Nomad Royalty – Royalty portfolio overview, including 7 producing royalties, and US$29.9 million in revenue from 2020

April 19, 2021

Vincent Metcalf, Founder and CEO of Nomad Royalty (TSX:NSR – OTCQB:NSRXF) joins me for a comprehensive overview of the Company, focused on the high quality royalty portfolio. I have Vince outline the 7 producing royalties that generated US$29.9million in revenue in 2020. We also look ahead to near term growth in terms of projects moving into production and the possibility of Nomad Royalty creating its own streams with the cash and credit facility on hand.

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Click here to visit the Nomad website and read over the Corporate Presentation.

    Apr 19, 2021 19:52 PM

    Nice to get an update on Nomad Royalty guys. They have some great producing assets with solid mid-tier and senior operators, and a nice pipeline of near-stage development projects. Their current valuation metrics are lower than a number of their peer mid-tier royalty companies, and lower than the seniors, so I see Nomad as having a good opportunity for a re-rating higher more in line with their peer group, in addition to growth from their portfolio of royalties and streams, and any increases to the underlying metals prices.

    Ever Upward!


    Nomad Royalty – Corporate Presentation:

      Apr 19, 2021 19:26 PM

      I own some of this company and am starting to like the looks of the technicals here—will probably look to add a little bit more in the future—-also own some warrants which I wonder whether I’ll ever be able to take advantage of them in the future—-nibbled for the first time on some revival gold today.

        Apr 19, 2021 19:19 PM

        Good thoughts Doc, and I’ve also been gradually building on my position in Nomad Royalty as well. I’m guessing you got those warrants from Nomad’s wise acquisition of Coral Gold the end of last year. If Nomad is also moving towards a dual listing on a primary US exchange, and that should help with liquidity, bringing in the larger US investing audience.

          Apr 19, 2021 19:22 PM

          Doc, I’ll check into Revival Gold, even though I’m already overstocked on Gold explorers and developers at present, but value your due diligence and may have to throw another shrimp on the barbecue…

      Apr 21, 2021 21:59 AM

      Nomad Royalty (NSR) delivers 5,575 Gold equivalent ounces in Q1, 2021, with revenues of $9.7 million

      By Greg Nolan and Lukas Kane – 04/20/2021

    Apr 20, 2021 20:14 AM

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