Tarachi Gold – Drilling towards a PEA this year as well as exploration at both Properties

April 16, 2021

Cameron Tymstra, President and CEO of Tarachi Gold (CSE:TRG – OTCQB:TRGGF) joins me for an update on the drill plans this year at both the Magistral and Tarachi Projects, both in Mexico. At the Magistral Property, we focus on the move toward production of the tailings facility. For the Tarachi Project it’s all about exploration.

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    Apr 16, 2021 16:53 AM

    Not so easy to get the tailings met work right but the exploration upside looks pretty good

      Apr 16, 2021 16:32 PM

      The good news is that Cameron, the CEO, has experience at 2 prior tailings operations where they effectively mined and processed old tailings, similar to what they are doing at Tarachi at Magistral. Yes, the exploration upside at Tarachi North & South look quite prospective indeed.