Golden Minerals – Small scale production in Mexico started this year with other production and exploration properties

April 21, 2021

Warren Rehn, President and CEO of Golden Minerals (TSX:AUMN – NYSE:AUMN) joins me for a high level look at the production and exploration forecasts for this year. We start with the production at the Rodeo Mine, in Mexico that started this year. We then look to the VelardeƱa Mine that might be in production by later this year. Finally there are a couple exploration Projects in the portfolio that we discuss.

Please email me with any follow up questions for Warren regarding Golden Minerals. I am very curious as to what you all think of the Company. My email is

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    Apr 21, 2021 21:41 PM

    Thanks guys. Good update on the plans for Golden Mineral for both their production and exploration. Looking forward to them growing the resources at Rodeo now that they have it in production, and on them working towards getting Velardena back into production towards the end of the year. They have lots of exploration upside at all their projects, but I’m curious to see how things go with drilling at Yoquivo later this year.

    Ever Upward!