Just how much will the restart of the Cigar Lake Mine impact the Uranium market?

April 15, 2021

Justin Huhn, Founder and Publisher of The Uranium Insider joins me to provide an update on the Uranium market. We focus primarily on the restart of the Cigar Lake Mine. We discuss how it might impact the Uranium price and why Cameco is restating the mine at this time.

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    Apr 15, 2021 15:12 PM

    Great macro insights on the Uranium sector from Justin today.

    I agree that everyone know Cigar Lake would restart eventually, but it is odd that they shut it down due to Covid 19, and then decided to open it back up when the cases in Saskatchewan stated to peak recently. (?)

    It is far more likely that they were getting pressured by Orano , as Justin mentioned, and that rash of buying Uranium in the spot market lately, from other non-producing companies like Denison, UEC, Uranium Royalty Corp, Boss, and enCore, likely took away Cameco’s gravy train of buying in the spot market to sell into their remaining contracts. That has been an interesting development in the spot market lately seeing the Uranium Jrs on the bid, and is mopping up the extra supply, before even the hedge funds have a chance to buy it and play short-term games with the utility companies.

    The demand side is going to hit a tipping point soon, where utility companies are going to have to get off their hind-ends and start an actual contracting cycle with the producers at reasonable prices ($50+). When that happens, it will be a shot across the bow in the sector and send things up sharply.

    Until then, I’ll be looking for any more weakness to add to my Uranium portfolio.

    Ever Upward!

      Apr 15, 2021 15:13 PM

      know = knew

      stated = started

      Apr 15, 2021 15:05 PM

      I’ll have to take your word for it being great insights……couldn’t get it to play. 🙁

        Apr 15, 2021 15:57 PM

        Hmmm – Did you press on the little > triangle? 😉

          Apr 15, 2021 15:57 PM

          If not you can always download the audio by clicking on the 3 vertical dots : to the right.

          It was a good segment with Justin and well worth the listen.

          Apr 16, 2021 16:29 AM

          Ohhhh the little triangle.Thats how it works…😏
          Yeah. It didn’t matter how many times I hit refresh yesterday no triangle ever showed up..of course it’s there today. 😒

            Apr 16, 2021 16:54 AM

            Haha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist amigo.

            Glad you see the > today. Ha!

            The Uranium miners have been under a little pressure lately, off the backs of the Cameco news, and they were already starting to correct a little as they were technically overbought. I’ve started to nibble a little bit this week, but like Justin mentioned, was hoping we’d a see a bit more of a corrective move to really build on positions. They’ve had a nice move coming out of the end of last year, but still that was out of dismal levels, so while there has been a number of 3-10 baggers, and stocks are already anticipating the moves higher in the contracting cycle. The real moves higher are still in front of us.

    Apr 15, 2021 15:19 PM

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