Insights into AbraPlata Resource Corp.

June 25, 2020

Brian Leni joins me today to share his thoughts on a Company he holds shares in and covers in his premium newsletter. The Company is AbraPlata Resource Corp traded ABRA on the TSX.V.

This is a more general initial look at the Company. I will be reaching out to management in the next week or so. Please email me your thoughts and questions for when I chat with them –

Click here to visit Brian’s website – The Junior Stock Review.

    Jun 25, 2020 25:20 PM

    As I already have enough capital tied up in Argentina via NEM, PAAS, and MUX, I decided to put more capital into Nippon this morning and bought more Irving @ 2.09.
    I bought it first@1.28, then 1.70, and now 2.09
    It keeps costing more and more but they announced some very good drill results yesterday.

    Jun 25, 2020 25:23 PM

    Matthew, have you ever looked at VGZ or IRVRF? thanks.

      Jun 25, 2020 25:51 PM

      Bonzo, I have looked at IRVRF more than VGZ and wish I had bought it when Bob Moriarty told me about it years ago but VGZ looks technically much more appealing to me. In fact, based on the charts, I would pass on IRVRF but would be happy to own a bunch of VGZ.
      (I currently don’t own either one.)

    Jun 25, 2020 25:50 PM

    Thanks, Matthew. IRVRF looks very promising and I have a nice gain in it. I have owned VGZ for several years and am in the red, but hope it will move into the black one day. It has a huge deposit of gold in northern Australia and I wish KL would buy it like they bought my Crocodile Gold and my Detour Gold and turn it from a loss into a big profit.