China Gold International Resources – An Introduction, Let Me Know Your Thoughts

November 7, 2019

China Gold International Resources (TSX:CGG) is an established mining Company with two assets in production however I think it is unknown by a lot of the market. Initially called Jinshan Gold Mines founded by Robert Friedland, the Company has been growing revenues consistently over more than a decade.

Now on the acquisition hunt I wanted to introduce the Company and see what you all think. Jerry Xie, Executive VP joins me to share the details on the two producing assets, some of the key financial information, and comments on how the Company is planing on growing. Please email me with your comments, thoughts, and questions –

Click here to read through the complete corporate presentation.

1 Comment
    Nov 07, 2019 07:12 AM

    Great company multiples – I think the trade is there around tax loss seeing at it’s a $1 for buying midcap company with good cashflow (IIRC $200M EBITDA?).

    It’s a double edge sword having SOE 35%+ owner – one hand it’ll never go down, other hand hard to see Goldcorp/Barrick investing in this because of this. Due to this , will just have to generate good margins like Silvercorp to get market appreciation.
    this was a $6 stock few years ago on smaller operations.