GMG – Graphene Manufacturing Group – Recent Graphene Aluminum-Ion Battery Performance Data and the next steps to get the batteries into the market

May 14, 2021

Craig Nicol, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group, or GMG (TSX.V:GMG) joins me to provide an update on the recent performance data for the Company’s Graphene Aluminum-Ion Batteries that are being developed in partnership with the University of Queensland.

We start by recapping the key performance metrics for batteries and how these batteries performed in the testing. There is a major focus on the charging speed for batteries and the next steps to get these batteries into consumers hands.

If you have any follow up questions for Craig regarding GMG please email me at

Click here to visit the GMG website and read over the news of the battery test results.

    May 14, 2021 14:25 AM

    Who’s their competition for the Graphene – Aluminium batteries? University of Queensland’s patented technology sure sounds like it’s a class of its own.

    May 14, 2021 14:58 AM

    The battery cells use nanotechnology to insert aluminium atoms inside tiny perforations in the graphene planes.
    II am trying to find out how scalable this above process is and the cost, in other words can a large volume of products be produced using the nanotechnology. Thanks

    May 14, 2021 14:02 PM

    Not that there was any doubt but the site’s quiet this week demonstrates just how essential Excelsior is here.

      May 14, 2021 14:27 PM

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        May 14, 2021 14:18 PM

        blazesb, Ex, is the most valuable contributor here, but he has a life other than The Ker Report, if you want to see what he has been doing you should probably check him out on CEO.CA. There are a lot of near do wells on this site who think they have a lot to offer, Matthew and Ex, are not in that category. DT

          May 14, 2021 14:38 PM

          Ex inhabits a category all his own. I do check him out at ceo. With his quality, he fits right in. More technicians here, fundamentals emphasized there. Ex provides both of course.

          Its Mint Juleps at the at the Kentucky Derby. Wonder what he’s sipping at the Preakness?

            May 14, 2021 14:33 PM

            Fell into a Scotch bottle and can’t get out.

          May 16, 2021 16:15 AM

          Thanks for the kind words DT & blazesb. We flew to Las Vegas last week as a starting point to hit a series of state and national parks in NV & Utah. It was nice to get away from the markets and out in nature to see beautiful landscapes and do some trail hiking for a week. Cheers!

    May 14, 2021 14:07 PM

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