Josemaria Resources – A dive into the Feasibility Study released on Monday

October 21, 2020

Adam Lundin, President and CEO of Josemaria Resources (TSX.V:JOSE – OTC:JOSMF) joins me to focus on the Feasibility study on the Josemaria Property, released on Monday.

We outline the economic fundamentals of the study and how it compares to the Pre-Feas, released back in 2018. We also touch on the sensitivity to the copper and gold prices as what is next to further de-risk and finance the project build.

Please email me with any further questions for Adam –

Click here to read the full Feasibility study.

Click here to listen to the initial interview with Adam where we provide a full general overview on the Company.

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    Oct 27, 2020 27:11 AM

    Ahh, The Lundins. My kin…:-)