Excellon Resources – Recapping production forecasts and exploration plans in 2021 at the Platosa Mine, Kilgore Project, and Silver City Project

February 18, 2021

Brenden Cahill, President and CEO of Excellon Resources (TSX:EXN – NYSE:EXN) kicks off today’s Editorials by providing a full overview of the work planned this year at 3 of the Company’s projects.

We start by recapping the recent production numbers at the Platosa Mine in Mexico as well as the exploration targets that will be drilled this year. We then move the Kilgore Project that was acquired in February last year. Drilling is expected to start a this Project in mid-July. Finally we take a look at the Silver City Project in Germany. Recent drilling has already yielded some high grade results.

If you have any follow up questions for Brenden regarding any of the projects or plans for the Company please email me at

Click here to visit the Excellon website and read over the Corporate Presentation.

    Feb 18, 2021 18:50 AM

    Thanks for the update on (EXN) Excellon guys, and looking forward to seeing how the exploration work and resource expansion goes at Platosa, Kilgore, and Silver City in 2021.

    Feb 18, 2021 18:37 AM

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