So many bullish comments on silver for 2021, we look at the charts for key levels to watch

December 30, 2020

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder of The Daily Gold joins me to share the key levels to watch for silver. Currently at the $26 level the range from $26-$29 is important for many reasons dating back to 2011. We also look at the underlying stocks where the juniors have been preforming better than the large cap silver stocks.

Click here to visit Jordan’s site to keep up to date on what Jordan is seeing the metals charts.

    Dec 30, 2020 30:38 PM

    Thanks Cory…Some good info on silver.

      Dec 30, 2020 30:27 PM

      +1 Agreed IrishT.

      I had posted this on the Weekend Show blog, but since Silver came into focus on this editorial, I’ll repost it:

      This chart from the LBMA on the “Historic Probability That Silver Rises In A Month” was embedded in the article linked further down in this thread titled “Why The Silver Rally Will Continue.”

      According to their research there is a seasonal tendency for Silver to rise 65% of the time in January and 63% of the time in February, and those are the 2 strongest months of the year for the metal. Obviously this is bullish for miners with exposure to Silver.

        Dec 30, 2020 30:54 PM

        Some good technical guidance on Gold from a contributor over at

        @ValueInvest – “Today $gold broke out above a 5-month resistance trend line. Next target is $1,930 – $1,950. Tomorrow could be another strong day for $gold. The setup for $gold and $silver and the mining stocks looks amazing going into 2021.”

    Dec 30, 2020 30:01 PM

    If we had the uptick rule reinstated, the entire complexion of the precious metals complex would change.

    Dec 30, 2020 30:12 PM

    Fortnight parameters. Note 786-Resistance.

    Dec 30, 2020 30:38 PM

    I just posted my entire Trading Account portfolio over at if anyone is interested in poking through it for a few ideas or discussing any of them. I broke it down by category in Silver, Gold, Royalty, PGM, Base Metals, Uranium, and Lithium stocks.

      Dec 30, 2020 30:49 PM

      Hey Ex. Had a quick peek. I’ll be the little technical prick..😉….pure gold poured gold so they are now a producer..😎

        Dec 30, 2020 30:55 PM

        Haha! I’ll be a fundamental prick then… Pure Gold hasn’t achieved commercial production yet, so they are still a developer. 😮

          Dec 30, 2020 30:57 PM

          I did have a big smile when the news came out about PGM doing their first pour.

          Their team has executed very well over the last year as they ramped up efforts for this moment. My hat goes off to them and all shareholders that to a ride up on their “Golden Runway”.

            Dec 30, 2020 30:23 PM

            (PGM) Pure Gold Mining – 1 Year Chart showing the power of investing in the “Golden Runway” for developers moving towards production.


      Dec 30, 2020 30:37 PM

      Hi Ex, I know you like Energy Fuels, I am interested in diversifying my portfolio and I was looking at buying Denison or EFR. EFR has had a great run recently, what do you think of it’s valuation at this point. Thanks, DT

        Dec 30, 2020 30:01 PM

        Hi DT. I like them both (Energy Fuels and Denison) for different reasons.

        (EFR) (UUUU) Energy Fuels is my largest Uranium position, because they are the primary US producer with the only active hardrock mill, and they also have in-situ processing in parallel. In addition, Energy Fuels can process and produce Vanadium, which is key for the energy storage sector on Vandium Redox batteries. A third value driver for Energy Fuels is that they are going to start processing other miners waste rock to extract out the Rare Earth Elements, which they have the capacity to do and deal with the radioactive elements.


        (DML) (DNN) Denison is interesting to me in that they are the closest Canadian Uranium development company to production and will be using an in-situ method on one deposit, but also have hard rock deposits and JVs with explorers. In addition, Denison has a remediation business that contributes revenues, a partial ownership in the mill that processes Cigar Lake ore for Cameco, and they are the custodians of the Uranium Participation Fund (U.TO) and get paid some to handle that.

        Both are good companies, both have done well in the recent ascent of Uranium stocks, and both will continue to do well in the year (and years) to come.

          Dec 30, 2020 30:07 PM

          Energy Fuels (UUUU) (EFR) – US Uranium & Rare Earths Hub Building Critical Mass

          Crux Investor – 12/30/2020 #VIDEO

          Interview with Mark Chalmers, President & CEO of Energy Fuels

          1:33 – Uranium Reserve & Importance of $150M Budget
          4:45 – Why would US Stockpile U3O8?
          6:10 – Sustainability & Potential Price Adjustment
          7:42 – Positioning Energy Fuels & Progress Made
          10:26 – The Market in 2020: Catalysts, Timeline, & Interest
          14:26 – Any Contracting Happening with Utilities?
          16:07 – New Entrants, Time to Off-Load Assets?
          17:48 – Milling Agreements Made & Considerations Going Forward
          19:30 – US Hub for Rare Earths: Progress & Possibilities
          23:12 – Deal with Chemours Company: Terms & Opportunities
          26:38 – Process Going Forward: Timeline, Financing, Upgrades
          29:20 – Do US Uranium Companies Need the Government Support?
          32:15 – Focus for 2021

          Dec 30, 2020 30:09 PM

          Discussion with David Cates | Denison Mines (DNN) (DML)

          SmithWeekly Research – Nov 16, 2020 #AudioInterview

          “Dave Cates of uranium project development company Denison Mines updates on company status, progress at Phoenix ISR uranium, capex expectations, recent capital raises, asset valuation, timeline, and his views on the uranium market.”

        Dec 30, 2020 30:24 PM

        DT – I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention, (URG) (URE) Ur-Energy as a well-run smaller Uranium producer in the US, and (NXE) NexGen as the premier Canadian Uranium explorer/developer by asset grade/size/economics. Also, (UEC) Uranium Energy Corp is a widely followed, and well promoted/hyped uranium stock as well.

        There are a slew of other explorers like IsoEnergy, Purepoint, UEX Corp, Laramide, GoviEx, Skyharbour, ALX Uranium, etc… that could be winners as well as the cycle unfolds.

          Dec 30, 2020 30:42 PM

          Hi again Ex, thanks for all your valuable information. Tomorrow I will have a more in depth look. DT

            Dec 30, 2020 30:13 PM

            Sure thing DT. Glad to share some ideas to ponder for investing in the Uranium sector.

          Dec 31, 2020 31:01 AM

          Good stuff Ex. I hold UUU and DNN currently and am thinking about adding a few more.

            Dec 31, 2020 31:28 AM

            Hi Charles. UUUU and DNN are solid ways to play the Uranium sector for sure, but nothing wrong with adding a few more to your basket at different stages and with different unique value drivers. Hoping the Uranium stocks fly in 2021!

            Dec 31, 2020 31:09 PM

            I decided to add a little bit of Standard Uranium today as a punt on their upcoming exploration program in the Athabasca Basin. Obviously, it is much more speculative than the companies mentioned further up in this thread.

            (STND) Standard Uranium Finalizes Phase II Drill Program Plans at its Flagship Davidson River Project
            29 December, 2020


      Dec 30, 2020 30:00 PM

      102 stocks – that‘s a lot 😉

        Dec 30, 2020 30:23 PM

        I keep telling myself I’m going to consolidate the portfolio, and roll profits into a smaller universe of companies. However, when profits get trimmed I keep initiating new positions. There are just so many interesting stories with potential out there and I keep putting them in the hopper.

        Many of the exploration stocks and smaller developers/small producers are only at 0.3% – .8% percent weighting (mostly at 1/2 a percent). There are plenty of 1%-2% weightings, and the largest positions are typically a 2-4% weighting.

          Dec 30, 2020 30:30 PM

          Maybe after the Q1 run from Jan to early March I’ll just sell some entire positions and crunch the overall company headcount down as it is getting a bit too much to follow.

        Dec 31, 2020 31:16 AM

        I focus on midtiers. Explorers are really tough. Only 1 out of 100 makes it. In the Explorer Space your approach is probably the right one.

        Royalties are interesting vehicles. They have a good leverage and a much smaller risk profile.

        Like Maverix and Nomad from your list. Good insider buying in both of them

        Had a look at Sandstorm. There is a lot of insider selling what I don‘t like. They repriced 15 million warrants from $3,50 to $3,35, way below the the share price at that time. Share based payment is three times salary payment. No insider buying, only selling.

          Dec 31, 2020 31:03 AM

          Good comments Thomas. I agree that mid-tiers are a much “safer” bet for leverage to the rising metals prices without so many unknowns, but still not without risks. As for the explorers, because of the binary nature of yes they found something potentially economic, or no they didn’t, I like having numerous smaller positions with quality teams on quality targets, playing the law of averages that a few will be 3-5 baggers, a few 10 baggers, and maybe one that goes the distance from explorer, to developer, to producer or takeover by a larger producer.

          Yes, as for the royalty companies are the best business model of the bunch, with more revenue per employee, less execution risk of drilling/community relations/development hurtles, etc… but their partners still have those risks. They are taking a basket approach of many streams or royalties, but not all the projects will make it to production, the economics will be different on each project, as will the mine life, and there can be stalls or takeovers, etc… with partner companies that disrupt or enhance a years guidance on production.

          There may be some insider selling with Sandstorm, but it is the most senior of all the royalty companies in my portfolio, and the one I’m most confident in longer term as a “set it and forget it” basket of 200 royalties & streams. Nolan Watson & team are about as sharp as they come. Metalla, Maverix, and Nomad are mid-tiers, with Elemental quickly moving to mid-tier status as well. They all have several producing royalties, and have completed a number of transactions this last year that are accretive longer term. Ely, Vox, Sailfish, and Golden Valley are the Jr Royalty companies, with smaller or more speculative portfolios and a larger percentage of their baskets with development and exploration stage NSRs in place, a few properties still to option to other miners.

          While individual miners have a higher risk/reward ratio, and can really move more on a good milestone, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the outperformance of the royalty companies over many of the individual miners the last 2 years.

          My plan is to add 1-3 base metals royalty companies, and I’d like to see some of the above mentioned Jr precious metals royalty companies get acquired, or do a merger of equals to form larger corporate entities.

            Dec 31, 2020 31:11 AM

            Ex – Great post. I wouldn’t call Golden Valley a junior since it owns 45% of Ibitibi Royalties. I would call it more of a hidden Gem. Given it’s structure, I would say its risk profile is lower than either Ely, Vox or Sailfish, but it is less liquid at least for now. I expect when it is found by more folks it will get a lot more liquid.

            Dec 31, 2020 31:55 AM

            Haha! Good one Charles. Yes, (GZZ) Golden Valley is a hidden gem for sure. I still consider it a Jr Royalty company though, compared to the Mid-Tiers like Metalla, Maverix, Nomad, and Elemental, or the Seniors like Franco Nevada, Royal Gold, Wheaton Precious Metals, Sandstorm Gold, or Osisko Gold Royalties.

            Golden Valley doesn’t have any producing royalties (yet…), has the 48% stake in RZZ, the JVs with CZZ and VZZ as well as Bonterra, Siros, O3 Mining etc… and a number of properties to still option out.

            Golden Valley has a market cap of $98.5 Million CAD, whereas Maverix has a market cap of $971 Million, or FrancoNevada has a market cap of $30.6 Billion.

            That is what I was getting at putting them in the Jr category with Ely, Salifish, and Vox.

            Sailfish has a market cap of $85.5 Million, Ely has a market cap of $178 Million, and Vox has market cap of $95 Million, so they are all in that Junior category.

            Sailfish has a producing royalty at present with the El Compass mine from Endeavour Silver, and the second producing royalty about to kick in from Mako Mining getting closer to first pour next year, so I’d see that as less risky than a company with no producing royalties yet.

            Vox Royalty has 4 producing royalties, 5 more about to start producing, 12 more development project royalties, and 30 exploration royalties, so that is far less risky and much more diversified than Golden Valley.

            Ely Gold has 3 producing royalties, 2 more set to get into production in 2021, one royalty to start paying 2022, and 2 more for 2023, with 3 more development projects, and they are in Nevada — arguably the best gold jurisdiction on the planet. I see them as more inflated in value than some of the other Jr royalties, so that is a risk, but they have money coming in the door like Vox and Sailfish, as opposed to Golden Valley that isn’t receiving the Malartic royalties yet, and doesn’t have any other near term producing royalties, so it is still burning money at a slow rate, swapping companies amongst it’s other creations of CZZ and VZZ along with RZZ’s initial spin out, and it is grossly undervalued and has stayed that way for 3-5 years because the market doesn’t understand it apparently. It should have the premium over RZZ, due to all the other iron’s it has in the fire beyond the 1/2 stake in Abitibi Royalties, but it’s at roughly a 40% discount. Eventually when Malartic pays out, maybe the great re-rating will begin, but at this point the other royalty companies were faster horse to ride, and there was an opportunity cost in sitting flat in GZZ at many points the last few years. I’ve made a good return on Golden Valley, and have had a multi-bagger on it, but there are multi-baggers everywhere, and Glenn Mullan and team need to do a better job of telling their story, and spend less time circulating properties, options, and stock amongst their different companies in my opinion. So I like it, but don’t love it. I’ve added to it this year, because eventually when the Malartic royalty starts paying out, and more eyeballs are on the company, I’m hoping they will still be a multi-bagger from current levels.

          Dec 31, 2020 31:28 PM

          Ex, how would be your compare Nomad vs Metalla (nearly the same market cap)?

          Nomad is already profitable with a nice dividend, but has a small portfolio
          Metalla has the fastest growing portfolio, but makes not profits

            Jan 02, 2021 02:55 AM

            On CEO.CA somebody had the same question

            NSR has 900% more gold delivery than MTA


          Dec 31, 2020 31:43 PM

          Thanks for the thoughts Ex. Good summary.

      Dec 31, 2020 31:06 AM


      No doubt that gold and silver are headed higher in this bull. But first might I ask how much these other sites are paying you to direct traffic from the ker to them lol 😝.. Just playing with you buddy.

      Yes those targets seem familiar from value invest 😬.. I guess what I’m trying to say is I value more the targets when said far more in advanced and not when to obvious. However I can’t say when he mentioned it but what I can say is glens targets this year and those specific targeted you just mentioned were said here few days if not weeks ago. My point remains the same, we have the best technicians in here and we are being watched lol.

      Ex by the way I believe you sell yourself short, I think your a great technician and I have learned plenty as well from you. In fact I think your better then all of those other sites and people you follow including Wagner fellow just my two cents😉 believe in you amigo you have hot amazing targets in the pass.

      Cheers my good pal


        Dec 31, 2020 31:15 AM

        Ditto…….Glen……..Spot on……..

          Dec 31, 2020 31:40 AM


          Please tell al and Cory that for 2021 to get an edit tab for glen specifically lol..

          Now ex is going to think glen believes his targets are super hot 😲

            Dec 31, 2020 31:51 AM

            Someone is going to wake up al first… lol….

            Dec 31, 2020 31:53 AM

            Hot tip of the week…….watch Platinum….

            Dec 31, 2020 31:33 AM

            Thanks Glen and OOTB. I like to learn from multiple sources, and improve my own technical outlook by following so many styles of Technical Analysis – Japanese Candles, Elliot Wave, Chart indicators, Trend Lines, Moving Averages & Volume, Cycles, Chart Patterns, etc…

            I post things from Gary Wagner, Christopher Aaron, Morris Hubbartt, Ira Epstein, Gary Savage, Chris Vermeulen, Goldfinger, Ty @ ceo, Patrick Karim, Value Invest, FX Empire, Jordan Roy-Bryne, Clive Maund, Chen Lin, Michael Oliver, etc…. because they have valid methods that work during certain environments and other times their analysis has flaws and blind spots…. like any technician.

            >> For clarity, NO – not none of them has ever paid me a dime to promote their sites or analysis. I simply post what interests me, what I agree with, and sometimes what I disagree with (just to get a counterbalancing thesis). Sometimes I just find others analysis educational, and worth going through, if nothing else, to better understand their method of analysis. I am open to the idea of them sending me checks for past promotion though 🙂

            I’ve also learned a great deal of TA from folks here at the KER such as Matthew, Doc, Cory, Dan, calgary, Charles, Gabriel & Brian & Trader Jake (when they used to post here), and yourself Glen. Heck, I even learned a little from Spanky. There were other contributors here that I’m forgetting at the moment that had some good TA analysis as well, but they didn’t stick around.

            Ultimately we must all take accountability for our own actions, trading, and when to hit the buy/sell button, so from that standpoint, and I rely on my personal technical outlook as primary in that respect. I like bouncing my thesis off what others see though, and like considering my thesis could be dead wrong, and I try to stay open to that possibility, but eventually chart a path forward. Over the years, I’ve been able to get the main direction correct, and caught many turns/tops/bottoms accurately using different tools in the TA toolbox, but I’m becoming less and less interested in playing the endless game of hit the target.

            As a gross generalization I find technicians, in general, on almost every site from the KER, to Stockhouse, to, to GoldTent, to Twitter to be some of the most argumentative investors, obsessed more with being right on a call over just making money and solid trades. As you mentioned Glen, many try to re-engineer the “great call they made” after the fact, when in fact they made a number of different calls, on different time frames, and some were dead wrong, and others were right, but most cherry pick the moments where they were right (conveniently forgetting or neglecting to mention all the times they were off course).

            Regardless, I love most technicians for doing what they do, appreciate that they share it with others, and don’t expect perfection or even for them to be right all the time. There is plenty to be gained from sizing up the current trend, looking for indications that a stock or sector is overbought or oversold, looking for changes in direction on the horizon, or just looking at potential targets of where a stock or asset may reach on a bullish or bearish move. Investors that ignore, berate, or shrug off TA as voodoo or just squiggly lines on a chart are doing themselves and their investments a huge disservice.

            Glen, I rely on people like you and Matthew and Doc here to keep up the great work on charting, and learn from you all ever week. Let’s keep sharing the insights and risk/reward sets ups into the new year and thrive. Cheers!

            Dec 31, 2020 31:33 AM

            Platinum noted Jerry 🙂

            Dec 31, 2020 31:48 AM

            OOTB – I agree (and have agreed) with the Platinum call, and have mentioned a few times over the last few weeks that the Platinum/Palladium stocks have really been running. My portfolio only has a half dozen PGM stocks, but they’ve really been on the move and buoyed my trading account lately.

            > Here are my Platinum & Palladium stocks:

            Jubille Platinum
            Platinum Group Metals
            Group Ten Metals
            Generation Mining
            New Age Metals
            Grid Metals

            Dec 31, 2020 31:49 AM


            Great post ex as always! There is no doubt exchanging information and learning from others is a great tool to have. Please don’t think that I don’t like meeting new people or exchanging ideas or even going to other websites for information. I guess I found out early in my career or in trading/investing that listening to way too many people hurt my portfolio. There was too many voices too many opinions too many bears and too many bulls.It’s not until I came in here and found a home with an accuracy of over 90% on projections and direction of the market obviously Matt and yourself and Jerry are a big part of that in different ways. I guess for myself I find my cup of tea every morning or coffee best at the Kerr but like yourself I keep an open mind and always listen to others.

            It’s a great post X and your bang on 100% I agree with all you were saying keep it coming my friend and forever up 2021 golden silver to the moon


            Dec 31, 2020 31:55 AM

            OOTB – Remember when we were discussing Jubilee Platinum a year or so back. You had mentioned you liked the name, as we also discussed the prospects of an eventually overall debt jubilee.

            I had posted a bunch of information about how Jubilee Platinum had a proprietary process for extracting Platinum, Palladium, and Chromium from old waste and tailings of other miners. In addition, they still have one of the largest unmined blocks of PGMs in South Africa as an optionality call on higher Platinum prices.

            Check out how this company has moved over the last year. It surpassed my expectations, but if the PGM prices keep moving higher, then it still may have more legs. I’ve started reducing the position size over the last 2 weeks, but still left the core position in place.

            >> JLP.L Jubilee Platinum – 1 year performance chart:


            Dec 31, 2020 31:57 AM

            Right on Glen buddy. I like the idea of coming to the KER to get our morning cup of technical tea and fundamental coffee. 🙂

            Bottoms up!

            Dec 31, 2020 31:14 PM

            Glen has found the >>>KISS method…..and you are spot on Glen, with sometimes to much advice …

            Dec 31, 2020 31:19 PM

            Kiss……….comes with age… 🙂

      Jan 01, 2021 01:21 PM

      Thanks Ex for that you do do. I hope your life is ever more blessed from what you contribute to everyday folks.

    Dec 30, 2020 30:02 PM

    My internet, phone and Cable crashed this afternoon. My cell is still working occasionally. Thanks Ex…I will print it if I can soon. Very kind.

      Dec 30, 2020 30:19 PM

      Cheers David. Good luck getting all the technology connected back up.

        Dec 30, 2020 30:57 PM

        Ex. I hope/know you won’t mind…I took the liberty of posting your ceo portfolio list on the scz board at stockhouse where i often repost your always interesting commentary.

        Many thanks and a Happy New Year.

          Dec 30, 2020 30:16 PM

          Hi blazesb – sure that is fine, and thanks for the kind words. Yes, its fine to share any of my ramblings or my portfolio, as it isn’t a state secret or anything — just the companies I’m invested in at this time.

          >> Santacruz is one of my heavier weighted positions in the overall portfolio and in the Silver sector, and it actually climbed to #1 out of all the holdings recently, so I had to trim it back a bit (down to 5th position), but I’m still very encouraged about the leverage SCZ will have to rising Silver prices in 2021 and 2022.

          Yes, have a Happy New Year, and looking forward to wild gains in 2021!

            Dec 30, 2020 30:20 PM

            Trading Santacruz Silver the last 2 years has been one of my more lucrative positions.

            Here is the 2 year chart for SCZ. It’s been a real hum-dinger.


            Dec 30, 2020 30:22 PM

            The crazy part is that Santacruz Silver (SCZ) still has the smallest market cap valuation of all the Silver producers, so it has plenty of room to run as it gradually gets rerated by the marketplace.

            Dec 30, 2020 30:28 PM

            All Silver #Producers (from US, Canadian, and London exchanges) converted to US tickers so they’d all be in US Dollars for comparative purposes.

            Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. (SZSMF) – Market Cap $78.57 M
            Excellon Resources Inc. (EXN) – Market Cap $96.16 M
            Impact Silver Corp. (ISVLF) – Market Cap $110.27 M
            Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. (ASM) – Market Cap $120.39 M
            Aya Gold & Silver Inc. (MYAGF) – Market Cap $234.61
            Great Panther Mining Limited (GPL) – Market Cap $303.45 M
            Americas Gold and Silver Corporation (USAS) – Market Cap $384.35 M
            GoGold Resources Inc. (GLGDF) – Market Cap $484.61 M
            Sierra Metals Inc. (SMTS) – Market Cap $547.44 M
            Endeavour Silver Corp. (EXK) – Market Cap $796.81 M
            Silvercorp Metals Inc. (SVM) – Market Cap $1.19 B
            Hochschild Mining plc (HCHDF) – Market Cap $1.48 B
            Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. (FSM) – Market Cap $1.52 B
            Coeur Mining, Inc. (CDE) – Market Cap $2.55 B
            First Majestic Silver Corp. (AG) – Market Cap $3.01 B
            Hecla Mining Company (HL) – Market Cap $3.53 B
            SSR Mining Inc. (SSRM) – Market Cap $4.45 B
            Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS) – Market Cap $7.35 B
            Fresnillo Plc (FNLPF) – Market Cap $11.57 B

    Dec 30, 2020 30:54 PM

    Lin Wood (@LLinWood)

    A couple of more questions for Chief Justice John Roberts:

    (1) You are recorded discussing Justice Scalia’s successor before date of his sudden death. How did you know Scalia was going to die?

    (2) Are you a member of any club or cabal requiring minor children as initiation fee?

    Dec 30, 2020 30:03 PM

    Furthermore, it’s bad enough that Obama transgenderized America. Now Covid relief is sending millions $$$ to faggotize Pakistan. (Is that near Afghanistan?) Well done GOVT.ORG @ Obama/dont/care

      Dec 31, 2020 31:26 AM

      If, you have the same creatures in charge…..what does anyone expect…?
      CONGRESS is for Congress……Not for ….WE THE PEOPLE,,,,,,,Fact .
      That is not really that hard to see.
      700,000 new claims for unemployment…..that is room for a lot of anger.
      Covid was planned, and when the sheeple figure it out….Congress, better hunker down and get in the bomb shelters, Hope Nancy has a lot of ice cream in storage.
      Nancy and the gang, and old Mitch better be singing another tune. Americans are , I believe going to be upset…when they figure out Mitch and wife…love chinese food.
      Mitch and congress on the take,,,Better get the sheeple back to business,….but , they will not, NWO in your face.
      Even ding dong Lin Woods is now awakened…..funny how the real educated, are not really that educated.

    Dec 31, 2020 31:41 AM

    We end the year still with alternating days in the miners. Will they use a different algo in 2021?

    Dec 31, 2020 31:15 AM

    2020-12-31 08:06 ET – News Release
    Mr. Rob McEwen reports
    McEwen Mining Inc. has provided the highlights of a positive feasibility study (FS) for its 100-per-cent-owned Fenix project, which is located in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico.
    “The Fenix feasability study envisions a 9.5-year mine life with an attractive after-tax IRR [internal rate of return] of 28 per cent using $1,500 per ounce gold and $17/oz silver. At current gold and silver prices, the project’s after-tax IRR almost doubles and the NPV more than triples versus the base case.

    Dec 31, 2020 31:30 AM

    Hello ker family!

    Al and Cory

    Doc/Gary if your watching
    CEO of nuthin
    Irish tony
    Dan from Calgary

    Forgive me if I missed someone. It happens..

    It’s been a roller coaster of a year with pandemics/markets and lockdowns. The world is forever changing and staying ahead of the herd mentality has always been a challenge but here at the ker we have found a place that helps with such education and food for thought. I believe it to be a place of freedom and intellectual exchange that helps the mind and puts things into perspective from many angles. Overall this is a great place to be and I’m glad I came here many years ago.

    Enough with that. Thank you all for responding to me with your words of appreciation and thoughtful expressions. I don’t need it to boost my ego, but a little recognition goes along way for ones hard work and I will make sure that I myself also express more gratitude in the future. I’m not putting a gun to anyone’s head continue to do what you do. Don’t come out of your element because glen will feel unappreciated. Not the case lol.

    It just struck me yesterday that what I said had over 130/140 post. Posters came out of everywhere to come together and that’s my point! This ker needs more action something mentioned many times before. If we all do a little more then maybe it won’t just be Matt, ex and Jerry posting there will be more posters of which those three I mentioned would definitely welcome it. The more the better.

    When I started here way back I believe over a decade ago, I had made my first investment of $5000 cad..Rollercoaster ride through the days of Matt, shad, Jerry, dt, bird ( who kept messing with my head lol) Gary doc etc etc, today/this year has been my most profitable.

    I’ve managed to combine Matt’s work, with Gary’s cycles, with ex targets with all you find folks views and direction amd it has propelled me to what I’m doing now. When hard work and patience is achieved rewards shall follow.

    I wish you all a happy New Years alone or in family and to making each day count!! Let’s go forever up in 2021🍾🍾🎉🎉🙏🙌🙌🥃😄

      Dec 31, 2020 31:37 AM

      Well said…and ditto on the fine points…. 🙂

      Dec 31, 2020 31:12 AM

      I’ll drink to that and looking forward to 2021. Thanks to everyone’s great sharing of info. I used up all my carry over losses and got an unpleasant tax bill coming…thanks everyone. 🙂

      Dec 31, 2020 31:06 AM

      Glenfidish – That was a really great post man, and great points raised about showing others appreciation for their contributions, and getting more contributors to participate. The KER is a great place to learn, bounce ideas, get breaking news, discuss macro economic events, dissect technical analysis set ups, peel apart strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats to individual companies or sectors, and share a few laughs in the process.

      Learning is doing, and the best way to improve ones skills and disciplines as an investor is take action and get in the mix. The school of hard knocks is a great teacher, but learning from the mistakes that others share can be quite instructive (and less costly). Still it takes having one’s own capital on the line to really get to know the inner game that goes on in each of our heads. Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis is a science and an art, and experience helps, and having money on the line while deploying these disciplines really crystallizes what works and what doesn’t work for everyone’s unique investing style.

      Glen – You’ve really grown in your experience, knowledge, and investing style, and I try to read your comments when they are posted, but we all get busy from time to time. I also know how disappointing it is to have a Eureka Moment, and post something you feel is significant in the spirit of help others or garnering a discussion, and then have nobody say anything at all. Such is life.

      You were smart to repost your original message that nobody responded to, and look you got plenty of responses. 😉

      I often will repost something if I feel it was missed or if it is significant. If it seems really important I may put it on parallel blogs that day, just in case people skip one comment section in lieu of another.

      Regardless, keep up the great work, keep posting, keep learning, and keep encouraging others to participate, and we’ll all work on winning together and having a better year to come.

      Cheers and tip of the glass to you today sir! Happy New Year!

        Dec 31, 2020 31:26 AM

        Thanks Ex I’m humbled by your words and much respect to you my friend! Same applies to you and we all know the tremendous work that goes behind find those companies you and Matt and dt and many more constantly find. You truly put attention to detail and Might as well Include Matt in this conversation as two of the pillars here at the ker because one thing is for sure, when I think I have all my t’s crossed Matt and yourself are two of the main guys that make the final straw and help in determination if it’s the right call. That’s credence on both of you. Matt is a close friend and you have grown to also become one. This year has been growth in every department.

        Keep spreading the love and more specifically the targets.

        Cheers amigo 🍾

          Dec 31, 2020 31:40 AM

          Thanks Glenfidish. I agree that it is nice to see confirmation in your charts or Matthews charts, and in the comments by all the KER regular contributors. Investing can be quite isolating and lonely, and at times we all doubt whether we’ve made the right call in placing hard-earned capital to work. When I see a solid chart on a sector or company, that confirms my personal analysis, it is a nice boon. Also, if I sell an asset or stock and see others post a chart that confirms a corrective move is in the works, then it helps overlap the analysis of the trend, and helps me look for downside targets to redeploy.

          Yes, please keep spreading the love and targets, keep up the great work Glenfidish. We may not always be in agreement, but your point of view is always valuable, respected, and greatly appreciated.

      Jan 01, 2021 01:22 AM

      Dear Glen
      You are a true asset. Pleaae jeep sharing your hard work. It is simply magnificent. All the Best to You and your family.

    Dec 31, 2020 31:53 AM

    (GOT) (GOTRF) Goliath Amends Lucky Strike Property Agreement
    December 29, 2020