How to navigate the forums focused on junior mining stocks

November 28, 2019

There are a couple main forums online that specialize in the junior mining sector. These can be a valuable source of information but are also littered with a bad crowd that have alternate motives. However there are some takeaways that

Erik Wetterling joins me today for a conversation focused on how we use these forums when analyzing stocks. We discuss different factors such as balancing blue sky comments, the number of people commenting on a certain stock, and understanding that everyone is carrying a bias into their comments.

Please share your thoughts on how you use the forums to do your due diligence.

Click here to visit Erik’s site – The Hedgeless Horseman.

    Nov 28, 2019 28:27 PM

    Greg Hunter comments on Schiff fiasco and Thanksgiving:

    Happy Thanksgiving to America, remembering that the Pilgrim Fathers were the first to prove Communism does not work well; never has, never will.

      Nov 28, 2019 28:44 PM


      Do you have the guts to call a spade a spade? Here is who is behind the coup against Trump.

        Nov 28, 2019 28:14 PM

        oOf course, Mr. Moriarty, You must be right. It is all so logical.
        After all:
        Trump moves U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
        Trump puts sanctions on Iran.
        Trump stops aid to Hezbollah,
        Trump stops ISIS in Syria,
        Trump gives aid to Israel.

        Sos, so logical that Jews would want to impeach Trump.

          Nov 28, 2019 28:17 PM

          I clearly need to re-evaluate my estimation of Jewish intelligence, especially for American Jews.

          Nov 28, 2019 28:56 PM

          Gotta ask,
          do you actually believe Trump stopped isis in Syria?

            Nov 28, 2019 28:20 PM

            With help from Israel and Russia, of course.

            Nov 28, 2019 28:38 PM

            With help from Israel!?

            Russia helped???

            All I can say is Wow.

            I wonder how many people believe that.
            I guess anyone that watches tv news or read newspapers.

          Nov 28, 2019 28:00 PM

          I do have to agree with you about it being odd Jews would want to impeach Trump as he is serving Israel.
          Lets not forget tho that Zionists have sacrificed their share of Jews to achieve their goals.

          Nov 28, 2019 28:14 PM

          Trump has put sanctions on Iran…and a few other countries, which is why they are creating systems that dont require the U.S. dollar.

          Maybe his ultimate goal is to change the world reserve currency.

          Putin does have a working relationship with Israel, and I believe he is connected to chabad so…ya never know.

          Nov 29, 2019 29:33 AM


          You have all the right in the world to your own opinion, you do not have a right to your own facts. If you disagree with anything in that report that is factual, feel free to share it with us.

          Nobody said it was logical but it ain’t the Mormons trying to dethrone Trump.

        Nov 28, 2019 28:17 PM

        I have immense respect for Bob’s helpful advice and appreciate his website
        I am also a long-time listener of Rick Wiles and frequently find myself concurring with his geopolitical assessments. But I am not a believe that it is all about “the Jews” or the Zionists. Are there corrupt, evil Jews? Damn right there are. But like the great truther William Guy Carr, who wrote Pawns in The Game, which really opened my eyes to the internationalist conspiracy, I believe that evil is the cause. And evil is manifest amongst many groups, religions, races etc.

          Nov 28, 2019 28:44 PM

          YouTube Bans Top Christian Channel for Anti-Semitic Rant (TruNews – Rick Wiles)

          Rand, you like Rick Wiles, maybe take the time to watch this.

            Nov 28, 2019 28:50 PM

            To be honest Rand, Rick Wiles may have figured things out recently but the info has been available since 70 ad.

            Its in the Talmud.

            Nov 28, 2019 28:38 PM

            I watched it this evening. Have considered myself a “truther” since the early 90’s when I listened to William Cooper on short wave WWCR and Anthony Hilder on Radio Free America. As many people who claime “it’s the Jews”, there are as many who will claim it is the Order of Freemasonry, the Catholic Church, the Illuminati….I believe people from all these groups have a seat at the table of evil. You cannot forget the Rhodes Round Table group, Club Of Rome, international bankers etc. Evil does not reside exlusively amongst the Jews. Anyone who says so isn’t giving full credit for evil where it is due.

            Nov 28, 2019 28:42 PM

            ….and it why I believe the “Jew conspiracy” is a limited hang-out and a distraction.

      Nov 28, 2019 28:58 PM
    Nov 28, 2019 28:46 PM

    I’m Thankful we have a written Constitution.
    How about you ?

    Nov 28, 2019 28:52 PM

    Burisma AND George Soros funded left wing Atlantic Council.

    Nov 28, 2019 28:55 PM

    Meanwhile Trump is racking up miles on Air Force 1:

    Nov 28, 2019 28:02 PM

    Meanwhile betting on Gold ?

    Nov 28, 2019 28:10 PM

    And We Know – Nov 27: Amazing Movie exposes [DS] lies, MSM and Omar exposed…

    Nov 28, 2019 28:47 PM

    I would look for the simple answer first and that could be that personality disorders are often limiting in effective performance.

    Nov 28, 2019 28:41 PM
    Nov 28, 2019 28:17 PM

    Chris thanks for turning me onto Erik’s site. It is awesome very helpful navigating the juniors. His watchlist includes fully diluted shares which is key to me.

    Nov 29, 2019 29:02 AM

    Wow! – Big raise and big dilution today. Epic. Lots of buzz around the area play around Detour Gold/KL takeover, for both Balmoral (BAR), and now Wallbridge (WM) doing a larger raise than we’re used to for explorer/developer. It will likely pullback some on the news, but it may be worth the candle if they can use it for exploration fuel.

    (WM) Wallbridge Announces $42.5 Million Financing

    by @newswire on 29 Nov 2019

      Nov 29, 2019 29:09 AM

      Cory to answer your question in the interview with Erik, I like using investor forums to track news like this (as it was on quick, and still isn’t up on the company website), and how investors react to news. Not always on track, but often a good sentiment indicator on news, but also some investors will point out red flags, issues that need to be resolved, or hidden potential upside that others may not have picked up on.

      I like bouncing ideas of other investors for a sense of where folks are at regarding current versus potential valuations, and to learn from others comments.

      Another thing I like about forums is a way for investors all over the globe to discuss a company or sector or news event or even share a laugh in a way that would be not have happened without the vertical portal that is a chat forum on a specific topic. It’s a way to find folks also looking at lessor followed sectors or companies and dissect the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Investing is a solo (lonely) adventure managing data and emotions, and sometimes it nice to look at comparative thoughts by another investor to challenge or support a certain bias – we all have them or we never would have bought one stock over another or sold a stock or sector ETF at a particular time.

        Nov 29, 2019 29:12 AM

        As for the number of folks in a particular sector room or company room, like at or stockhouse or hotcopper etc….. I like looking at companies with few people in them but seeing an uptick in volume, comments, and sentiment off a catalyst. When there are 30-100 people in a room frothing at the mouth, I sell to the greater fools.

    Nov 29, 2019 29:50 AM

    Scorpio Gold:
    “In June 2019, the Company commenced drilling at its 100% owned Goldwedge
    property located in Manhattan Nevada. The drilling program has focused on the
    Keystone-Jumbo claim block. The program calls for drilling of up to 29
    exploration holes with the intention of building on historic drilling and
    previously reported surface sampling results (December 15, 2016 news release)
    within the Keystone-Jumbo claim block. Nine of the 29 permitted core holes
    have been completed, totalling 2,062 feet (628 meters). Assay results for
    these drill holes are pending.”

      Nov 29, 2019 29:58 AM

      It is encouraging to see SGN with permits, drilling, and preparing to bring some shallow pits back into production in 2020. Next year should be a real turnaround year for Scorpio.

    Nov 29, 2019 29:51 AM
      Nov 29, 2019 29:00 AM

      Now if BBB will take that money raised and drill up something that catches the markets attention, then we can get this show on the road….