Maple Gold Mines – Webinar Replay

July 30, 2020

Welcome to another KE Report webinar featuring Maple Gold Mines (TSX.V:MGM & OTCQB:MGMLF). This webinar was recorded on July 28, 2020.

Joness Lang, Executive VP of Maple Gold, and Fred Speidel, VP of Exploration join Cory Fleck for a complete update on the Douay Gold Project, located in Quebec.

The Company is currently completing additional IP surveys and an updated AI study in advance of additional drilling this fall, which will include testing recently defined high-grade discovery targets. Maple Gold’s integrated exploration strategy includes continuing to add value to the known resource, in particular by focusing on near-surface higher-than-deposit-average grade areas that the Company views as starter-pit search spaces, while also pursuing new regional discovery targets across its very large 355 km² property package.

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    Jul 30, 2020 30:56 AM

    More mining news out of Quebec from Bonterra today.

    (BTR) (BONXF) Bonterra Receives Approval and Plans to Increase the Bulk Sample at Moroy

    by @newsfile on 30 Jul 2020

    Jul 30, 2020 30:42 AM

    hope you dont mind me asking Exc, a few days back i read Doc and your comments on Endeavour silver that you both dont hold it any more, is it because it is only a profitable mine at higher prices, or better prospects somewhere else?

      Jul 30, 2020 30:51 AM

      Hi Rene. I still like Endeavour Silver a great deal for the medium to longer term. Terronera is going to be a monster project and completely transform their production profile, and Parral next after that looks quite prospective thus far. Brad is a capable CEO.

      With Silver prices exploding last week along with Endeavour Silver’s share price, and holding about 19 Silver stocks and feeling over-exposed, I decided (reluctantly) to cut loose EXK for very nice gains, even knowing it could head higher. EXK had outperformed most of the Silver producers coming out of the March sector lows, so I felt there were other names that may take a turn next, but that isn’t a slight against Endeavour and I expect them to continue to keep re-rating higher over the next 1-2 years.

      I absolutely intend to buy Endeavour Silver back on a future pullbacks, but currently have plenty of irons in the fire for Silver stock exposure at present to catch any other moves higher in the silver stocks for now.

        Jul 30, 2020 30:54 AM

        Understand, thanks for sharing

        Jul 30, 2020 30:47 AM

        Ex, what’s your take on Auryn purchasing Eastmain?

          Jul 30, 2020 30:06 PM

          Hi Doc. Well, I’m a new shareholder in Auryn as of this morning once I digested the news, and we had a few good rants about this merger down towards the very bottom of the Weekend Show blog.

          I was on the investor conference call that Auryn hosted this morning and was very impressed with the strategy.

          I’ve followed AUG for a long time as show sponsors here at the KER, and because a lot of investors I follow have a position, but this is the transaction that finally pulled me in.

          The properties from Eastmain are solid and the prior team did good work but didn’t deliver what the market was looking for and they had sold off for years as a result.
          A different team that can really execute on those assets was needed, and Auryn is a quality team and will rise to the occasion. I’m excited about the drill program that Auryn is going to be doing while all this business combination is happening. Also those 2 Peruvian spin out companies (one Copper and one Silver) will likely get more value this way than they were inside of Auryn so that is a nice kicker in this deal as well.

          > Auryn/Eastmain business combination into Fury – Corporate Presentation:

            Jul 30, 2020 30:44 PM

            I’m considering buying into Eastmain as well just for the arbitrage opportunity.

      Jul 30, 2020 30:43 AM

      Rene; I ditto what EX said. I plan on purchasing the stock back. I felt at the time that the price was peaking and it has—-I’m looking to purchase the same number of shares back under $3.50.

        Jul 30, 2020 30:08 PM

        Sounds like a good plan Doc.

        Jul 30, 2020 30:24 PM

        Thanks for the reply Doc, appreciate it

    Jul 30, 2020 30:20 PM

    I added back Sokoman as their collection of rocks they picked up off the ground appeared to be interesting. Added today to my more comfortable positions of Blackrock, Freegold and Lion One. Picked up a few more Maritime.

      Jul 30, 2020 30:41 PM

      Good moves David and welcome back to Sokoman. Yeah that move yesterday in Maritime was a ripper. I initiated new positions in Newrange Gold and Auryn todday, topped up existing positions in Impact Silver & Discovery Metals & Aurcana & Azimut & Nighthawk & GoldOn Resources.

      Did you see this news regarding Goldon acquiring the adjacent land next to Pure Gold on that important mineral trend? Now they have a nice property right by Great Bear and Pure Gold.


      (GLD) GoldON Expands West Madsen Project Acquiring Two Adjoining Claim Blocks that are Contiguous with Pure Gold’s Red Lake Mine Property
      by @accesswire on 29 Jul 2020

        Jul 30, 2020 30:49 PM

        I don’t think I saw it but I forgot I also added to Pure Gold today. I have a position in Goldon already but need to read that article. I like Red Lake and have had more interest there than the triangle. Thanks.

          Jul 30, 2020 30:53 PM

          GoldOn has tiny market cap and tiny share count, and is working on land optioned to them from Great Bear and now have land adjacent to Pure Gold. I’ve got a nice position in Pure Gold as well, and hope down the road they just acquire Goldon as a bolt-on project in Red Lake. Let the drilling commence!

            Jul 30, 2020 30:14 PM

            Got a bid in for more goldon. I bought some West Red Lake 6 months or so ago at around .06 and ignored it. Over .13 now. Red Lake magic.

            Jul 30, 2020 30:19 PM

            Nice work on the double in West Red Lake. I was considering that one and BTU Metals, but opted for GoldOn.

    Jul 30, 2020 30:00 PM

    (MAI) Minera Alamos Hires New VP Project Development and Appoints Chief Operating Officer

    by @newsfile on 30 Jul 2020

    “With immediate effect, the Company has promoted Mr. Federico Alvarez to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Alvarez is a mining engineer with 35 years of experience within academia, government and the mining industry, primarily in Mexico. Mr. Alvarez joined Minera Alamos in 2011 as Vice President, Project Development and oversees all operations and mine planning.”

    “Mr. Alvarez was Vice President, Operations for Argonaut Gold Inc. and its predecessor Castle Gold, where he supervised production at the El Castillo gold mine in Durango, Mexico.”