A focus on the breakout sectors – Electric Vehicles, Bitcoin, and Alternative Energy

November 23, 2020

TG Watkins, Director of Stocks joins me to share the sectors he is investing in that are breaking out. These sectors include electric vehicles (such as Tesla and NIO), Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies, and alternative energy (such as solar).

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    Nov 23, 2020 23:19 PM

    Geez, it doesnt sound like gold has much of a chance.

      Nov 23, 2020 23:38 PM

      b….Dont give up on Gold…It has endured the test of time.

        Nov 24, 2020 24:31 AM

        After a number of years , ….people should /would/could,. start to figure out……what is happening…..

          Nov 24, 2020 24:45 AM

          I have no intention of selling metal.
          But ya gotta wonder.

        Nov 24, 2020 24:47 AM

        GOLD is a Beautiful Metal Money ! The Yellow of GOLD is real sunny money !

    Nov 23, 2020 23:31 PM

    Not sure what rollover for bitcoin your talking about Cory, from what I have seen it has stayed pretty steady.

      Nov 23, 2020 23:43 PM

      b…Of course it stayed pretty steady…because the grid has not gone down…YET.

    Nov 23, 2020 23:11 PM

    Tony, if the grid goes down we are all toast, if you have bitcoin or hold gold, your toast.

    So that argument is kinda irrelevant.

    I dont own bitcoin and IM not gonna spend 15k for 1 because it might hit a million

    If gold goes to nutin o well, I dont have many years left anyway.

    I will have to teach my grandkids how to make stuff out of it.
    Silver onces might make good fishing lures. 😉

      Nov 24, 2020 24:35 AM

      The pioneers did not have the grid………so, some will be toast and others will not be toast…… ….OOTB….

        Nov 24, 2020 24:54 AM

        Im sure everyone would be fine, the government will take care of people, we will just have to use ham radios.

    Nov 23, 2020 23:42 PM

    Doug Casey on Why He’s Uncomfortable Buying Gold Right Now

    Nov 23

      Nov 24, 2020 24:20 AM

      Thanks for the post boddy……. 🙂
      u know i know the difference….

    Nov 23, 2020 23:23 PM

    I think the market is getting way ahead of itself, I’m not a day trader so I’ll stick to the fundamentals rather chase stocks that go up 150% in a day

    Nov 23, 2020 23:32 PM

    gold and silver is said to be manipulated & knocked down every time it starts to take off too quickly. the powers to be have unlimited funds to bash it down, what’s to stop them from buying a ton of bitcoin and selling it down to nothing??! the bitcoin market is far smaller than gold & silver right? with the digital money coming from gov’ts wouldn’t they try and get rid of the competition??? i just don’t trust it. jmo…

      Nov 24, 2020 24:19 AM

      The bank DON’T have unlimited money to take down gold and silver.
      Sure, they can short-term manipulate, but eventually they have to cover short sales (or deliver physical)

      Nov 24, 2020 24:41 AM

      The PM market prices are set in a paper market and not by the supply/demand of physical. They are “futures” bets on the future price of metal. However in the “paper” market the Commercials have the capability to “print” counterfeit contracts to control direction. Other participants can’t. Market direction can be controlled by Commercial through “FRAUD”. In Bitcoin I am not aware of a Wall Street scheme that allows them to create counterfeit Bitcoin, but in view of their support I would not rule out that they have found a method to defraud bitcoin owners.
      The bottom line to any market operation in the World today, is not whether Wall Street manipulates that market, but to what extent. The fraud has increased over time as the Politicians have deregulated nullifying Regulators. Just think “theft” and that will define whatever concerns you may have.

        Nov 24, 2020 24:50 AM

        If ,,it is conceived by MAN…….there will be FRAUD……if, people LOVE MONEY, and are greedy for gain…..there will be FRAUD….guarantee it…… 🙂

          Nov 24, 2020 24:36 AM

          We like money…what are we doing wrong? If I commit fraud, I go to jail!

            Nov 24, 2020 24:53 PM

            They have to catch you first…. lol….. 🙂

    Nov 24, 2020 24:15 AM

    Silver Standard, AZ mining and Trevali took hits today.

    After silver delivery closes in the couple of days, there might be some more tax-loss selling for a couple of weeks, but we are getting to good buying times.

    Nov 24, 2020 24:25 AM

    Approaching first support level:

    Nov 24, 2020 24:37 AM

    Just another of many falls we have all seen in the PMs over the last few years. But it does get tiring. Its disappointing to witness but I guess one rolls with the punches…

      Nov 24, 2020 24:24 AM

      I thought i would come back and respond to your points ozibalta as you have been very nice with your comments and appreciate my work. Yes your 100% right it’s the same thing over and over again and it won’t change. People can rant all they want and cry about this and that and banksters at it again and yada yada yada. The day people stop being a gold or silver bug is the day you start investing with your correct lenses. Buy, sell, rinse and repeat will always be around and will continue to be around as we head to 3,000 or 5,000 gold and the shares will correct hard. This is nothing more than that and I called for it months ago. Now people want to proclaim it’s the machines or algo etc. The charts clearly showed me this was going to happen and it has. This is a great buying opportunity but many in the whole bought few weeks back was wrong idea.

        Nov 24, 2020 24:43 AM

        Once again we find ourselves as Gold bugs being the ugly red headed step child.
        To dismiss all the financial manipulation going on as being normal, is close to taking a bath with a hair dryer trying to cure the covid.
        Oz is right as we have been through this many times. The result is always the same.
        Once again I will refer you to U S Debt Clock. org.
        The debt doesn’t matter until it does.
        And don’t forget to take your “happy pills.”

          Nov 24, 2020 24:21 AM

          US.banana republic………………IS TOAST…………………………

          Nov 24, 2020 24:19 AM

          The satanists can suspend reality for much longer than you and I can possibly imagine. They don’t want the sheeple to own any gold. It is a simple as that.

            Nov 24, 2020 24:34 AM

            When it is hard to find an explanation for the state of affairs we find ourselves in, that pretty much sums things up.
            A very timely comment Norrareal.

            Nov 24, 2020 24:55 PM

            I always enjoy….Norrareal’s comments….., and I have to agree with his statement….
            You too John….enjoy your comments.

            Nov 24, 2020 24:40 PM

            Dear Jerry, we all live in the past by still believing economic principles apply. Really? I have been wrong making predictions in the past because I’ve believed the same thing for many years, instead of accepting the undisputed fact that the entire system is rigged by the central planners. How do you pay for 189 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 3.4 trillion in tax revenue? The reality is you can’t. How much debt is there really? No one really knows. With years of money printing, stock buybacks, bank repo’s and bank fraud, It’s impossible to know how many quadrillions of dollars in debt have been created. With their Great Reset” on the horizon, the question must be asked, does it really matter anymore? New game. New rules. The numbers don’t really matter. Biometric injections linked to a digital wallet. That’s the future they have planned for us. I suggest you read the following:

            Nov 25, 2020 25:16 AM

            Good article, I read this once before…..control…… thanks….

            Nov 25, 2020 25:27 AM

            When it comes to the masterminds of the Great Reset, we are dealing with a combination of standard greed—and the emotional pathology of restless, rotting madmen who are freaking out over the maintenance of their property in this new era, and who resent their biological nature as such and want to be gods.

            Nov 25, 2020 25:53 AM

            Correct, Jerry. Yet, to me these “masterminds” or wanna be gods are just plain satanists.

            Nov 25, 2020 25:12 AM

            At the very bottom of the article…………
            I, for one, don’t think that we should accept the darkness. (she states)

            Nov 25, 2020 25:20 AM

            Again………the SICK MINDS………WHO……can not give it up……

        Nov 24, 2020 24:25 AM

        GLEN…… always have great comments………….I think you are spot on…..
        those of us that have been up and down the ladder a few times…..see the opportunities…
        I said this many times…….Gold has returned average….9-11%…..and you do not have to do a damn thing………… 🙂

          Nov 24, 2020 24:28 AM

          Dang “Rock climber” is going to be right again…… 🙂
          Gold at $1802……………lol…….what a hoot………

            Nov 24, 2020 24:07 AM

            I guess, I will have to pay more attention to the 200 day moving average…. 🙂

            Nov 24, 2020 24:13 AM

            APPROACHING PANIC: Gold’s Bottom
            King World News note: In all likelihood the bullion banks will take the price of gold below the 200-day moving average, currently $1,798, in order to trigger sell stops and additional technical selling. Meaning it may get worse before it gets better, but this is exactly how bottoms are made.

            Nov 24, 2020 24:00 AM

            I’m watching 200 above average moving Russian girls.
            – and buying a piece of gold for every one 🙂


            Nov 24, 2020 24:57 PM

            Lol……..that is a good one….. ha, ha…. moving average….

        Nov 24, 2020 24:43 AM

        Your call was right again.

        Nov 24, 2020 24:51 PM

        Cheers Glenfidish! Your right being a blinded gold bug is ignorant and sets one up for failure. Nothing wrong with being an advocate or bull but keeping both eyes open with PMs (and most investments for that matter) is wise.

    Nov 24, 2020 24:46 AM

    Tarachi Gold drills 20.1 m of 4.54 g/t Au at La Dura

    2020-11-24 09:33 ET – News Release
    Mr. Lorne Warner reports

    Nov 24, 2020 24:53 AM

    Don’t worry, Savage says gold won’t go below 1750 and might hold at 1800. Next year will be big for gold and silver. Hang on to your hat.

      Nov 24, 2020 24:05 AM

      I am not worried about my hat…….I am worried about losing my seat cushion…. 🙂

    Nov 24, 2020 24:29 AM

    So i did some work last night and found that the daily chart of Gold and the comparison chart of the $UST:$GOLD are mirror inverses of one another.
    It is also no coincidence that the sell off in Gold started in August, the same time when the second round of stimulus talks started to fail.

      Nov 24, 2020 24:36 AM

      Thanks for the thought JOHN K.

    Nov 24, 2020 24:42 AM

    Hi Jerry:
    Just wait until Creepy Joe and Camel Toe take over with Yellen running the Treasury.

      Nov 24, 2020 24:56 AM

      Back to the third term of scum bag obama……….who would have thought…..

    Nov 24, 2020 24:10 AM

    With the Bank of Japan being the largest U S Foreign creditor and the Bank of Japan owning over 70% of the Nikkei, One would be fool hearty not to keep an eye on the Japanese and their cozy relationship with the Brookings Institute.

    Nov 24, 2020 24:07 AM

    PARTY ON! The gold party is about to begin after today, the party will now start as gold turns around. DT

      Nov 24, 2020 24:50 AM

      Absolutely DT, its to the moon now. 😉

      Markets of countries whose currency dies always seemed to have rocketed higher to unimaginable heights.

      I wonder if that and the cryptos will temper golds rise.

    Nov 24, 2020 24:29 PM

    Sounds like the bubble to me –

    Nov 24, 2020 24:24 PM

    Hard to keep up……..with KITCO DOWN………….