 21:36 PM

    Provided by Schifty……….Webb…..who will testify against Trump….(insiders pay to play)

      Oct 21, 2019 21:46 PM

      Gabby mentioned in the piece…….

        Oct 21, 2019 21:54 PM

        In 1999…..was Gabby, picked up as an actor… this character, who worked ,
        check out at 6 min mark…………

          Oct 21, 2019 21:05 PM

          b……… might be interested in this one…….

          Oct 21, 2019 21:29 PM

          DID GABBY HAVE A HANDLER… 1999…….

            Oct 22, 2019 22:28 AM

            KIVES………associated with T.Gabby….in 1999 , while TV station person, in Hawaii, ..
            along with Pediseta, ….bringing Gabby to Washington….
            Go to 58 min mark….

            Oct 22, 2019 22:29 AM

            NEW INFO……..

            Oct 22, 2019 22:12 AM

            So she found the corruption, left it and now does what she can to expose it.

            Well, thats what she has been saying.

            Oct 22, 2019 22:35 AM

            How did she get placed in the National Guard….?
            When did she get placed in the National Guard?
            Was that after 1999?, Reason I asked , she said she has served 17 yrs……
            There is a couple of years difference there….

            Oct 22, 2019 22:41 AM

            Guns for drugs…and UKrainian , Kive was running girls(which discovered Gabby)…for diplomatic compromise through Lisa Page. Weapons …were coming out of the National Guard Armories… to do the overthrows in Egypt, Libya , ect……if , you follow the trail…..interesting…..We know the Govt of Hawaii was compromised during Obama…

            Oct 22, 2019 22:09 PM

            i dont know Jerry.
            Im really not concerned, If Hillory,the mic,media etc etc viciously attack her as they are, thats kinda gotta tell ya all ya need to know anyway.

            Think Ron Paul.

    Oct 21, 2019 21:49 PM

    No one has mentioned it but the sleaze of Baltimore, Elijah Cummings, was Nancy Pelosi’s brother.

    One has to wonder if he was McCained. !0 days until Q return.

      Oct 21, 2019 21:01 PM

      How about pasting some of the info from the article…………where it says that….thanks

        Oct 21, 2019 21:04 PM

        SOUL BROTHER………I BET………otherwise…..

          Oct 21, 2019 21:12 PM

          Yep,…….Soul Brother, in CRIME………

        Oct 21, 2019 21:14 PM

        Never mind about ….posting the article…., just watched three sec. of the vidio

    Oct 21, 2019 21:58 PM

    Oops….Internet speed problems again.
    “brother” > “brother in Baltimore”

    Oct 21, 2019 21:24 PM

    OPUS 183 Pelosi’s wasteful CODELs

    Oct 21, 2019 21:55 PM


    Seems to me there could soon be a violation of the Logan Act. Just saying……WAKE UP BARR. Sauce for goose and all that.

    Oct 21, 2019 21:56 PM

    UPDATE: Expose CNN Part IV Dropping Tomorrow

    Oct 21, 2019 21:45 PM

    ‘Still bitter’: Huckabee mocks Romney for his secret anti-Trump Twitter account

    Oct 21, 2019 21:36 PM

    Migrants Rioting in Malta

    The migrants trying to get into Europe for free welfare rioted on Monday in Malta setting cars on fire and attacking staff. Malta had agreed to house…

      Oct 22, 2019 22:15 AM

      which blows away any Russian Collusion theories.

      The $34 million spent on Mueller’s false Trump probe was totally wasted.
      US people SHOULD DEMAND reimbursement from the DNC.

        Oct 22, 2019 22:40 AM

        Along with sue for malicious prosecution……and enjoin the SES……

      Oct 22, 2019 22:23 AM

      Trump approves $4.5 million in aid to ‘White Helmets’ in Syria @ RT

      Not sure if people here recall, the white Helmets are ISIS.

      @ Southfront
      US troops leaving Syria? Lets not forget Al-Tanf where the U.S. supports ISIS etc from.

      People in northeastern Syria react to the withdrawing US troops and the deploying Russian personnel.

      The american people might not know what they are doing in Syria, but the Syrian people sure as heck know.