The Market and big tech are telling us that 2021 will be a good year. Do you believe it?

December 15, 2020

Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the Benzinga Pre-Market Prep Show joins me to highlight some of the key sectors that are showing strength at year end. With the markets holding near all time highs, lagging sectors continuing to play catch up, and a strong IPO market this could all be showing us that 2021 will be a good year. Added to the bullish markets we have Apple announcing it will be increasing iPhone production early next year.

The market is known to be forward looking but can we really believe it after this crazy year?

Click here to visit the Benzinga website and listen to the recordings of Joel’s Pre-Market Prep Show.

    Dec 15, 2020 15:44 AM

    Noticed today on Bloomberg George Gero, 84, died. Believe Cory interviewed him several times…….

      Dec 15, 2020 15:37 PM

      That is sad to hear SilverDollar. I really enjoyed George Gero’s comments here on the KER, but also on Kitco over the years. He seemed like a truly kind man that did his best to share his macro views for the benefit of all. RIP G.G.

        Dec 15, 2020 15:14 PM

        Hi EX…Sounds a bit like you…………

          Dec 15, 2020 15:18 PM

          Thanks for the kind words IrishT.

        Dec 15, 2020 15:54 PM

        He was one of my favorites. I’m sure he’s on the right side of eternity. Which means, ain’t no gold & silver going with us…

    Dec 15, 2020 15:12 PM

    Dec 15 Gold: Seasonal Rally Begins Today? Stewart Thomson 321gold

    geez, where does a fellow have to go to find PM discussion now?

    Dec 15, 2020 15:15 PM

    Is Bitcoin Killing Gold? Robert Kiyosaki Responds
    from Stansberry Research:

      Dec 15, 2020 15:41 PM

      That was a good interview with Robert K. and I had listened to that earlier today. I agree with his basis premise of owning Gold, Silver, and a little Bitcoin. They aren’t mutually exclusive, and there is nothing wrong with having exposure to each asset class.

      I also just watched the recent one she did with Doug Casey and Ron Paul.

      Here is the Ron Paul one:

      Ron Paul: The Feds Are Still Manipulating the Gold Price and It Won’t Stop

      Stansberry Research w/ Daniela Cambone

      “In Part 1 of this exclusive interview with our Daniela Cambone, former congressman Dr. Ron Paul discusses the possibility of a Bretton Woods Reset backed by cryptocurrencies. He also shares insights into a personal conversation he had with former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke on gold. Paul gets candid about why he feels the government will continue to manipulate the gold price and how a return to a gold standard never had a fair chance.”

        Dec 15, 2020 15:44 PM

        All-in Gold doesn’t make sense; Silver, crude Oil are the real winners – Phil Streible

        Kitco News – Dec 7, 2020

        The gold-silver ratio will likely drop to 60 in the medium term as gold continues to lag while silver outperforms, said Phil Streible, chief market strategist of Blue Line Futures.

        “I believe that all of a sudden silver is going to disconnect from gold and start to travel with platinum and copper and be what it truly is, which is this green energy metal,” Streible said.

        0:00 – Gold price moves
        3:08 – Where did money flow into?
        4:45 – Gold-silver ratio
        7:57- Gold and silver
        10:26 – Alternatives to gold
        11:44 – Crude oil
        15:45 – Mining stocks

          Dec 15, 2020 15:46 PM

          This post is for OOTB, since I know he is a YUGE fan of Frank Holmes. 🙂

          > Frank Holmes: $2,600 gold is ‘very doable’; Bitcoin, Ethereum’s future explained

          Another 40% move in gold in 2021 is “very doable” says Frank Holmes, who is looking for a range of $2,200 to $2,600 an ounce.

          Cryptocurrencies will continue to do well; Bitcoin will be driven by increased adoption, while Ethereum benefits from the latest developments in DeFi.

          0:00 – Gold
          4:26 – Bitcoin and Ethereum
          7:00 – Hive Blockchain
          9:31 – Drivers of Bitcoin
          11:05 – Asset allocation

            Dec 15, 2020 15:44 PM

            Ha, Ha…..just passing through…..and saw the wonders of the Great Holmes…. lol
            He can come out now, that Sleepy joe, and Hilly might be flying the next plane….lol
            All we need is the Other Frank G……

            Dec 17, 2020 17:27 AM

            Haha! Good on on the plane…. the plane….

        Dec 15, 2020 15:30 PM

        There are many things wrong with crypto currencies but the biggest problem is from a solar flare or Cyber or Nuclear War that knocks out our digital World, precious metal will survive but digital banking will not. DT

          Dec 17, 2020 17:31 AM

          Agreed DT. If there is a solar flare or EMP detonated, then cryptos will go the way of the dodos, but until then it is just another emerging asset class, with a lot of nonsense, but a core concept that will endure. Think of all the nonsense in the “Dot Com” mania from 1998-2000 until that bubble burst, but still viable companies survived and thrived because the overall idea of the internet was too big of an idea to put that genie back in the bottle again. The same thing will happen with the cryptos. Out of the hundreds of altcoins, Bitcoin, and the new government digital currencies, a few winners will survive and thrive (until the lights go out). 🙂

      Dec 15, 2020 15:49 PM

      Gold’s only ‘threat’ is this asset; faces ‘existential crisis’ says Rick Rule (Pt. 2/2)

      Kitco News – Dec 15, 2020

      The broad equities index remains the only “threat” to gold and gold investors, said Rick Rule, president of Sprott U.S.

      The “existential crisis” facing the gold sector comes from the lack of exploration activity from miners.

      0:00 – Gold miners: still overbought?
      5:13 – Gold’s role for investors
      8:39 – Gold’s threat

        Dec 15, 2020 15:31 PM

        Hi Ex, I’m sure you have been following Pure Gold, do you have the chart that shows exploration companies from their first discovery until the first gold pour that shows share appreciation. It would be timely to post it now. DT

        Dec 16, 2020 16:41 AM

        Hi ex, nice to have you back

        Are you on a tax loss selling shopping tour this year?

        There are some good opportunities, I think

          Dec 17, 2020 17:39 AM

          Hey there Thomas. Yes, it is nice to be back following the markets again after a nice breather from mid October to mid December.

          As for the tax loss selling, yes, I’m on the scout, and have added to a few recently, but if I had been paying closer attention I would have been buying more in November as tax loss selling was shifted earlier this year. It seems there is more buying that has been coming into the markets the last 2-3 weeks and many companies have rebounded and perked up. I’m still mostly allocated but have some funds to deploy, and I’ll be looking to add to some of my current positions to fortify them through year end. Typically the first quarter Jan/Feb into early March is a constructive time for resource stocks and I like to be in before the Q1 run.

            Dec 17, 2020 17:47 PM

            Added some EQX below $10 the last days
            Still cheap for a coming major

            Dec 17, 2020 17:59 PM

            Equinox is a solid choice. May your investment be profitable.

            Dec 18, 2020 18:21 AM

            Here the presentation from Premier Gold about the merger with EQX

            Page 14: 1.3 Moz producer in 2024
            There are close to Endeavour, but with better jurisdictions and half the market cap
            And Endeavour is also undervalued


            Dec 20, 2020 20:37 AM

            Yes, I saw that news on the merger. I felt Premier Gold was a bit inflated in valuation compared to many peers, but obviously they have quality assets that will serve Equinox shareholders well for the long haul, but they paid up for them as well.

    Dec 15, 2020 15:56 PM

    Did anyone watch Bob Thompson’s interview on Sprott’s Weekly Wrap last Friday the 11th, he mentioned that he is accumulating platinum and their related shares. Not too many people have an interest in platinum but it has been a buy for a couple of years and now it may start to move and surprise the unwary. DT

      Dec 15, 2020 15:30 PM

      I have mentioned a few times, I own and like Platinum….
      Even mentioned a few weeks back, that it has caught a bid….

        Dec 17, 2020 17:40 AM

        Yes, I have a few PGM stocks like Jubilee, Platinum Group Metals, Group Ten Metals that have really taken off the last 2 months as Platinum climbs higher. I expect more gains in the PGM sector in 2021.