Libero Copper and Gold – A look into the 12,000 meter exploration program for 2021

February 15, 2021

Ian Harris, CEO of Libero Copper and Gold (TSX.V:LBC – OTCQB:LBCMF) joins me to focus on the 12,000 meter drill program planned for this year. The drill program is spread over 3 projects, the Esperanza Property in Argentina, as well as the Big Red and Big Bulk Projects in the Golden Triangle.

I have Ian provide an overview of the projects in terms of asset stage and exploration goals for the current program. We also discuss the current financing and share rollback that is underway.

Please email me with any other questions you have for Ian regarding the plans for this year. My email is

Click here to visit the Libero Copper and Gold website and read over the Company Presentation.

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    Feb 20, 2021 20:15 PM

    HL AND CDE CO PRODUCE COPPER . mY EXK SILVER also produces some copper and zinc. endeavor also has at least one area that is currently shut in that used to produce copper and zinc with somegold. They might be possible to reopen such a mine now that copper prices are so high. what do you think rsh