KORE Mining – More information on the proposed spin-out of the FG Gold and Gold Creek Properties

November 26, 2020

Scott Trebilcock, President and CEO of KORE Mining (TSX.:KORE – OTCQX:KOREF) joins me on this US Thanksgiving Thursday to share some more information on the recently proposed spin out of the Company’s South Caribou Gold Assets in B.C. These assets include the FG Gold and Gold Creek Projects.

Scott explains how this spin-out will help focus investors by splitting the exploration assets into their own company and keep the more advanced Imperial and Long Valley Projects, both located in California, in KORE Mining.

Please email me with any follow up questions for Scott over at KORE –

I hope everyone down in the US has a very happy Thanksgiving!

Click here to read over the full news release.

    Dec 04, 2020 04:10 AM

    Will BOTH companies be listed on American OTC? I had to sell one Canadian company because of post spin-out disadvantage to USA shareholders without USA listing on OTC

      Dec 04, 2020 04:31 AM

      Hey Marilyn,
      I will be sure to ask Scott next time I have him on for an update.