A discussion on possible M&A for resource juniors

June 16, 2021

Steve Todoruk, Investment Executive at Sprott Global Resources joins us for a discussion on potential future M&A in the resource sector. With a focus on investing in exploration stocks that have just made a discovery Steve outlines what he prefers to see in terms of progress toward an M&A transaction.

If you would like to ask Steve about any stocks you hold in your portfolio you can email him directly at You can also email me at and I will forward your email to Steve.

    Jun 16, 2021 16:05 AM

    Between Putin and The Fed Report, I feel like they are suppressing miner movement. We will see but there is nothing out there in “reality” that should be holding us down. Just my thoughts.

      Jun 16, 2021 16:17 AM
        Jun 16, 2021 16:36 PM

        LOL. It will hit 3,000 first.

      Jun 16, 2021 16:23 AM

      Gold prices to average $1,820 in 2021 – Metals Focus

      Maybe whats holding gold down is there is more supply than demand.

      Something a few people have noticed Im sure, PM bugs love to promote shortages in supply.

      Ivew only been watching the industry since 2008 but I have never seen a shortage, I did see a supply constraint but never a shortage.

      And we dont have one now, as a matter of interest Russia just said they intend to reduce purchases, maybe 1800 for awhile is correct then maybe 1500.

        Jun 16, 2021 16:24 AM

        I have to say tho, I like Egons thinking.

          Jun 16, 2021 16:15 AM

          Doesn’t make any sense…….. if Basil III….. has anything to do with gold….and the banks.
          There is only so much gold,….what three or four Olympic size pool worth?

            Jun 16, 2021 16:40 AM

            For years there has been screams of shortages, never has there been a shortage, all demand has been met.
            Not for me anyway and today I get emails every morning about PMs on sale.
            Wouldnt be a sale if they couldnt keep it in stock.

            I have no idea how much gold is above ground, all I know is demand is met.

   read the numbers and seen the calculations, but I dont know if they can be believed.

            Jun 16, 2021 16:41 AM

            Never been a shortage of PAPER……….. never been a TRUE market since 1933…….

            Jun 16, 2021 16:03 PM

            I have been able to obtain all phyzz I,ve wanted forever.
            If a person wanted tons they would have to use an armored car but that has been available too.

            Jun 16, 2021 16:47 PM

            And yes, you have been able to buy as much as you want, one piece at a time…
            Ever try going for a TON……?
            There are reports out, that the phyz is not out there in quantity!
            Nobody knows about bullion.., the regular joe blow on the street, still would prefer a candy bar in lieu of silver.
            The johnny six packer, has less than $400 (might be $1200).. in savings, and that sure will buy a 1 coin.
            You are not the typical guy buying gold or silver…. so, arguing over all the gold and silver you can buy in the past might have been true no doubt.
            Silver has a heavy premium on it now, and that has not been seen for years.
            And Basil III is a reality………June 28, and will go on through January.
            So, we will see.

            Jun 16, 2021 16:04 PM

            Tons are available Jerry.
            We here of countries buying them regularly. πŸ˜‰

            Jun 16, 2021 16:09 PM

            How does anyone know…….if , there is or there isn’t………
            Does any one really know who is buying….the reports could be FAKE, just like the FAKE FED……… Smoke and mirrors…. πŸ™‚

            Jun 16, 2021 16:43 PM

            I like Jim Willie’s comments concerning: Russia has 150K tons while China has in excess of 50K tons. (, June 11) . The most fascinating hour in broadcast journalism

      Jun 16, 2021 16:03 AM

      The premeditated smash on Gold happened as soon 2:00 EST occurred. Should have waited for the details. Nah…who needs them.

        Jun 16, 2021 16:10 AM

        No details required……… same old BS……… as long as there is paper gold , anything goes…. lol

          Jun 16, 2021 16:15 AM

          At least we have almost 2 hours for a rational response to take hold. Like when does that happen…same old garbage. The Fake economy rules.

            Jun 16, 2021 16:17 AM

            David……. One big Fake eco system…. lol…..
            I think Fauci should run for Fed Chair next….. lol

        Jun 16, 2021 16:19 AM

        I am going to think like Ex for a few minutes, and see if there is something to buy…

          Jun 16, 2021 16:33 AM

          Picked up a few more Bitterroot and Big Ridge. Then Powell started talking. Should have waited…would of got a better deal.

          Jun 16, 2021 16:47 PM

          I bought partial positions Jerry, into the close, NGFGG @ $8.40 & $8.28. Would love to buy more @ $8

        Jun 16, 2021 16:42 AM

        Round 2 smash and Powell is saying nothing good.

          Jun 16, 2021 16:45 AM

          Powell…….. never says anything good………..

            Jun 16, 2021 16:55 AM

            Oh yeah…that.

      Jun 17, 2021 17:07 AM

      What are your thoughts on Eurasia and the widely discussed full sale or sale of assets

    Jun 16, 2021 16:11 AM

    a realistic question is now in need of factoring in…could a significant enough deflation of humans populations lead to economic deflation?πŸ€‘πŸ’©β˜ŽοΈπŸ”Š

    Jun 16, 2021 16:49 AM

    Michael Boutros (Gold @ 34:00) :

    Jun 16, 2021 16:08 AM

    Gold another spike down…..going to test that number… $1843….you guys are talking about…. πŸ™‚

    Jun 16, 2021 16:16 AM

    The downside for GDX from here (37.00) is probably 50 cents to 1 dollar and possibly much less so buying in tranches makes sense for non traders.

    Jun 16, 2021 16:16 AM


    $1843=$1823 I spoke about yesterday and Matthew followed up as well as Larry today.. here is for hoping she does hold. By the aggressive nature the bottom can very well come In today the miners are holding this far


      Jun 16, 2021 16:20 AM

      Glen, ….. Hope you are right…….. but, cross your fingers……
      Basil III, and the bankers like the stuff, especially Russia and China…lol
      Of course that Idiot in France, wants to give the gold to Africa… lol

    Jun 16, 2021 16:17 AM

    Does anyone else feel today could be a bottom In gold?

      Jun 16, 2021 16:27 AM

      Gary Savage thinks gold could bottom in a couple of days and that silver could go to 40 or 50 this summer. Hang in there.

        Jun 16, 2021 16:35 AM

        Gary …… is going to be correct on silver one of these days…. lol…..
        Something going on with silver, … and has been for years…
        going to $50, only , brings it back to where is should be….
        Long term…. I like silver….. 35 to 1….some day… lol πŸ™‚

    Jun 16, 2021 16:19 AM

    Miners showing strength on this aggressive drop by fraudsters

    Jun 16, 2021 16:21 AM

    $10 bones from target lol

      Jun 16, 2021 16:25 AM

      is that cakebones…. a new brand of Red.. lol

        Jun 16, 2021 16:27 AM

        🀣 Jerry you always find a way to crack me

        Great memory yes the famous cakebread sister brother of cakebones lol

    Jun 16, 2021 16:28 AM

    Gold $1834…… somebody tell the meter checker at the control lever, … he over stepped his limit down…. and got the numbers reversed…. … lol… what a world… πŸ™‚

      Jun 16, 2021 16:06 PM

      Well, isn’t that just dandy….. $1829

    Jun 16, 2021 16:29 AM

    weekly /GC…watch the high vol. bar of 5/17…..close below 1841.1 is distribution for a while

    Jun 16, 2021 16:47 AM

    gdx finding support exactly at bottom of bullish TAS profile @ 36.78…but if gives way then 200ema @ 35.88 next target, which is the TOP of the weekly TAS profile…So, todays candle is very bearish and probably hit the weekly TAS top and bounce….day chart

    Jun 16, 2021 16:10 PM

    thank you, Matthew, for your charts.

    Jun 16, 2021 16:29 PM

    There will be continued weakness for the PMs in the month of June.