Eclipse Gold Mining – Webinar on September 22 at 1:15pm PDT – Sign Up Here

September 11, 2020

Click here to sign up for free for the webinar.

On Tuesday September 22nd at 1:15pm PDT I will be hosting a webinar featuring Eclipse Gold Mining and the President and CEO Mike Allen. We will also have a special guest Brian Leni, Founder of the Junior Stock Review website.

This webinar will be more interactive rather than a simple presentation from Mike. We will be discussing the overall investment environment for gold as well as how Mike and his team are planning to grow the Hercules Gold Project in Nevada into another takeover target.

Please sing up by clicking the link below. And send me your questions before the webinar so I can have them ready for the long Q&A session we will have with both Mike and Brian.

My email address is

Click here to sign up for free for the webinar.

When you sign up you will get first access to the recording of the webinar and be able to ask questions during the live event!

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    Sep 11, 2020 11:15 PM

    I recently bought this stock and looking forward to hearing more news. I know your questions along with Brian’s will be great. I hope they can hit some higher grade out of this phase 2.
    Cory, thank you for all the thought and hard work you put into these interviews!
    Very much appreciated,