Ero Copper – Recapping strong copper and gold operational results and over 36 drills turning at 3 projects

June 24, 2021

David Strang, CEO of Ero Copper (TSX:ERO – NYSE:ERO) joins us to recap the copper and gold operational results, strategic plans to double current production, and all the exploration (with 36 drill rigs turning) on the Company’s three Projects in Brazil. Ero Copper has some of the lowest production costs (C1 costs) in the sector from the copper asset, MCSA Mining Complex, and on the gold front at the NX Gold Mine. We also discuss how the Company is planning on doubling it’s current production. On the exploration front we have David recap the Company’s exploration program, which is one of the largest in the world with 36 rigs turning, and the overall goals to grow the resource base and make new regional discoveries.

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