Fury Gold Mines – Initial step-out drill result from the Eau Claire Property

January 28, 2021

Mike Timmins, CEO of Fury Gold Mines (TSX:FURY – NYSE:FURY) joins me to recap the initial drill results from the Eau Claire Property that tested a down plug extension that is 660 meters away from the known 1.2million ounce deposit. Refer the Figure below (from the news release) to better understand where the drill hole was located.

Mike and I start by discussing the headline drill hole result. We then chat about the overall exploration strategy at Eau Claire and how the program Fury is undertaking differs significantly from past management teams.

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Click here to read over the news release highlighting the current drill result.

Figure 1 from the news release. Showing the drill hole location and Target A, B and C areas.
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    Jan 28, 2021 28:43 PM

    Looks like a tradable bounce will occur in late FEB early MARCH…Exceed previous recent high, I do not know..lmao