Newcore Gold – New drill results expanding the known mineralization at the Enchi Gold Project

January 28, 2021

Luke Alexander, President and CEO of Newcore Gold (TSX.V:NCAU – OTCQX:NCAUF) joins me to recap the drill results from yesterday at the Enchi Gold Project. The drill results are from the Sewum and Kwakyekrom areas.

Luke and I start with the Sewum results that were to fill in the gap area from the known resource. While at Kwakyekrom this is anew area that should be adding to the total resources on the property in the next resource update. We also look ahead to the ongoing 58,000 meter drill program and the PEA coming in a couple months.

If you have any follow up questions for Luke regarding Newcore Gold please email me at

Click here to watch the webinar recording with Luke going in depth on the overall drill program.

Click here to visit the Newcore site and read over the recent drill results.

    Jan 28, 2021 28:46 AM

    Grid Metals drills 119.17 m of 1.13 g/t PdEq at EBL
    2021-01-28 10:04 ET – News Release
    Mr. Robin Dunbar reports
    Grid Metals Corp. has released further drilling results from its fall 2020 program at its 100-per-cent-owned East Bull Lake (EBL) palladium property in Ontario.

      Jan 28, 2021 28:29 AM

      Nice hits from Grid Metals. I’ve been accumulating more of it during this recent corrective move, and feel they are doing good exploration work in the Nickel and PGM space.

    Jan 28, 2021 28:49 AM

    Skeena drills 71.85 m of 5.67 g/t AuEq at Eskay Creek
    2021-01-28 08:18 ET – News Release
    Mr. Walter Coles Jr. reports
    Skeena Resources Ltd. has provided additional diamond drill core results from the phase 2 campaign of definition and exploration drilling at the Eskay Creek project located in the Golden Triangle of British Columbia.

    Jan 28, 2021 28:50 AM

    Rupert drills 121.3 m of three g/t Au at Pahtavaara
    2021-01-28 07:24 ET – News Release
    Mr. James Withall reports
    Rupert Resources Ltd. has released new drill results from its Ikkari prospect, the focus of its continuing 60,000-metre exploration program at the 100-per-cent-owned Pahtavaara project in the Central Lapland greenstone belt, Finland.

    Jan 28, 2021 28:52 AM

    Tinka drills 7.8 m of 31.3% Zn, 225 g/t Ag at Ayawilca
    2021-01-28 06:26 ET – News Release
    Dr. Graham Carman reports

      Jan 28, 2021 28:57 AM

      Silver-Silver-Silver………Whats happening with ..SLV ??????????????
      Also read the comments below this article.

        Jan 28, 2021 28:33 AM

        IrishT – Yes, the retail traders are organizing in packs (on Robinhood, TikTok, Reddit) to go after the huge short positions form hedge funds and institutional traders and it is resulting in short squeezes to the upside in the Silver space now, like they did with Gamestop. We just saw it in First Majestic last night, and Coeur and Hecla and others today. Bring on the short squeeze!

          Jan 28, 2021 28:34 AM

          CEO Technician (aka @Goldfinger): Gamestop Trading Setups & Top Stock Picks 2021

          Soar Financial – January 25, 2021

          “Robert Sinn, the CEO Technician on Twitter & @goldfinger on joins us for an in-depth discussion of the current market sentiment in gold, silver & copper. We discuss setups like #GameStop​, #Revlon​ & #FirstMajestic”

          (Interview starts at 5:58 mins)

            Jan 28, 2021 28:05 PM

            Wall Street Bets Finds Silver, Disrupt EVERYTHING

            by @Goldfinger on 28 Jan 2021

            “Nothing is sacred. Throw everything you thought you knew away. The old models don’t work.”

            “If anything, the last year has been about disruption. Disruption of everything. And now that disruption has come to financial markets. Crypto is an attempt to ‘democratize’ finance and disrupt the old banking system. Wall Street Bets is disrupting Wall Street and the cozy Greenwich hedge fund world.”

            “A massive short squeeze in silver and gold would be the ultimate disruption. I don’t know if it will happen, but I do know it would be a helluva lot of fun watching it unfold and having a piece of the action.”

            “While I believe all of the above are very true, another part of me is scared as hell by what I’m seeing out there. What happens when every possible short squeeze has played itself out?”

            “I’ll give you a hint: it’s what happens when you lose your footing at the edge of a cliff…..”

            “There are no words for the level of risk taking happening today across markets and never before have I had so many people tell me they are day trading and asking for trading tips.”


            Jan 28, 2021 28:16 PM

            @Goldfinger – “This brings in a whole new angle to the story, was Robinhood taking the other side of client trades and getting a margin call of its own?

            ~~~> “Robinhood Is Said to Draw on Credit Lines From Banks Amid Tumult – Bloomberg”


          Jan 28, 2021 28:35 AM

          GameStop saga is about ‘working class vs hedge funds’: Reddit WSB user

          Ines Ferré – Wed, January 27, 2021

          “Retail traders on WSB have been pushing GameStop share prices higher — another 140% by mid-session on Wednesday — while institutional investors who bet against the stock have been losing big time. On Wednesday morning hedge fund Melvin Capital confirmed it was forced to close its short position on GameStop.

          “There’s no evil coordination. There’s just a bunch of people who were buying GameStop. And that alone is destroying a multi-billion dollar hedge fund because they were that stupid,” said Rossman

          @redditinvestors said, “Everyone on WSB feels powerful now that they have destroyed a hedge fund and made a bunch of money. It is kinda like a community. I wouldn’t be surprised for more targeted attacks on short selling hedge funds.” (@redditinvestors says he bought GME shares at $4/each last year, and sold them at $10)”

          “Shares of companies like AMC (AMC), up more than 200% on Wednesday, Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY) and even Tootsie Roll (TR) have also been targets of retail investors, causing short squeezes on names which have underperformed for some time. A short squeeze forces investors who bet against the stock to buy or cover their positions in order to forestall bigger losses, causing a rise in share prices.”

        Jan 28, 2021 28:54 AM

        Is Reddit Group WallStreetBets Planning to Short Squeeze Silver [$SLV] Next?

        Prashant Jha & Sunil Sharma – Jan 28, 2021

          Jan 28, 2021 28:59 AM

          Wow! Just look at the moves higher in the Silver companies and the short squeeze is definitely on.

          First Majestic spiked up 20% in afterhours yesterday, and is up over 20% again today

          Coeur Mining is up 16%

          Hecla is up 16%

          Gatos Mining is up 15%

          Endeavour Silver up 15%

          Santacruz Silver is up 13%

          Fortuna is up 13%

          Pan American is up 10%

          What a glorious day in the Silver space.

            Jan 28, 2021 28:06 PM

            And don’t forget Eloro which may have just found another Potosi silver deposit. It may be the biggest silver deposit ever found! The chart scares me, but my greed overcame the fear and I bought more today. I tripled down. A major will surely buy ELO.V next year.

            Jan 28, 2021 28:11 PM

            For sure Bonzo. Eloro has been doing great exploration work and has been rewarded handsomely, but smaller market cap explorers move like this on a daily basis. What is interesting to see is how many of the larger cap producers are moving like Juniors today due to this short squeeze initiative by organized investor blocks. Truly great to see it happening.

            We were remarking below that McEwen is up 34% on the day so far, because of the huge short position it had against it. This is great!

            Jan 28, 2021 28:27 PM

            First Majestic Silver Corp. versus Short Sellers with CEO Keith Neumeyer

            MiningStockEducation – Jan 28, 2021

            “There is a movement currently gaining steam on social media to burn the silver short sellers. So, hear what First Majestic Silver Corp.’s CEO Keith Neumeyer has to say about the largest short seller position currently occurring in his company’s stock (12:09​ mark). Will silver and First Majestic short sellers be delivered a painful lesson?”


            Jan 28, 2021 28:19 PM

            Thoughts from @SilverChartist today:

            “The price of silver ripped higher today, up nearly 7% at one point; the largest rise since August of 2021.”

            “Stocks like First Majestic ($AG), McEwen Mining ($MUX) and Endeavour Silver ($EXK) were up over 20%, and are breaking out on record volume.”

            “There are many catalysts and fundamental drivers for silver to stage a sustained rally, but today was all about silver becoming the target of Reddit investors.”

            “This is the same group that sent shares of GameStop soaring 800% and AMC over 500%…Just this week! And, now they are jumping into the silver market.”

            — SilverChartist – Steve Penny

          Jan 28, 2021 28:53 PM

          The Mother of All Short Squeezes is Yet to Come – Episode# 650

          Peter Schiff – Jan 27, 2021

          – Powell delivers most dovish press conference ever.
          – Anthony Scaramucci’s Skybridge… fund wins trophy for ridiculous bitcoin logic
          – GameStop proves Bitcoin can’t work.
          – Technicals starting to deteriorate on Bitcoin.
          – Bitcoin speculators have moved onto greener pastures..
          – Big shorts in gold and silver could be squeezed next.

            Jan 28, 2021 28:10 PM

            GameStop plummets 64%, Robinhood restricts trading; is Bitcoin next? Frank Holmes

            Kitco News – Jan 28, 2021

            GameStop (NYSE: GME) shares fell as much as 64% on Thursday as online brokers, including Robinhood and Interactive Brokers, restricted trades on the stock. Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors, discusses the paradigm of “price discovery” that has led to this explosion in GME shares, as well as the future of bitcoin.

            0:00​ – Geopolitical risks
            4:00​ – Bitcoin challenging gold
            7:47​ – GameStock and brokers
            12:50​ – Can bitcoin crash?


            Jan 28, 2021 28:26 PM

            The Massive Short Squeeze Could Cripple The Stock Market

            Jan. 27, 2021 – Mott Capital Management

            “The short squeeze started weeks ago. The Refinitiv most shorted index has soared by 40% just this year, vs. the Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ) has risen about 4%. But this squeeze started long before this recent surge, going back to early November, with the index rising by more than 80%.”

            “But the squeeze has now hit a fever pitch, which can create a lot of problems when shorts start taking significant losses. It could trickle into the market’s broader parts as these short sellers need to start raising capital to cover margin calls and buy-ins. It means that the stocks that make up the S&P 500 could be at risk and sold to cover these losses or get portfolios back into balance.’


    Jan 28, 2021 28:55 AM

    Aurelius drills 0.5 m of 46.4 g/t Au at Aureus West
    2021-01-28 06:28 ET – News Release
    Mr. Mark N.J. Ashcroft reports
    Aurelius Minerals Inc. has released initial assay results from the first three holes at its Aureus West gold project located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Jan 28, 2021 28:02 PM

    Anybody have any news on MUX. It’s up 25%. Part of the Reddit Silver Play???

      Jan 28, 2021 28:08 PM

      Yep. Actually MUX is now up 34% today on the short squeeze.

      They had a 2.4 million stock short position, and these organized vigilante investor groups from Reddit, TikTok, and Robinhood have FINALLY discovered the insane short positions in many mining companies… and they are having a field day.

      This day was so long overdue, and I hope it continues… 🙂

        Jan 28, 2021 28:15 PM

        Thanks for the reply and your input yesterday………What will AM bring???

          Jan 28, 2021 28:23 PM

          Sure thing SilverDollar. We are all here sharing ideas and learning together. Nobody knows what the morning will bring, but today has been glorious, and it warms my heart to see the hedgefunds that have been squashing these larger Silver & Gold producers finally get squeezed out their short positions and it has sent the shares screaming higher.

          If nothing else, a whole new batch of retail investors has just discovered the very oversold and undervalued Junior mining sector. Hopefully we see some follow through in all this activity and really get this party rocking.

          Ever Upward!

            Jan 28, 2021 28:34 PM

            I’ve got a bundle of MUX and don’t appreciate the movement of the stock since I wanted to purchase a bundle more before the turn around story of the stock takes place.

            Jan 28, 2021 28:39 PM

            Ha! Understood Doc. Well at least you had some of the position in place and are catching the move. As they say… “You gotta be in it to win it.”

            Personally I had already put as much as I wanted to speculate on in MUX over the last few months, so enjoying the rocket ride today. If it wasn’t for this coordinated short squeeze it would still be languishing like it has been for some time, so I’ll take it.

            The good news is that many of the larger Silver producing are also surging today, and I’m sure you have nice positions in them. Hecla and Coeur and First Majestic and Endeavour and Santacruz and Fortuna etc… have all be racing higher on this short squeeze trend. Fun times!

        Jan 28, 2021 28:30 PM

        (MUX) McEwen Mining is still going crazy, up another 7% in afterhours trading, after already surging 32% in the normal trading session. It really did have a large short position in place for these vigilante investor blocks to capitalize on.

        Keep up the short squeeze…. Epic!!

          Jan 28, 2021 28:12 PM

          If this keeps up, one day my MUX will be in the black again.

            Jan 28, 2021 28:20 PM


            I don’t own mux for many reasons.. I did however have the pleasure of listening to many commentators regarding such company. I always wanted to own it because of who was behind it. I decided not to. I’ve seen it for years trade flat go up and down but never quite deliver the story. So I get it.. I’ve had a company or two dwell on me for years yet kept with it. I own a company I never shared on the ker but with Matt, held it forever and still holding.. one of those you didn’t give up on. Guess what? It’s finally moving. I swear they must have said these tensing 3 share binders will die waiting let’s release the price!

            My point is you never know how shares will do but if they run and your apart if it great and if not we live and learn.


          Jan 28, 2021 28:29 PM

          Sorry bonzo,

          Continuation of my point is Mcewen seems to be a victim of large short selling but that’s not news. Main reason I stayed away. He will survive and and I believe deliver in the end..

    Jan 28, 2021 28:27 PM

    It’s so nice to see the little fellas , kicking the big fellas , up the arce. Hope it continues tommorow…………He-He-He.

      Jan 28, 2021 28:40 PM

      +1000 IrishT. Loving it!

      Jan 28, 2021 28:23 PM

      Irish good to see you posting! The corrective move has ended it is very close. Regardless we will be kicking all kind of things 😃

      By the way what happened to my good friend and your brother Jerry?

      Did I miss something? Is all well..



    Jan 28, 2021 28:34 PM
    Jan 28, 2021 28:42 PM

    Great U-Tube video on Reddit game. Elites going crazy!

      Jan 28, 2021 28:53 PM

      SilverDollar – This is simply glorious, and I sincerely hope these investor mobs keep squeezing the elites and the hedge funds that have cap rises in so many stocks for so long. It’s time they take their medicine, and they are now trying to stop trading in the stocks where they are losing money on their shorts. This is too great!

    Jan 28, 2021 28:45 PM

    Uh Oh – in comes the regulation and challenges to the little guys winning. They just can’t stand it that David is beating Goliath….

    Robinhood has blocked it’s users from buying GameStop because institutional funds made a big stink about all the money they were using and are pressuring folks up on high to do something. What about all the years they caused investors to lose money pressing their short positions? I guess it is only allowed to be a 1 way street?


    Robinhood Faces Class-Action Lawsuit for Blocking GameStop Stock Buys

    By Michael Kan – January 28, 2021

    “Robinhood is now facing a class-action lawsuit for blocking users from buying GameStop shares in the ongoing “meme stock” craze. ”

    “Robinhood essentially abandoned its customers altogether by pulling GME (GameStop), a standard of care so far below what is required for a business engaging in time sensitive trading services that it amounts to a complete abandonment of its duties,” Nelson claims in the lawsuit, which was filed in a US District Court in New York.

    Jan 28, 2021 28:16 PM

    From Jarrid Dillon (Mauldin Economics). “The GameStop fiasco is one of these things that will be obvious in hindsight. Six months from now, with the S&P 500 significantly lower, we can look back at GameStop as the moment that the bell was rung.”

      Jan 28, 2021 28:11 PM

      A really great point from Jarrid. Yes, we are peak speculative fervor in so many markets, be it in the general markets where folks think every dip will be bought from now until the end of time, to cryptos & DeFi & fintech, cannabis & psychedelics, vaccine stocks, other biotech, clean energy, or even as GrowingTrees pointed out on here the other day sectors like semiconductors. The market froth is really bubbling up as millions are stuck at home trading the markets each day. However, it is a bell ringing, and when the music stops and people start scrambling for the exit doors, there could be a corrective move that erases many of these gains.

      After the ecstasy…. the laundry; after the wild party…. the hangover.

      I’m sure this GameStop fiasco will be a benchmark, capping off the advent of social media trading that grew like crazy during the shut downs. Really it started with the same kind of mob mentality in Hertz, certain airlines, and Kodak, and had only gained more a more traction. Of course, it grew so big, so fast, that Robinhood blocked investors from trading GameStop, and now are looking at a class action lawsuit, and congressional members weighing in on the topic today.

      It’s a significant moment in the speculative space, but typically this kind of “irrational exuberance” gets punished by intervention from government policy, central bankers, and large institutional behemoths, and compounded by human emotions of greed and fear. Mr Market can be a cruel teacher at times, and all bubbles will pop, but the last few moments of the bubble being blown can be quite fascinating.

      Ever Upward!

    Jan 28, 2021 28:12 PM

    The news just keeps getting better …..Re.hedge funds shorts..I’m going to have to shed a tear for the theifing bastards……not.

      Jan 28, 2021 28:26 PM

      Irish it is my belief we are positioned for this!

      Jan 28, 2021 28:01 PM

      Agreed IrishT. I won’t be shedding a tear either for the massive losses in hedgefunds due to their short positions being flipped on them by the little guys. This day was overdue.

    Jan 28, 2021 28:24 PM

    Somewhat lost in today’s silver action is the underlying case for silver. Industrial demand, inflation on the way…all known to investors in the sector, all pushed aside for today’s short squeeze of the hedge funds by the ‘little guys’. I like it, am enjoying the spectacle and will take it any way i can get it.

    But regardless of what happens to spot silver tonight i hope this narrative helps the cause shining a little light on the fundamentals.


      Jan 28, 2021 28:59 PM

      Great point blazesb, and hopefully out of all these vigilante retail swarms going after the over-sized shorts in Silver and the larger dual-listed Silver producers, that a percentage of new generalist retail investors finally take a look at the fantastic fundamental set up for the Silver sector that lays in front of it for the next few years.

        Jan 28, 2021 28:56 PM

        GameStop, Silver Squeeze Sounds Alarm for Major Market Crash Warns Vince Lanci

        Stansberry Research – Jan 28, 2021

        “Industry insider and Zerohedge contributor Vince Lanci says that Wall Street giants are crying foul after being beaten at their own game by a new generation on the Internet. The GameStop $GME, #silver​ squeeze is a paradigm shift that has rattled Wall Street to its very core, Lanci tells our Daniela Cambone in this exclusive piece. “This will end very badly,” warns the veteran trader, noting that it signals the start of a market meltdown.”

          Jan 28, 2021 28:14 PM

          “The Currency Reset Has Begun; Economic Collapse: Why I Went All In On Silver!” :Neil McCoy-Ward:

          ILoveProsperity – Jan 27, 2021

          “In this video we sit down with Neil McCoy Ward to discuss the currency reset, why he sees an incoming inflationary collapse and that really harm fiat currencies. This all has lead Neil to invest in Silver. He has a many YouTube videos on the topics of SILVER – so today I have him explain why he went All-In on Silver & how he views Silver as his savings, as opposed to a short term investment or trade. Neil paints his picture for the future, shares why he likes Silver over Gold, his views on investing in Real Estate, Cryptocurrencies, and the future of our financial system…”

    Jan 28, 2021 28:39 PM

    I will admit that silver is going to outperform gold by miles! My heart regardless lies with gold.. for what reason? Gold is honest and loyal and silver is deceptional!

    Lol haha. Guys before you come at me I own a shit load of impact!

    We are about to embark on the biggest move up in miners and the ker knows it!!

    Stick with it! Buy buy buy any new lows that within 6-12 months you will be screaming amd praising !

    Right shoulder formation still holding!


    Jan 28, 2021 28:43 PM

    With regards to today’s daily editorial on NewCore gold, I really appreciated the update guys, and I’m a recent new shareholder as of Jan 13th, (after I watched that webinar you did a few weeks back). I have exposure to a half dozen gold stocks in West Africa, but NewCore Gold is the one I’m most excited about this year with their large drill program and upcoming PEA.

    Ever Upward!

    Jan 29, 2021 29:53 AM

    Although elements of a Cup & Handle
    and Inverse Head & Shoulders are seen,
    most recently there is a Gartley Pattern.
    Stalling brings lower boundaries into play,
    (determined by “272 BackBox” method).