Labrador Gold – A look into the 10,000 meter drill program at the Kingsway Property in Newfoundland

April 2, 2021

Roger Moss, President and CEO of Labrador Gold (TSX.V:LAB – OTC:NKOSF) joins me to share some more information on the 10,000 meter drill program that just stared at the Kingsway Property in Newfoundland. The priority focus is the Big Vein Target. We discuss the initial strike of the Big Vein Target and the strategy for attacking this high grade target. We also look property wide at a couple other targets that will be tested.

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Click here to visit the Labrador Gold website and watch the videos released on the property and Big Vein Target.

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    Apr 02, 2021 02:11 PM

    Thanks, Cory. Bonzo is excited about the drilling at Labrador, New Found Gold, and NuLegacy. Also at Cabral, Condor, Eloro, Fury,Inflection, Precipitate, Tristar,Aurania,
    YGTFF, TLRS, Lion. One, etc.