Mountain Boy Minerals – A discussion on the recent disappointing drill results at the American Creek Project

February 25, 2021

Lawrence Roulston, President and CEO of Mountain Boy Minerals (TSX.V:MTB) joins me to discuss the drill results released yesterday from the American Creek Property in the Golden Triangle. The results did not live up expectations and the stock sold off hard.

Lawrence and I review the results from the three zones and what the Company has learned. We discuss what these results mean in the big picture and the follow up work that will be undertaken this year.

Please email me with any follow up questions you have for Lawrence regarding these drill results or the follow up work. My email is

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    Feb 25, 2021 25:16 PM

    Sorry, but the drill results were not positive in any sort, shape or form. I understand Lawrence needs to defend the company, but this is nothing short of a pure disaster. This goes all the way from how the results were misinterpreted as well as reported to the markets.
    Over 2 km of drilling and no hits. None.

    Feb 25, 2021 25:43 PM

    Keeping on a short leash, but willing to maintain position through 2021 program due to MB not needing to raise $’s with a placement.

    Mar 01, 2021 01:53 PM

    Overall there were several learning opportunities which is great! This is exactly what investors like me are looking for. I believe in Mountain Boy Minerals for 2021 season. The company is also looking to uplist to OTCQX as Nancy Curry explained to me. I’m in at .15 – .17 and I expect it to at least double to triple.
    It’s all about timing and in my opinion it’s time for Mountain Boy Minerals!