VanGold Mining – Name change coming to Guanajuato Silver, new $7.5mil loan facility, and a production timeline update

June 8, 2021

James Anderson, President and CEO of VanGold Mining (TSX.V:VGLD – OTCQX:VGLDF) joins us for an comprehensive update focused on the Company’s name change, new listing symbol, silver/gold loan facility, and a production timeline.

We start with the Company name change to Guanajuato Silver Company and new trading symbol, TSX.V:GSVR. This is estimated to happen by the later part of this week. We then discuss the $7.5million silver/gold loan facility to assist in the refurbishment of the mill. Finally it’s all about when production is estimated to commence. James shares more information on this front and what work is still needed to start production.

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