Political Weekend Show

January 16, 2021
Full Political Weekend Show
  • Segment 1 – Dr Charles Page reminds us to be quick to listen and slow to speak.
  • Segment 2 – Mark Williams discusses the importance of his help towards financial independence.
  • Segment 3 – Big Al Jim McKinney and a neighbor address questions concerning where do Conservatives go from here.
  • Segment 4 – We continue our discussion of what Conservatives can do better in the next election

Segment 1

Dr. Page is a surgeon regular commentator on The KE Report He is the author of “A Spoonful of Courage for the Sick and Suffering, Transforming Your Greatest Challenges intro Your Biggest Blessings”

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Segment 2
Mark Williams

About Brokers International:

Since 1983, Brokers International has been family-owned and independently-operated, serving the nation’s premier agencies and their financial professionals through innovative marketing services and insurance and retirement products.

Mark Williams – President and CEO of Brokers International:

Over his more than 30 years of financial services experience, Mark has been both a producing independent agent in the field and a home office leader consulting to agencies and field marketing organizations. Currently, Mark is focused on the future of the insurance industry, from the disruptions of InsurTech and robo-advisors to the changing demographics and needs of customers. He also is an avid mentor, helping financial professionals navigate the industry.

Segment 3
Segment 4
    Jan 16, 2021 16:36 AM

    Re. segments 3 and 4:What can conservatives do? Please understand money is power.
    Take away income from big Tech and you take away power.
    If you are using oogle as a search engine. Why?
    If you are allowing google or Microsoft to monitor everything you do, because you use a browser such s like internet windows or chrome without a VPN, Why? Why don’t you use Safari or Brave?
    Are you still using Twitter, Facebook and other social networks that put money in the hands of left-wing big tech, swap to conservative platforms as they are developed.
    Do you buy things from Amazon and put money into the pockets of Nezos? Don’t, you are supporting the enemy of conservatives.

      Jan 16, 2021 16:18 AM

      Is it the end of the Republican Party ? I sure hope that in its current form it dies.
      For too long it has been a party with a big umbrella taking in all those that wish to join; conservative or not. Then, to the surprise of many, some of those (even in control) turn around and stab colleagues in their backs. RINOs should be kicked out of the party. Don’t let such turn-coats run under the GOP banner. Make it a party of True Conservatives, or surely a new party with such principles will rise out of the ashes.

        Jan 16, 2021 16:49 AM

        I am looking at the headlines……..Kind of a waste of time to debate a flawed SYSTEM of Govt……When you actually only have ONE SNAKE GROUP…..

          Jan 16, 2021 16:22 AM

          I am still going give the current system which controls the federal government until the end of the Summer without an opinion. I believe in America and that seems reasonable to me.

          As of yesterday America does not look very good in comparison to China as you can see from reading the Wall Street Journal. That could change by the end of the Summer.

          Jan 16, 2021 16:42 AM

          The Liberals are trying as hard as they can to prove to you and others that they represent the only viable group. As I have stated over and over, I am willing to give them until the end of the Summer to prove themselves.

            Jan 16, 2021 16:49 AM

            The System, is just repeating………….what Criminal FAKE BARRY OBOMY, and all the same people in place will be doing going forward……No surprise for me…..

        Jan 16, 2021 16:18 AM

        Good ideas. Don’t you think that is what Jim McKinney is saying?

          Jan 16, 2021 16:56 AM

          Mr. Big Al Korelin,

          When do you and Jimmy believe the arrests will begin of the Deep State and political criminals? Time is running out.

          Dr. Steve Pieczenik

            Jan 16, 2021 16:49 AM

            My opinion, Eddie? Never! but at least investigations should occur.

            Jan 16, 2021 16:57 AM

            MY question to OWL…………….have you listened to the tape that I and EBO provided above…….hummmmmmm
            Listen and then give us your opinion,…….

            Jan 16, 2021 16:54 AM

            I have listened to everything so far today that has been posted. I will look, but nothing so far has stood out from the two of you.

            Jan 16, 2021 16:15 AM

            I tell you, Jerry, I hope Pieczenik is right…hate to see him selling hair dryers on infowars…

            Jan 16, 2021 16:50 AM

            I would be very surprised if he was right.

            Jan 16, 2021 16:24 AM

            He is right, but, do they have the GUTS…….the party that needs the guts, is the patriot military. ..that are legal according to the constitution…………we will see….

            Jan 16, 2021 16:45 AM

            Yup Jerry we will see. As you know, I am giving it until the end of the Summer.

        Jan 16, 2021 16:05 AM

        I happen to completely agree with you, CFS! I appreciate your views on this.

      Jan 16, 2021 16:16 AM

      My question to you,CFS, is how close do you think that we are to the end of the internet as we know it.

        Jan 16, 2021 16:34 AM

        I honestly don’t know. Without the Democrat coup the censorship of conservatives would not have happened.
        I was a little surprised the objection to the election theft was not more intense.
        Partly what objection there was came from the wrong angle of attack and was covered by statements of “not enough evidence”.
        The clear line of attack which was immediately obvious and provable, was that 5 and possibly 6 key states changed election rules UNCONSTITUTIONALLY, and thus votes from those state WERE NOT VALID…..should not go towards election of a President, but revoting must occur.
        If the election results in two years can occur constitutionally, then maybe twitter, facebook etc. can be held to account as publishers abusing monopolies. If that does not happen the situation is probably lost. Trump still has 4 days for action.

          Jan 16, 2021 16:55 AM

          4 days………….and that is correct……..Military and constitutionally, or forget it…..

            Jan 16, 2021 16:26 AM

            The TEST………will be…..IF, there are any military, with the Guts, to uphold the Constitution……For WE THE PEOPLE…….real simple….

            Jan 16, 2021 16:30 AM

            Ted had it correct………….Panel of 5 dems, 5 repub, 5 judges……

            Jan 16, 2021 16:43 AM

            please elaborate, Jerrry

            Jan 16, 2021 16:38 PM

            Owl……….that was covered in one of the tapes, I asked you to listen ….
            During the session, with the Congress, the night of Horror, ……
            Ted Cruz , as for there to be a Panel….made up of 5 DEM, 5 REPUBs. and 5 Judges.

    Jan 16, 2021 16:42 AM

    Social media has begun to shoot itself in the foot:
    Now go stomp on that foot by using alternatives to twitter and Facebook.

    Jan 16, 2021 16:51 AM

    Double standards have to stop.
    Do you think conservatives will get a break under president Harris ?
    Publicize such actions. Complain.When did you last call in to a radio talk show or write your local newspaper.

      Jan 16, 2021 16:47 AM

      Is that a riddle of some kind, CFS?

        Jan 16, 2021 16:12 PM

        The comment was addressed at others on the blog, not you, Big Al.

    Jan 16, 2021 16:48 AM

    Trump’s coup was foiled by key Republicans — but their ranks are shrinking

    Jan 16, 2021 16:58 AM

    Interestingly, the socialist commonwealth of Massachusetts has been promoting the reduction in use of human labor.
    American Robotics Inc. touted the advantage of its machines as being able to operate continuously without “expensive human labor. The Marlborough, Massachusetts, company said Friday it has tested fully automated drones for four years. It has now full FAA approval.

      Jan 16, 2021 16:41 AM

      Interesting CFS, how do you feel about the use of robatic labor? That woul make for a very interesting discussion.

        Jan 16, 2021 16:05 PM

        AI and robotic use is inevitable. Manufacturers will use whatever works at making prpduction cheaper or more efficient. Humans should find employment in areas where robotic labor is inferior. With the rate of progression of society, this is going to be difficult. Do not expect to do the same job for life, but there will always be something…..especially one off type situations. Robotics will tend to be made for special circumstances and humans will fill in for less regular, less often occurrences.

    Jan 16, 2021 16:16 AM

    Bix Weir out with some great info…..on the govt….

      Jan 16, 2021 16:34 AM

      Do you have a link?

        Jan 16, 2021 16:57 PM

        road to……

          Jan 16, 2021 16:01 PM

          Owl……..are you familiar with Bix’s work on cryptos……and the Fed….

          Jan 16, 2021 16:01 PM

          And…road to ruin…it is what our rulers want for the little people…

    Jan 16, 2021 16:19 AM

    beware of the medical fraud….they refuse to speak about that, which is all that matters…that has destroyed ameikas health…based on the power of the monopoly cartel using pharmaceuticals and surgery rather than re-establishing health as the goals in treatment…the rest are empty words and BS….advise to docs making money off the toxic corrupt system, just continue to conform and sidestep discussing the failure of rockefeller medicine to do anything but lead to americas continual ongoing health collapse…america’s generals can longer find healthy young volunteers for service..they cite multi factorial health collapse due to over vaccination, toxins, poor nutrition etc….docs will voice no ideas regarding this because it actually matters but upsets all the corporations manufacturing the products…lmao…..good work….docs are corporate america acting like they serve you…massive con job…..

      Jan 16, 2021 16:33 AM

      I have an interesting issue going on right now. I am currently experiencing extreme muscle soreness and have received no help from my doctor. So the score is one to zero in terms of solving this problem with her help. I have been told by naturopathic friends that ingestion of CBD is a partial cure and by my wife that daily stretching is also a guaranteed cure. I will let you know by the end of next week if my wife and naturopathic friends seem to be correct. By the way I did send you my telephone number, 360-606-1874, and never got a call back. Do you have a problem with people who question some of your thought and continue to highlight doctors like Chuck Page?

        Jan 16, 2021 16:59 AM

        Can everyone here call you?

          Jan 16, 2021 16:34 AM

          Eddie, yes, of course. I welcome confersations.

            Jan 16, 2021 16:11 AM

            Or confessions? 🙂

        Jan 16, 2021 16:39 AM

        We now have a store in Blaine that specializes in what I define as nturopathic potions and the owners appear to be pretty knowledgeable. I spent some time in the store during the late afternoon yesterday. I ended up purchasing a potion that contained something like 15% CBD which the owner said that her husbacd uses. I took four douses last evening and certainly felt better and one again this morning after I got up. So far, it seems to work.

          Jan 16, 2021 16:21 AM

          Please tell us how that goes. Can you tell us if CBD has any positive effect on sleep? I’ve been told CBD works for insomnia but I have doubts. Does CBD help you sleep better (get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and get deeper sleep)? I have very bad insomnia. It is killing me.

            Jan 16, 2021 16:48 AM

            I am a little short of experience. So far, less than 24 hours, I have to say so far so good. The Store ownder asked me to report back on Monday and I plan to do that. I will do the same for you or give me a call and we can chat. Rember I am not giving medical advice.

        Jan 16, 2021 16:51 AM

        the most common reason for myalgia…ask dr chuck….lmao……in my world of truth it certainly is NOT a deficiency in an other pharmaceutical drug….CBD oil cures nothing it is palliative because the source of inflammation needs removal………

        A liver detox protocol is indicated to resolve chronic inflammation…The specific one is essential to decide upon…All westerners over the age of 20 years old could benefit from detoxing the liver……you have been previously sent documentation on using thermal moderate heat sauna detox protocols as well, prior………I would do a dual detox…but i cannot give out this sort of advice….you have threatened to sue me for discussing truth and/ or opinion….Also, if your doctor checked your fatty tissues for heavy metals there is another procedure to reverse these sources of inflammation….

    Jan 16, 2021 16:53 AM

    10th repetition,i don’t talk about anecdotal situations Al,…my points made here are consistent and backed by data and known to all that are are conscious……Rockefeller allopathic medical cartel globally is an anti-human anti-health non-health edifice of evil that has demolished the potential health attributes of humans around the world…every pathway that supports health and vitality are known and ortho-molecular and supportive protocols to defeats chronic premature degeneration is fully known…none of the pharma drugs or surgeries embrace this because the method rockefeller allopathic medicine is not health care it is medical non-health care….why have doctors of that on to talk about vague personal philosophies but not that elephant that is in the room……we need clarity and truth in the country from those who actually are not stealing from us..doctors of medicine are stealing americas health apparrently per the data……..if they guy would red-pill and break denial patterns about the corrupt method and system that would be informative…that clearly is not what he is about…..

    ask dr page to cure you…lmao…….i am not here to analyze individual anecdotal situations….it is your site Al…highlighting the doctors who as willing stooges caused the health collapse is your prerogative…i will continue to post reality regarding that vast disaster for humans and humanity…do you have a problem w that?

      Jan 16, 2021 16:32 AM

      Pretty obvious that you are handling this task pretty well as far as this site is concerned. My only problem is not with the subject, sir, it is with vindictive personal slander. You are better than than!

    Jan 16, 2021 16:59 AM

    forgot to say…your position toward the corrupt Rockefeller medical cartel is maybe retrograde to the age of 1950’s…the fraud has been clearly exposed in the present and one needs to adapt archaic belief systems to the facts….no one denies medicine failed to advance health…even doctors of it, in private admit this to me all the time…like duh….so bring duh and duhher out…it is your show….however,i would want to help people have health freedom independent from the fraud of rockefeller non-health care if it were me…but again….you started a show, so it is your doctrine that gets presented,,,freedom of the capitalist…i agree w that….

      Jan 16, 2021 16:28 AM

      I may be senile, but I believe that I have mentioned your point numerous times as it is also my philosophy. You have to agree that Chuck has never disagreed with you on this.

    Jan 16, 2021 16:56 AM

    ok deal…flood ker w corrupt Rockefeller allopathic stooges plus nancy pelosi type democratic corruptor stooges also…i want to hear their philosophies also al….

    we need to understand how the bubble gum between their ears works…imho

      Jan 16, 2021 16:59 AM

      Do you think that all doctors are stooges?

        Jan 16, 2021 16:07 PM

        for the 10,000th time al…the ;method; called rockefeller allopathic medicine was created as a fraud…doctors that do not conform loose the their license….logic then says they are conforming stooges…..i said 1% are independent of the rockefeller lie… you understand stuff?….but you do not invite that 1% on to your show you invite the 99%…take your vaccine ok….lmao

          Jan 16, 2021 16:12 PM

          Give me some names and I will definitely invite them to be on the radio program.

            Jan 16, 2021 16:08 PM

            all their names are on each youtube and article sent previously…….you will sabotage it somehow anyways… have a irrational obsession w the 99% docs that are conforming stooges to Rockefeller allopathic anti-human non-health non-care……you have had years to intellectually recognize the failure conventional medicine and unethical ripoff by rockefeller….but none are so blind as those that will not see…

            Jan 16, 2021 16:12 PM

            ditto Larry………some are blind as a bat…….

      Jan 16, 2021 16:05 PM

      What’s the matter Larry haven’t you ever seen it coming out of their ears?

    Jan 16, 2021 16:14 PM

    What is going on in D.C. There are now 30000 troops there with 50 striker vehicles with 50 cal machine guns with 500000rounds of ammo, and 2,500,000 rounds of rifle ammo, and the Sec of defense Miller is asking governors east of the Mississippi to send more troops. They also have F-16 squadrons there and are setting up Patriot missiles in TN and Georgia. Sounds like war is coming. I hear the CIA is looking for scapegoats to blame for their coming assassination of Biden , and then comes the confiscation of guns by Commie Harris. Then on Mon comes Trump’s declassification of documents that may expose what criminals and perverts the Bidens are along with the Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, Mitt Romney, Dick and Liz Cheney, Pence, and John Roberts and others. Where will that lead? Only Big Al knows. Let’s hope he will tell us. Stock up on supplies now before the grid goes down.

      Jan 16, 2021 16:47 PM

      RUSSIA!!! Just kidding…but it is the beginning of a new gulag.

      Jan 16, 2021 16:48 PM

      Anyone not bowing down to Kamaltoe…and Biden…will be squashed like a bug.

      Jan 16, 2021 16:54 PM

      “Where will that lead? Only Big Al knows. Let’s hope he will tell us.”

      Yes, he’s a bigwig…with contacts…

    Jan 16, 2021 16:57 PM

    Sorry about this , Folks..I just had to come back & post this. This month is going well…
    First it was, sheldon we have benjamin de rothschild…This month is looking good….We could always hope for , gates & months end…..

      Jan 16, 2021 16:03 PM

      Thanks IRISH……….for the heads up….

      Jan 16, 2021 16:46 PM

      I tell you Tony, old tyrants never die, the don’t even fade away…it seems like they live forever…but when they do eventually die…they have lived many more years than most of us will.

        Jan 16, 2021 16:53 PM

        Look at Rockiefeller…lived to be what, 102? But did he really die…or just suck some stem cells out of some kids…so he could keep on living???

      Jan 16, 2021 16:10 PM

      Most of the radio stations are left leaning…….very few remaining……

        Jan 16, 2021 16:11 PM

        I at the point where I have turned off the noise……..

          Jan 16, 2021 16:15 PM

          I to I’m….

            Jan 16, 2021 16:59 PM

            How about you Jerry, do you find KER Politics to be too divisive?

            Jan 16, 2021 16:23 PM

            The Ker Politics is NOT DIVISIVE……people can not handle the truth…..

            Jan 18, 2021 18:21 PM

            That includes you too.

            Jan 18, 2021 18:07 PM

            Kevin, are you referring to Jerry the wanker?

            Jan 18, 2021 18:27 PM

            Glenn the Troll….and Kevin the outspoken…..who can not deliver on the topic at hand…

            Jan 18, 2021 18:31 PM

            Kevin………..Irish asked you a question, and you never answer it……like duh

            Jan 19, 2021 19:54 PM

            Like what question little Jerry? ….like duh

          Jan 16, 2021 16:21 PM

          Me, too. Pretty much the only time I ever hear them is when I have to go somewhere and occasionally have the radio on.

        Jan 16, 2021 16:00 PM

        I guess that you answered my earlier question. It will be interesting to see where all this ends up!

    Jan 16, 2021 16:39 PM

    I gotta get back to work…have to write some C# code to auto-post content into fecebook…

      Jan 16, 2021 16:49 PM

      I am totally ignorant, Eddie, about what you are saying about code. I dropped Facebook and Twitter anout two months ago. Can’t support those companies.

        Jan 16, 2021 16:09 PM

        I agree. But I’ve got to do this for a client. I don’t even have a real facebook account, just an alias account I use for testing. The client is no fan of facebook, either. The only reason we are doing this is to see how we might use facebook to defeat local tax increases and bond measures.

        The secretary of the county GOP told me you’ve got to be on facebook for outreach. She and the rest of them were useless in helping defeat the last tax increase (wouldn’t even oppose it, but at least they didn’t endorse it). But she was right about facebook. I don’t know if it made the difference, but it sure helped.

        Anyway, I made great progress today even though I’ve never done this particular type of coding before. I got a proof of concept working. About 24 hours ago I didn’t think it would work, so I am feeling blessed right now.

        Jan 16, 2021 16:11 PM

        By the way, Mr. Big Al Korelin, did you listen to that Deist interview regarding what Mises is doing regarding the tech purges? You might want to do some of what they are doing because one day the tyrants may come after your Web site.

    Jan 16, 2021 16:29 PM

    Politics and Religion…….
    Here is one of confusion………….
    “The sight of ‘Jesus Saves’ and ‘God Bless America’ signs by those violently storming the Capitol,” he said, presented to the world “a picture of Jesus Christ and of his gospel that is satanic.”

    Moore said he thought Trump should resign, or be removed by the Cabinet and Vice President Mike Pence, or be impeached and convicted by Congress.

    Moore has no business giving an opinion…..stick to preaching

      Jan 16, 2021 16:30 PM

      I bet he is a 501 3b….

        Jan 16, 2021 16:32 PM

        of course, i pulled this off of AOL, so, consider the source…….Leftys……

          Jan 16, 2021 16:45 PM

          I did listen to the desertation by Cruz. By the way I am thinking seriously of switching to Nord VPN. Do you have any opinion?

            Jan 16, 2021 16:16 PM

            Not familiar with Nord VPN……

      Jan 16, 2021 16:47 PM

      I heard a another well-known Baptist Preacher today and he was exactly the opposite.

        Jan 16, 2021 16:20 PM

        Who……..was that……….I use to be Baptist……

    Jan 16, 2021 16:14 PM

    Here is MIKE THE PILLOW GUY……………..

      Jan 16, 2021 16:17 PM

      America is under attack…….citizens are under attack by the LEFT……

        Jan 16, 2021 16:18 PM

        Meeting with the President was diverted by inside people…..IS THE PRESIDENT GETTING THE INFO…….seems to be a question….

    Jan 16, 2021 16:40 PM

    Well boys, you’re about to get a whole bunch of new friends. Can you say, “Mi casa es tu casa?”

      Jan 16, 2021 16:44 PM

      It will be a lot more than 11 million…

      the Biden plan would contain zero provisions for stepped-up immigration enforcement and security measures, according to Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center Immigrant Justice Fund, who was informed of the details by Biden staffers.

    Jan 17, 2021 17:02 AM

    As we enter acouple of decades of cooler tempertures…
    Proof possitive the US has morons for leaders:

    Jan 17, 2021 17:16 AM

    If climate models actually work into the future, have you ever wondered why you haven’t seen them working backwards into the past as proof the models are correct.
    (We have lots of markers, treee rings, ice CO2 content,etc. to let us evaluate historical values.

    Jan 17, 2021 17:28 AM

    For Larry, Not all doctors are bad.

    (Just most of them)

    Jan 17, 2021 17:28 AM

    A lot of people are disgusted with the current political situation.

    When the hammer drops:
    Liberals will walk around like zombies in shock.
    Trump supporters will rejoice.
    Conspiracy theorists/critical thinkers will be vindicated.
    The deep state gets its ass handed to it.

    Nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing!😏

    Jan 17, 2021 17:56 AM

    Obama obummer Barry Satoro.
    Git mo, Satoro.

    Jan 17, 2021 17:28 AM

    It being a Sunday today:

    Jan 17, 2021 17:57 AM

    ISN’T THIS INTERESTING….Planned in 2018, a New Vaccine production facility is almost complete in England. Opening mid-year, this factory will be capable of producing 40 million doses of vaccine per month.

    What great foresight. Or did someone actually KNOW something ?
    (Who spends about $200 million in a building on the off chance it might be needed ?)

    Jan 17, 2021 17:05 AM

    HERE COME THE ILLEGAL CARAVANS……….Will be at US border about 1/21

    Elections mean things, and scum can steal them.

    Jan 17, 2021 17:13 AM

    Adam (shifty) Schiff……a real LIAR (and proven traitor)

    Jan 17, 2021 17:53 AM
    Jan 17, 2021 17:59 AM–4EZE

    A few weeks out of date but worth a listen at 1.5 speed.

    Jan 17, 2021 17:13 AM
    Jan 17, 2021 17:36 PM

    Biden raised the third most money of democrats running for president.

    yet he was so popular he was elected president fair and square: I don’t think so.