A Look Ahead To Apple’s Earnings and The Fed Meeting

January 28, 2020

Joel Elconin joins me today to look past the Coronavirus and address some of the more fundamental drivers for the markets. Apple is reporting earnings today, and after more than doubling in 2019 this stock can be used as a barometer for the overall markets.

We also have the Fed statement tomorrow that could have implications on the markets. While nothing major is expected we will have to see if Powell address the balance sheet expansion or future rate policy.

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    Jan 28, 2020 28:53 AM
      Jan 28, 2020 28:14 AM

      Ecclesiastes 1:9

      “What has been will be again,
      what has been done will be done again;
      there is nothing new under the sun.”

      I love that quote. I once wrote a song with that title.

      These were the words of King Solomon, some 3000 years ago. He was opining on the lives of men as a continuous repetition of the same basic patterns, and for himself searching for a more hopeful way of life.

      In the first part of the second millennium, that what is observable under the sun here on earth hasn’t changed much. For mankind, its Groundhog Day every century or so. The same patterns, same mistakes and same endless suffering. We truly never learn.