O3 Mining – Updating high grade results from the Alpha Property and the Garrison PEA

December 21, 2020

Jose Vizquerra, President and CEO of O3 Mining (TSX.V:OIII) kicks off this shortened trading week by providing an update on the recent high grade drill results at the Simkar Zone on the Alpha Property and the PEA that was just released on the Garrison Project.

In terms of the drill results at the Simkar Zone, we discuss the location of the zone and the high grade holes. I also have Jose outline the historic mining and work that was done in this area.

When it comes to the PEA on Garrison we outline the underlying fundamental value that it presents for O3 Mining. Now with 2 total PEAs, one on Garrison and one on the Malartic Property, the combined value is $744million.

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Click here to visit the O3 Mining website for a summary of the news releases we discussed.

Figure 3 from the Simkar drill results news release.
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    Dec 23, 2020 23:06 AM

    This was a solid update from Jose on O3 Mining.

    Cory – Good questions asking him to unpack the ongoing exploration work (one of the larger drill campaigns being run by a junior explorer/developer), and the disconnect between their fundamental company value based on their PEA economics and ounces in the ground, versus the mismatch in the low valuation the marketplace is giving them based on their current Market Cap.

    Eventually, once they put out another few months of drilling newsflow, then they will go through a much deserved rerating process.