A word of caution for copper producers and a handful of stocks Jayant likes

May 21, 2021

Jayant Bhandari joins me today to share his thoughts on a number of stocks that he see as a good investment opportunity. We start by discussing the copper producers and how inflation, and higher costs generally, will be a headwind moving forward. On the stocks front Jayant mentions Atico Mining, Newcore Gold, Gran Columbia and Gold X Resources.

    May 21, 2021 21:28 PM

    NFGFF halted trading and just announced drill results of 148 grams/ton and 25.6 meters thick on a 65 meter step out hole!!!! Holy cow! Matthew showed us a scary chart several days ago but I am glad I did not sell.

    May 21, 2021 21:20 PM

    Thanks, Matthew. I was a bit worried when someone here said he had sold his NFGFF@ 8 and after seeing the chart you posted. But I thought NFG still has 180000 more meters of drilling this year and decided to hold on, thank heavens. 5oz of gold per ton over 80 feet will add up fast. There may be a couple of Fostervilles here and very near surface and next to a highway too! And who knows what Labrador Gold will find next door? And it was nice to hear Jayant likes GLDXF too as I have doubled my money on it. Life is good!