A Lithium arbitrage opportunity, copper stock outlook, and precious metal stocks that are of interest

February 16, 2021

Jayant Bhandari joins me to share some of the investing opportunities he is seeing in lithium, copper, and gold and silver. We start with an arbitrage opportunity in Plateau Energy on the back of the American Lithium takeover. Next is a look into the copper sector and a stock that Jayant likes, Atico Mining. We wrap up the call with a look into the gold and silver space which continues to drift lower.

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    Feb 16, 2021 16:56 AM

    (MXSG) Mexus Updates Progress At Its Santa Elena Mine

    Feb 16, 2021

    “In addition to the positive results at the Santa Elena mine we continue to meet with potential partners. This week I will be meeting with multiple companies concerning their interest in both the Santa Elena mine and our Mabel property. In addition, there are ongoing discussions with companies concerning Mexus’ copper property in the Sonora State of Mexico. I’m very pleased with the progress at the Santa Elena mine and by the interest that Mexus is garnering.” added Mexus CEO Paul Thompson.

    Feb 16, 2021 16:46 AM

    Thanks for the update…they really do exist.

    Feb 16, 2021 16:53 AM

    Reference Jayant stocks: I own Attico and Maritime…watching them like most of them.

      Feb 16, 2021 16:29 PM

      Good segment with Jayant today. Yes, I picked up a starter position in (ATY) Atico when they put out that high-grade Gold/Copper/Silver segment in late January. I’d been watching them for a while, and have been increasing my exposure to Copper/Gold companies like (WRN) Western Copper & Gold, (FIL) Filo Mining, (KDK) Kodiak Copper, (GCX) Granite Creek Copper, and (TIG) Triumph Gold, (SMTS) Sierra Metals, etc… and felt like Atico was another solid name in the space.


      (ATY) Atico Continues to Expand Footprint with High Grade Copper-Gold Intercepts Reporting 34.1g/t Au, 112 g/t Ag and 11% Cu over 3 meters at La Plata Project, Ecuador

      @nasdaq on 26 Jan 2021

        Feb 16, 2021 16:38 PM

        Today seems to be continuing the message of the “other” miners. Some of my better performers are: New Age Metals. Group Ten, Atico, Azarga Uranium, Canada SilverCobalt…Palladium One dragging around again. Another wash day as usual but as least it is another wash day…not that I don’t trust bullion bankers… at all…

          Feb 16, 2021 16:46 PM

          David – thanks for sharing what’s moving in your portfolio lately. For me, it was a green positive day in the portfolio, but the biggest movers were in the Uranium stocks and Crypto miners. I had already trimmed back both sectors (Uranium & Crypto miners) in prior weeks, but I trimmed back more of my URG Ur-Energy, DNN Denison), and UEC Uranium Energy Corp positions, and completely sold my Coin Citadel position when it gapped up 50% today. Didn’t do much with the PM stocks today, but did pick up a starter position in KUYA this morning just to get a fishing pole in that pond.

    Feb 16, 2021 16:42 PM

    As for the Lithium miners, I reduced down my positions in mid-January in my small basket of Jr producers & developers (Galaxy Resources, Orocobre, Pilbara Minerals, Lithium Americas) because they had already run pretty high from the fall of last year through the beginning of this year. There are many other Lithium stocks running wild lately, like Cypress Development, Bacanora, Neo Lithium, Frontier Lithium, etc….

    While the the lithium plays are getting a bit frothy on the Battery Metals narrative, I’ve also noticed that when looking at comments from investors on other stock forums, or on youtube videos, or on twitter, etc… that there are new groups of retail traders piling into many of these names, that really don’ t have traditional resource investing backgrounds. Many of them got excited about Tesla, or traded the ETFs (LIT) and (BATT) and then started coming down the food chain into Lithium stocks over the last 3-6 months, so that is an encouraging new development, to bring new investors into the mining sector, by way of the battery theme.

    Really in these markets, almost every sector is rocketing higher, so it’s hard to know how “sticky” these investors are going to be if there is a corrective move, or if they will just pile into the next hot trend.

      Feb 16, 2021 16:03 PM

      I did listen to a Robert Friedland interview that someone put up here, and he was high on battery metals, particularly nickle and copper. Probably his book, but he was basically saying we are so far behind other countries, particularly China in prepping and acting for clean energy sources.

        Feb 16, 2021 16:00 PM

        Yep, Friedland had been banging on the Copper/Nickel drum for some time and he is correct to be bullish on the battery metals. Lithium and Graphite stocks have also been running hard recently.

    Feb 16, 2021 16:55 PM

    I thought I would get back to trading today but this morning we spent hours trying to find a place in Austin to place a 90 year old friend that was warm after her power went out along with millions of others. Fortunately a neighbor, who got a generator from another neighbor, took her in. In the afternoon, I stopped a leak in a sink drain. Seems like everyday it is some other 3rd world problem.

    Feb 16, 2021 16:18 PM

    Same ol Same ol on opening tonight.. Looks like they are trying to break charts, as usual. Getting real tired of it after 20 years or more. I am real ready for someone to go to jail.